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Most of the older people in Mexico still have to work. It is rare to find someone that actually had a retirement plan. A few people that worked for the government such as teachers or those who worked for the electricity company do have a pension. Only the rich do not have to worry.
The older generation also have very strong roots in Catholicism. Trying to reach them might seem hard, but with God all things are possible. Here are some pictures of them:

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Coming out of a government office where passports
are issued
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Fixing a wall

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Asking for money in the
street, this man has no legs

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Life in a little town near Puebla

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Walking on "Avenida Cinco de Mayo"

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Selling pottery in San Pablo Xochimilhuacan, Puebla

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Walking across an empty field on the outskirts of Puebla

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Many have just to ride their bike to go places

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