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We are the Muñoz Family. We are Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries in the city of Puebla. We are in our first year. We are starting a church from scratch in downtown Puebla. We want to give you the opportunity to meet the mission field and see the city and the people that God has led us to.

I graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College in 1998, and right after that I met my lovely wife Nicole. We got married on June 26th, 1999. Right after our wedding we went to Mexico to work at my dad's church for six months. We started deputation in April of 2000 and we were on the "road" for exactly one year. Our son Japheth was born on February 28th, 2001. We finally came to Puebla in June of 2001 and we have been here ever since. It is a joy to be where God wants us to be and to be reaching the people that I love the most.

Here are some pictures of our son Japheth:

I am so silly
I want my daddy
Pretty day!
This was a fun day!

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