30 Aug 2019

Vacation Bible Schools

July and August are always sooo busy in our church. This time around we had the opportunity to have our Vacation Bible Schools in seven different areas of our city. Some of our students of our Bible Institute helped as leaders in each one of our VBS. At the end of VBS we asked each leader to bring all the kids possible to our church, so each kid could receive a diploma that they finished. We also offered a good meal for them.

On Sunday we had about 80 kids and 40 adults that visited our church for the first time! I was able to teach during Sunday School a clear message of salvation, and most of those parents got saved! We thank the Lord for that!

Our 17th Church’s anniversary

At the beginning of July we celebrated our church’s anniversary. We had Bro. Bob Ross as our guest speaker. We really had a good time. He preached for three days prior to our anniversary on the family. On Saturday we went out soulwinning and a good number of our church members showed up to give out tracts and take the Gospel to our community. We had over fifteen people saved that Saturday! Here is a picture just before going out soulwinning:


Bible Institute and Christian School

We started this year with ten young people enrolled in our Bible Institute. We also sent four more young people to other Bible Institutes. We believe that training young people is crucial for the advancement of the Gospel here in Mexico. Please help us to pray for more young people to be willing to serve God and to surrender to His will.

Also, in our Christian school, we enrolled 33 students! This year we are teaching them sign language one hour a week! The reason: we have a student that is deaf, and it is such a blessing to have all of our students willing to learn sign language so they can communicate with Joel — that is his name.

Here is a picture our our students of our Christian School for this year:

This is a picture of our Bible Institute:

People saved

While Bro. Ross was here in Puebla, we had some time to visit some interesting places here in Puebla. One place that we visited was the Pyramid of Cholula, which is considered the largest pyramid in the world in base. While we were there, I was able to talk to a man named Antonio. After about one hour (I really thought that I spent like 10 or 15 minutes) he accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Now, brother Antonio has come to our church faithfully every Thursday night. What a blessing to see someone new to the Word, grow in the Word. Please pray for him, as he still has some moments of discouragement.

Prayers for a special need

In our ministry, we not only focus in trying to reach our community for Christ, but we also want to reach the Spanish speaking world with the Gospel. We have a large base of followers in our many media outlets. Our church website receives 200 thousand hits a month with over 50 thousand visitors. For that reason, we need to upgrade our main computer. If you could help us pray for a brand new computer for this ministry, that would be a blessing. We are praying for $1,250 dollars for that need. Also, help us pray so that we can keep reaching our community. Last night we had three first time visitors, and all three got saved! 🙂

Short furlough 2020

Next year, of the months of May, June, July and August of 2020, we will be taking a short furlough in the States. If you or your church would like us to visit you, that would be awesome! You can reach me here at this number: 956-320-9255, or you can try my MEX phone number: 011-52-222-449-6155. Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and support,

In Christ,

Bro. Munoz and family

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Aug 30th by Arturo Munoz

02 Aug 2017

Wow! I cannot believe we have been here in Mexico over 15 years! When we first arrived, it was only my wife, and our three-month old baby, Japheth. Now, we are nine in our family (including my wife and I), and our church in doing amazing! Ministries are growing, souls are being saved, and families are being restored and — even formed. By that, I mean, that I am having part in marrying five different couples in 5 consecutive months! — what a privilege! God is sooo good!

I would like to start saying thank you to all of you that have supported our ministry since the beginning. Many churches have kept holding the ropes while we reach Mexico for Christ — and for that we are very thankful! Thank you for your prayers and continual financial support.

Our Fifteenth Church Anniversary

On July 7th, 8th and 9th, we celebrated our Family Conference. We invited Pastor Stew Schepers, from the Dominican Republic, to come and preach in our church. God used him in a very special way, and he and his wife Donna, were a big blessing to our church. Our theme was “A house worthy for the Lord” from Mathew 10:13. On Sunday, we celebrated our churches’ fifteenth anniversary. We had an amazing day, with visitors, baptisms, decisions, and of course ‘carne asada’ for a special meal!

Youth Camp

Normally, we organize our youth camp here in Puebla. Many churches from around the area come and are part of our camp. But this year, I was invited to preach at the META camp in Morelia, Michoacan, where Bro. Jim Gardner is the camp director. It is my personal opinion that there is no better organizer for a youth camp than Bro. Gardner. We took thirteen young people from our church and we had a blast! From the preachings and teachings, to the games and meals, and the ‘fogata’ time on the last night, God really blessed, and many of our young people made decisions. There were a total of 200 young people at camp, and I was honored to be a small part in their spiritual lives. I praise the Lord for that opportunity.

Vacation Bible Schools

This year, we invited evangelist David Cruz to help organize and preach during our vacation Bible schools. He brought a team of young people with him, and did an amazing job! I recommend this young man if any church would like to have an evangelist preaching or to hold revival meetings. We held meetings at seven different locations with a total of over 1,000 people from all ages, and they all heard the Gospel and many, many got saved! At the end we had 56 people getting baptized. On Sunday, we brought close to 50 of them to church. Our people did and incredible job organizing the VBSs and volunteering for teaching and helping in their respective areas.

Helping Ivan

One lady in our church works as a teacher not far from our church. Few weeks ago she asked me if I could help counsel the dad of one of her high school students. His name is Ivan. He met me at the church, and with a broken heart told me that his wife was leaving him. Apparently, she found someone in social media and now his home was being destroyed by all of this. I was able to lead him to the cross, and Ivan graciously asked Jesus to save him. Please pray for Ivan Sandoval and his marriage. He wants to do right. They have two young boys. Many homes here in Mexico are struggling with not only the husbands leaving theirs wives, but now, the wives leaving their husbands.

Our Van

Right now I am writing this lines from McAllen, TX. One of the reasons for the trip is so that we can nationalize our fifteen passenger van. This last Monday I took our van to the offices where they do all of the paper work on the American side, and I am supposed to pick it up on Thursday on the other side, in Mexico — with all of the paper work done. Pray so that we don’t have any problems legalizing the van and taking it to Puebla. Buying a van in Mexico is very expensive, and what we have done in the past with this van is driving to the border every six months and getting a permit so that we can have the van ‘legally’ in Mexico for exactly six months. When the vehicle is ten years old, the Mexican government allows for those cars to be imported legally into Mexico at a high price — we had to pay $2,000 dollars for the importation of the van!

–Some pictures of our baptisms below:

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support!

In Christ,

Arturo Munoz and Family

Aug 2017 Munoz Family — PDF format.

Aug 02nd by Arturo Munoz

Last week we hosted our National Leadership Conference here in our church! It was a tremendous blessing to see pastors come from different States near Puebla. We had over 30 Pastors from the southern part of our country. We also had the blessing to hear the following Pastors: Pastor Oscar Galván from Sahuartita, AZ; Pastor Kevin Wynne from Mexico City; Pastor Luis Parada from San Luis Potosí; Pastor Alejandro Córdova from Celaya, GTO and Pastor Victor Castillo from Texcoco. All of them had the power of God in their preachings and we felt convicted by the Holy Spirit every time they preached. The preachings of the Conference are in MP3 in Spanish, and if any of you would like to have them, just let me know.


We had a lot of expenses before and during the Conference, but God provided! As you well know, we moved to our new building about 10 months ago and we are still in construction mode. We were able to build another two provisional classrooms. We also rented 400 chairs and two extra portable-toilets since we don’t have enough here in the church. There is a gas station across the street and they were willing to let us use their bathrooms too! 🙂

But one of the biggest blessing of the conference (in addition to the ones that got saved!) is that we had thirteen people that surrendered for full time service! So. Thank you for praying! Make plans for next next year for our Leadership Conference that will be held may 7th to the 9th, 2018!

If you would like to come down to Mexico and visit us, this is the perfect time. Puebla was selected among the five best places to vacation in 2016, among Cancun and San Miguel de Allende. But also, during the summer time, we are full of activities. The first week of July we have our family conference and anniversary of our church. Starting on the 17th of July we have youth camp. And the following week we have our VBS in five different locations at the same time. Also, towards the end of the year we have our Missions Conference! Which is November 9th-11th.

On another note, please pray for Mrs Beatriz Juarez. My wife and I led her to the Lord last Saturday. During the time that we were praying, she started to cry, but she didn’t want to tell us why. She was so happy that she got saved but also sad for the problems that she is going through. Many “Poblanos” (people from Puebla), don’t like to share their personal problems or circumstances. So, if you can pray for her, that she will end up coming to church. And pray for our city… We have started two other missions churches here in Puebla, and can’t wait to start more. We just need your prayers!

Thank you and God bless you!

May 12th by Arturo Munoz

We have been here in Mexico for 16 years now. We have started three mission churches here in our city. (Our goal is to start twenty.) We have two other national pastors that have started two other works outside our state. We have a Bible Institute with 19 students right now. Our church is growing. And just last week we sent out our first missionary from our own church to India! And I can’t wait to see how God is going to use them in reaching the souls in that, very needed country, with the Gospel. Please pray for Bro. Jav-ier and his family.

If your church is looking for a good missionary…

Posted by ReachingPuebla on Monday, March 6, 2017

During the time they were in our church, they constantly brought people to our church. He and his wife went soulwinning almost every day. Wherever they went, they always shared the Gospel with many, many people. And I know God is going to use them in a very special way in India.

Adjusting to our new place

We have been in our new place for eight months now, but we are still adjusting to it. We praise the Lord that He gave us this building in a miraculous way! We are working hard to make this building meet the needs of our church as much as possible. We need more classrooms and we also need to build some walls to close the warehouse-style building that we have. Please pray that God will provide all the funds that we need for that.

I love when I see the excitement of our people, specially while the church develops into a better place of worship. And I also love the fact that we are all growing in His Grace! Just before we moved, we had about 140 people in our church. Now we are running close to 170 people every Sunday! Our goals is to have 200 people in our church by the end of the year.

National Leadership Conference

Please pray for our National Leadership Conference coming up in lees than two months. We want to have our church ready for the conference as much as we can. Specially pray that the conference will be a help and a blessing for those attending it!

We are expecting close to 50 Pastors come to our conference. Our goal is to motivate every Pastor that comes to the conference to do more for God. Last year we spent close to nine thousand dollars for the conference. I don’t know how the money will come this year, but God always provides!


At the end of last year, we had a young man named Fernando come to our church. He lives down the street from our church. During the invitation, Fernando lifted up his hand, and a man in our church led him to the Lord. Fernando had many problems. The most important problem that he had — besides him not being saved — was that he was a drug addict.

Few weeks after he got saved, he was found dead, not very far from his own house. His family were destroyed when they heard the news. We reached out to them and few days later, his mom and dad came to church. Praise the Lord they got saved that night! Fernando’s mom said to me that she wants to continue what Fernando wanted. And that is — to bring more young people to the feet our our Savior. Pray for them, as this coming Wednesday night they are starting a discipleship program here in our church.

You never know when someone else’s life will come to an end. All we need to do is reach them before it is too late. And, praise the Lord — Fernando is in a better place!

Thank you for praying for us and thank you for your support!

In Christ,

Bro. Munoz and family.

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Mar 15th by Arturo Munoz


We moved to our new building the first week in July. Since then, our membership has grown about 20%! Our people is very excited about the new place and we believe soon we will fill this place up!

The new building that we bought is like a big warehouse and needs lots of construction to close it up and make it more secure. Please pray for this need and if you can help in any way, we would really appreciate it! 1,000 blocks or bricks cost 3,500 pesos or about $190 dollars. And one ton of concrete is 2,700 pesos or about $150 dollars. Any of these would be a big blessing.

Wednesday night church service

Wednesday night church service

Youth Camp

Two weeks ago we had our annual youth camp. We had 90 in attendance including some workers. Different Pastors from the area preached to the youth and praise the Lord we had some young people saved and three that surrendered for full time service. One of them is a young woman named Paola that already finished college and has a medical doctor degree. She decided to leave her career and now is in Bible college ready to serve the Lord!

Youth Camp Oasis de Agua Viva Valsequillo Puebla

Youth Camp “Oasis de Agua Viva” Valsequillo Puebla

Bible Institute

This first week in September we started our 8th year in our Bible college. We started with fourteen students this semester. One of our teachers is a missionary that we have known since we arrived here in Puebla. He has been very involved in trying to reach Muslims to the Lord, and now he is teaching a class in our Bible Institute on how to do exactly that! Pray that our students will get a burden to reach those that are trapped in the Islam teachings.

Our final payment

Please help us pray –urgently- so that we can make the second and final payment of our new property. Right now we are selling our old church property for a little over 100 thousand dollars and that is the exact amount that we need to make our final payment for our new place. The owner agreed to give us four months and the time is running out. Our due date is the 20th of October. We have faith that God will help us find a buyer! It’s just a matter of time.

My wife’s new book

Not too long ago, Nicole – my wife, wrote a book about how to better serve and please the Lord.  If you know someone (a lady) that speaks Spanish and would like to buy a copy of the book, please let me know. You can text me of call my Mexican phone number: +521 (222) 449-6155. The book costs $10 dollars plus shipping. Proceedings will further help our ministry here in Mexico.

Nicole's new book! 6 Lessons to Women That Want to Please God - Spanish

Nicole’s new book! 6 Lessons to Women That Want to Please God – Spanish

Thank you for your prayers and God bless you all!


Arturo Munoz
Puebla, Mexico.

Sep 07th by Arturo Munoz

Puebla Christian Baptist Church

Our 14th Church Anniversary!

To all who have been praying for us for a new place for our church, thank you! We finally bought a property for our church that is a little more than three times the size of our former church! We moved last Friday and on Sunday we celebrated our 14th church anniversary in our new building! We are so thrilled and excited about our new place and to God be the glory!

Our new place has 8,600 square feet of land with an included warehouse (3,500 sq. ft.), three extra rooms, fitted with a woman’s and man’s bathroom! Near the main road and just one mile north of where we used to be. Plus, it’s right next to a bus stop, RUTA, which is the public transportation for the people of Puebla.

We had 195 people that attended our anniversary and at least two people saved! We invited Bro. Ron Goodman, missionary in Morelia, Michoacan, to come and preach during this special event. We were encouraged by the preaching and the tremendous amount of enthusiasm that the people had for this first Sunday in our new place! We also had our first baptism in this place. We are looking forward to build a baptistry, since all we have for baptisms right now is a big tub.

Please help us to pray so that we can sell our previous church as soon as possible. We gave 30% of the value of the property and we need to pay the rest within three months! We know God will provide and that we just need to take a step of faith! and faith right now is all we have. Our finances are low, but our spirits are high!

Not too long ago, missionary-par-exellence in Mexico City Kevin Wynne, said to me… “Arturo, I am mad at you. Because, I believe God can use you to run 1,000 people in your church!” Well, this place, might not help us to run one thousand in church, but is a step in the right direction. I believe that we can very well grow to 400-500 people here. And, by the way, we are not here in Puebla to “run” a big church, but to reach as many people as we can!

Eight years ago, when we bought our first building, I told our church not to get “used” to the new building, because it was only provisional — while we “finally” settle in what God has for us. Last Sunday, I told our church the same words. I believe God has something bigger than this, and we are not going to get “used” to it, but do everything we possibly can, while we can.

Thank you again for praying; now, lets win some souls!

For His Service,

Arturo Muñoz and Family

Jul 15th by Arturo Munoz

National Leadership Conference 2016

Thank you for your prayers for our Leadership Conference. Praise the Lord, we had 16 people that surrendered their lives to serve our Lord and Savior full time! We also had an attendance of 550 people and among them, we had 44 Pastors, assistant Pastors and Missionaries attending our Conference. We had the privilege to have the following guest speakers during our conference: Pastor Kevin Wynne, from Mexico City; Pastor Luis Ramos, from San Luis PotosĂ­; Pastor Luis Parada, from Long Beach, CA; Pastor Oscar Galvan, from Sahuarita, AZ; Pastor Gil Torres, from San Diego, CA; and Pastor Alejandro Cordova, from Celaya, GTO. All of them were used by God greatly to bring exactly what we needed!

Group that surrendered for full-time service

Group that surrendered for full-time service

Group of Pastors and Missionaries that attended our conference

Group of Pastors and Missionaries that attended our conference

20,000 Tracts – Battle of Puebla Parade

As we do every year, we were able to go early on the morning of “Cinco de Mayo” and give 20,000 tracts just before the Battle-of-Puebla-Parade started. Our family had 1,000 tracts, and we gave them out in less than 30 minutes. One young men that we sitting waiting for the parade to start, helped my oldest son Japheth, to give out some tracts to the group of people around him. I even took some pictures of this “unbeliever” helping us give away these Gospel tracts! Praise the Lord many, many people were reading these tracts, and I am sure, many got saved!

My son and an "unbeliever" giving out tracts during the parade of "5 de Mayo"

My son and an “unbeliever” giving out tracts during the parade of “5 de Mayo”

Giving 20,000 tracts during the "5 de Mayo" Parade here in Puebla

Giving 20,000 tracts during the “5 de Mayo” Parade here in Puebla

Update on New Property

I would like to thank all those who had been praying for the purchase of our new church property. The owner accepted our proposal and within 30 days we were able to come up with the first 1 million pesos! We only had 300k and God provided the rest through a series of miracles. The first one is that our church gave an extra 300k pesos within 20 days! The last miracle is that we were still short 120k pesos and a brother from another church new about our need and gave the rest of the money! We are so excited about this answer to prayer. We have been looking for a new place for our church for quite-a-while. This new place has 800 square meters of land and is a little over three times the size of our current place. Our 14th anniversary is the first week of July and we would like to have our first service in the new place by then. Pray that this will happen!

New Church Property here in Puebla

New Church Property here in Puebla

New Church Property here in Puebla

New Church Property here in Puebla


Naason Joaquin Garcia

Few days ago, my wife and I were witnessing to a man named Raul Jimenez. We were in an area that is inundated with people from a sect named “Luz del Mundo” (Light of the World). This sect buys and rents houses all around their main church, and is very difficult to find people that does not attend this church. This sect is very similar to the Mormon church; it is like the Mexican version of it. They worship an “Apostle” named NaasĂłn JoaquĂ­n GarcĂ­a. Anyway, after I was done talking to Raul, I asked him if he wanted to pray and ask God to save him; he, without hesitation, bowed his head and started to pray by himself, a very honest prayer for God to save him. Praise the Lord for God’s grace, and for one more person going to Heaven!

Prayer Request

Please pray that we can sell our current church building at a good price and fast! so we can finish paying the new church property. The owner is giving us three months after the first down payment to pay the rest of the money for the new property. Thank you!

May 19th by Arturo Munoz

We Found a New Property For The Church

We have been praying now for about two years for God to give us a bigger place for our church. Two weeks ago we found one property that is about 15 blocks from our church and in the same main street where we are. The place is three times as big as our current place. We have 250 sq. meters and the new property is 800 sq. meters (about 8,500 sq. ft.) It sells for a good price and we think we can come up with the money. I would like to ask you to consider us helping us to pay for this new property. We have most of the money, but we are still short 20 thousand dollars. Our church has been saving money for the last five years, and we also want to sell our current property for a good price. Please, help us to pray for this needs. And if you, in any way, are able to be a blessing to us, please call me or send me an email. We could easily fit over 500 people in the new property. Here is a video below…

Trip To Cuajinicuilapa (Say that five times!)

From April 1st to the 5th, we took a group of 16 people from our church in Puebla (including our family) to visit my sister Aglaee and her husband in Cuajinicuilapa. My brother-in-law and my sister are doing an excellent job in this town. Cuajinicuilapa is about 9 hours south from Puebla, and only three hours from Acapulco. It’s very hot and humid; about thirty minutes from the Pacific Ocean. During our time there, we went out soulwinning and our group was able to lead 30 people to the Lord, and 15 came to church on Sunday! Praise the Lord they were encouraged in their third anniversary with the church.

Trip to Cuajinicuilapa

Trip to Cuajinicuilapa

Evangelizing Puebla

We continue with our vision to reach Puebla with the Gospel. This is our soulwinning group that went out two weeks ago to knock on doors and tell people about salvation. My wife and I were able to lead four people to the Lord. Just so you can understand why is a little more difficult to lead people to the Lord here in Puebla, I would like to give you an example. On our trip to Cuajinicuilapa, ten of us went soulwinning and 30 people got saved. Here in Puebla, over 30 people went out soulwinning, and only seven people got saved. And it was a good day! Normally we see three or four people saved, during our soulwinning time on Saturdays. Please pray for Puebla, we love the people, and we want to reach them before it is too late. That is why we are constantly praying for God to let us start 20 churches within 20 years here in the city.

Our Soulwinning Group here in Puebla!

Our Soulwinning Group here in Puebla!


Apr 20th by Arturo Munoz

We’ve been driving through the thick fog for more than an hour through the high mountains of Hidalgo. I have been invited to preach in a small church, and Bro. Javier Gonzalez is with me, along with his young son, Pablo. My iPhone has long-time-ago lost cellphone signal, but the GPS part of it still works, and it shows that the village in the mountains is 30 minutes away. When we arrive, there is a small gathering of faithful people, waiting to be preached at. It’s about 33 degrees, with no heaters, but that doesn’t matter, they are used to this weather. Who would have imagined that there would be an Independent Baptist Church like this in the mountains, but Bro. Daniel Munoz is a man, called by God, to bring the Gospel to these dear people.


Church in Calnali, Hidalgo. Bro. Daniel Munoz is the Pastor.

Church in Calnali, Hidalgo. Bro. Daniel Munoz is the Pastor.


It’s my turn to preach, and God blesses the message. The six hours that took us to get here was all worth it. Three of those hours was driving on the mountains famously known “La Huasteca.”

The next day, we drove for one more hour, deeper in La Huasteca Hidalguense. There is a video below if you are interested to see the one-hour drive. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la1dJmLh_8g)

The name of the village is called Tlalchiyalahuica. Here we meet Pastor Geronimo Esteban. And let me tell you, he has an incredible story on how he became Independent Baptist:

He tells me that in 2008, he was very much discouraged. He drove to the next big town, Huejutla, which is about one hour away. There, on an internet cafe, he searched for something that would comfort his heart with preaching. He found our website: http://www.iglesiacristianabautista.com/predicaciones/ were we have hundreds of sermons. He downloaded them all and listened to them. He was quickly encouraged and went back to his church. He had been a Pastor of a church that belong to the Baptist Convention. He started to go soulwinning every day! They changed their standards! And they quit the Baptist Convention few months later. The church that once was running 20, now runs 200. And they have four mission-churches that they have started in the last five years, with and average of 70 in each one of them. They are starting one more mission-church this coming Thursday!

Church in Tlalchiyahualica en la Huasteca Hidalguense

Church in Tlalchiyahualica. Bro. Javier giving his testimony. Pastor Geronimo is sitting down.

I had the privilege to preach for Bro. Geronimo, in his church twice on Friday night, twice on Saturday night, twice on Sunday morning, and once on Sunday night in Huejutla, where they now have a mission-church. Huejutla is the big town where Bro. Geronimo downloaded the MP3 preaching in his phone to listen to.

Mission Church in Huejutla, HGO

Mission Church in Huejutla, HGO

On Saturday morning, I had the privilege to lead two to the Lord. His name is Andres, and his wife’s name is Sulpicia. I talked to them for about 45 minutes. They listened attentively, and at the end, the asked Jesus to come to their hearts. Pray for them, if you will. They said that they would attend the church that Bro. Geromino started there in Huejutla.

Ganando almas en Huejutla, HGO

Andres and his wife were saved!

We drove back to Puebla all day Monday. Praise the Lord we made it safe and with no complications. Praise the Lord that God is not only using us here in Puebla, but through our online ministry, where in the last four years, we have had over 1 million visitors downloading thousands of sermons in Spanish.

Thank you for your prayers!

Jan 20th by Arturo Munoz

Vacation Bible Schools

We had a great week holding 3 Vacation Bible Schools at the same time. Our highest day was on Friday with 95, 70 and 60 on each of of them, making a total of 225 kids and adults attending. Our goal for the following year is to have 5 different Bible Schools in 5 different locations of our city. We praise the Lord for the many, many kids that heard the Gospel over and over throughout the week and that God saved!! Two days before Sunday, I asked our neighbor if we could use the empty lot that is next to our church, so that we could accommodate the 80-100 kids that we were going to have for Sunday, and he, not only sad YES, but he said that if we wanted to use the lot to park the cars on Sunday, we could DO so!! Praise the Lord for this. We do not have enough room for 100 kids in our church and God surely answered our prayer!

225 attended our 3 different Vacation Bible Schools!

225 attended our 3 different Vacation Bible Schools!

200 in attendance

On Sunday we broke our previous record for attendance! We had 200 people in church; 100 kids and 100 adults. The most exciting thing about this is that we not only had the kids that attended the VBSs, but we also had their parents attending. They came to see their kids receive their diplomas for completing the VBS. We had 32 Adult VISITORS!! and 12 of them received Christ as their personal Savior!! This is so exciting as well. You could see the whole church so happy, and helping and motivated to see what God is doing in our midst!

Lot next to our church

Lot next to our church

7 Baptisms + 4

We also had 11 BAPTISMS. 7 of them got baptized in our church and 4 got baptized in our mission church. Our mission church is also doing very well. Last Sunday we had close to 100 in our mission church. That means that we actually had close to 300 last Sunday! Please pray that we can start a second mission church here in Puebla ans see more people saved.

7 got baptized last Sunday!

7 got baptized last Sunday!

Prayer Request

  1. For our safety this Friday and Saturday. We are traveling to Texas to renew our van’s permit. We will be visiting some churches while we are there. (August 10th to August 30th) Pray that more churches will take us on.
  2. For a bigger place for our church. We would like to sell the building that we have and find a property that is at least twice as big.
  3. For our Bible Institute. We start the second week of September and we are praying for 10 students or more.
  4. For our young people that are going away to a Bible Institute. We have 5 young people and 1 matrimony going to San Luis Potosi to study there in the Bible Institute. 4 of them are from our church and 2 are from our mission church. Our mission church is in a very poor area, and subsequently, one man, who is very poor, is leaving this Friday to go to the Bible institute. He is taking his wive and three children by faith to the Institute that is about 5 hours away. If you would like to make a one time offering for this precious family, we will be very thankful. Or if you would like to support them with $50 or $100 dollars a month while he is in the Institute, that, I am sure, will be a big investment in the work of the Lord. His name is Abel. I will try to post a picture of their family so you get to know them. Thank you!

Pictures of our VBS in Puebla and Baptism:

Thank you and may God continue bless you!

~Arturo Munoz

Aug 06th by Arturo Munoz

Youth Camp (3 Surrendered)

This week we had an amazing time at our youth camp that our church organized. We had 70 young men and women at our camp. Three of them surrendered to serve God for full time. This years theme was taken from Daniel 6:3 “…an excellent spirit was in him.” Here are some pictures:

Youth Camp in Puebla, MEX

Youth Camp in Puebla, MEX

Visitors Dinner (10 Subscribed)

Last Monday we had a special dinner for our visitors that we usually have every three months. This time we had 25 people that in the past had visited our church, that showed up for this special dinner. At the end we encourage them to take a discipleship class on Wednesdays and 10 subscribed for the discipleship class!

Visitors Dinner (First Steps)

Visitors Dinner (First Steps)

Today we had an amazing Sunday! (23 visitors+7 second time visitors)

Today was an uncommon Sunday. Normally, we have people visiting our church every Sunday. But today was incredible! We had 23 people visiting our church! Besides this, we had 7 people that visited our church last Sunday and returned this Sunday for the second time! The church auditorium was packed! We need to expand as soon as possible. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Special Prayer Requests:

  1. For our safety next month. We are traveling to Texas to renew our van’s permit. We will be visiting some churches while we are there. (August 10th to August 30th)
  2. For our vacation Bible school that we are having next week. This time we are planning to have 4 VBS at the same time in different areas of the city.
  3. For a bigger place for our church. We would like to sell the building that we have and find a property that is at least twice as big.

Thank you and God bless you!

… More pictures of our youth camp:

Jul 27th by Arturo Munoz

Praise the Lord, we had an amazing 12th anniversary of our church here in Puebla! We had 149 people attending, 4 of them were first time visitors. Pastor David Cortés from Open Door Baptist Church in Tijuana, Baja California was our guest speaker. He preached for our anniversary, and also for our Family Conference that we had during the same time.

Iglesia Cristiana Bautista 12th Anniversary

Iglesia Cristiana Bautista 12th Anniversary

Pastor David Cortes preaching

Pastor David Cortes preaching

Every year we have premium stakes for our anniversary!

Every year we have premium stakes for our anniversary!

Prayer Requests:

  • For our safety next month. We are traveling to Texas to renew our van’s permit. We will be visiting some churches while we are there. (August 10th to August 30th)
  • For our youth camp this week. We are expecting to have 70 young people from churches around the area. For them to make good decisions.
  • For our vacation Bible school that we are having next week. This time we are planning to have 4 VBS at the same time in different areas of the city.
  • For a bigger place for our church. We would like to sell the building that we have and find a property that is at least twice as big.

Thank you and God bless you!

Jul 21st by Arturo Munoz

23 Jun 2014
Support a National in Mexico

Support a Student in Mexico

Would you like to be directly involved in the life of a student taking classes in our Bible Institute?

Many of the young people taking classes don’t have the means to pay as little as $20 dollars per month.

If you would like to help one of our young students in our Bible Institute, let us know!

Many are studying to be pastors or even missionaries! Your giving will sure be a blessing for them.

We also have some of our young people in an external Bible Institute, such as in San Luis Potosi.

The cost there is a little higher. If you would like to help one of them, let us know too.

Thank you and God bless!

(We currently have 15 students in our Bible Institute and 11 students in other Bible Institutes!)

Jun 23rd by Arturo Munoz

Our 2014 Leadership Conference in Puebla

What a blessing it was to host again our Annual Leadership Conference here in Puebla. We had a great number of people coming from different Churches and States, as well as Pastors. This year we had nine people surrendering for full-time-service! What a privilege to see more laborers willing to go to the fields to reach more souls for Christ!

The choir of our church singing a special during the conference

The choir of our church singing a special during the Conference

9 people surrendered for full time service

9 people surrendered for full time service

We had also great speakers coming to our conference to preach. We had Pastor Ezequiel Salazar from Ontario, CA, Pastor Luis Parada from Long Beach, CA and Pastor Alejandro Cordova from Celaya, Guanajuato. All of them were a tremendous blessing! Our church had a week of praying and fasting (different people for one day) and we sure saw God working in everybody’s hearts!

Pastor Ezquiel Salazar teaching on Leadership to the Pastors

Pastor Ezequiel Salazar teaching on Leadership to the Pastors that attended the Conference

This year, on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th, same day our conference started) we went out to the parade that is organized in our city every year, and we gave out 20,000 tracts! What a blessing it was to see many of our church members taking charge and going out to the streets of Puebla and giving the Gospel to the people of Puebla. Our goal this year is to give out 170,000 tracts. Please pray for us so that we can permeate Puebla with the Gospel.

Giving out 20,000 tracts during the Cinco de Mayo Parade in Puebla

Giving out 20,000 tracts during the Cinco de Mayo Parade in Puebla

Our oldest kids giving out tracts before the Cinco de Mayo Parade

Our oldest kids giving out tracts before the Cinco de Mayo Parade

Thank you to many of you that sent emails and notes to us saying that you were praying for the Conference and for the 20,000 tracts. We would like to invite you next year during the Cinco de Mayo parade so you can also help us to give out more tracts.

God bless you,

In Christ,

Arturo Munoz and Family
Missionaries in Puebla, Mexico.

May 16th by Arturo Munoz

First Time Visitors

Last week we had a good number of people visiting our church for the first time. On Sunday morning we had 9 people that came to our church for the first time and on Sunday night we had 7 people that visited our church. Most of the people that visit our church come from our church website. I would encourage every church to have a nice looking website. If you need help with this let me know. I know someone that can make you a nice looking website for about $400 usd.

People Saved

We have seen also a good number of people getting saved in church and out in the streets. Last Sunday night we had 4 people getting saved and a Sunday before we also had visitors getting saved.

Yesterday, during our time of soulwinning with our Bible Institute here in Puebla, we had a husband and wife get saved. That is just way too exciting!!! And… they even let us come into their house. First the wife got saved by the door of her house, and then she invited us inside her house to speak with her husband. Her husband Victor got saved kneeling down right in the middle of their living room. He said that he had never felt anything like it before, (and we are not pentecostal.) He assured me that he asked Jesus to come into his heart with…. all his heart. Please pray that Victor and Dolores will come to church soon. I am planning to visit them next week to follow up on their decision. Once I heard a Pastor say: Steward every lead!

Victor and Dolores. A new matrimony for Christ

Victor and Dolores. A new matrimony for Christ

Our trip to Texas

Last month we had to drive up to Texas in order to renew our car permit for another 6 months. The laws here in Mexico change all the time, and now we have to drive to the States every six months to make sure our car is legally in Mexico. We also visited some churches in Texas to take advantage of our trip. Here is a list of the churches that we visited:

We would like to thank each one of the churches that accommodated us, fed us, and even gave us a love offering. Praise the Lord, He provided for all of our needs during our trip, even for our van’s fuel pump that was $600 dollars, installed.

Before our trip to Texas, our kids kept asking if they were going to see any snow. We told them: “No. It doesn’t snow in Texas.” To our surprise, we saw snow four times! That made them very happy. Many of our kids had never seen snow.

Also, I would like to mention, that we were very excited to be with one of my favorite teacher from Bible college: Bro. Bob Ross, now Pastor of Open Door Baptist Church in Mesquite, TX. They had a Missions Conference called: “South of the Border.” Where they invited only missionaries that are in Mexico. I was glad to see many of my old friends and families from Bible College:

  • Bro. Nick Sutmaier, missionary in Cuajimalpa, Estado de Mexico, just outside Mexico City
  • Bro. Matt Johnson, missionary in Tula, Hidalgo
  • Bro. Mark Lockhart, missionary in Mexico City
  • Bro. Bill Norton, missionary in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo.

If your church is looking to support good missionaries, I would recommend any of these missionaries. All of them have been in the mission field for more than 12 years.

Thank you for your prayers,
Arturo Munoz

Visiting Crossroads Baptist Church in Gainesville, TX

Visiting Crossroads Baptist Church in Gainesville, TX

Feb 27th by Arturo Munoz

40,000 Gospel Tracts

Bro. Salvador Derreza, missionary to India, giving out tracts

Bro. Salvador Derreza, missionary to India, giving out tracts

First of all, I would like to thank every one of you for praying for our ministry here in Puebla. This year, during the “Day of the Dead” we were able to give out 40,000 tracts, in just few hours, in many of the cemeteries of the city of Puebla. Last year we gave out 20,000 tracts and next year our goal is to give out 80,000 tracts. Many of our church members did this for the first time and were really thankful to be part of this endeavor. They praised the Lord for participating on this and many of them shared with us amazing testimonies on how people got saved.

Our Missions Conference

Missions Conference in Puebla, MEX

Missions Conference in Puebla, MEX

We also had our Annual Missions Conference at the beginning of this month. We had the following missionaries visiting our church and presenting their work:

  1. Salvador Derreza, missionaries to India.
  2. Javier Gonzalez, planting churches in the mountains of Puebla.
  3. Luis Colorado, missionaries to Switzerland.
  4. JesĂşs Alanis, missionaries in Ecuador.
  5. Pablo Yam, missionaries to Venezuela.
  6. Mike Guzmán, missionaries to Venezuela.
  7. Gerardo Castro, missionaries to Venezuela.
  8. Moises Garrido, planting churches in Puebla.
  9. Felipe Sloan, in Xalapa, Veracruz, our guest speaker.

Our mission church also had 5 other missionaries, and their conference was right after ours. This was the first missions conference for our mission church.

Praise the Lord, our faith promise giving for the year was about $17,000 dollars. Our mission church faith promise for the year was close to $6,000 dollars. This means that between both of our churches we promised $23,000 dollars to reach the world with the Gospel! We are very excited about this, and we thank you for your prayers.

People Saved

The ministries of our church include Wednesday soulwinning, Thursday hospital soulwinning and Saturday soulwinning. We soon are going to add Tuesday visitation in the morning time and Thursday visitation during the evening.

On Wednesdays, we have Bible Institute from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. And then at 10 am we go out soulwinning with the students of the Institute for two hours. Today we had 6 people saved! I had the opportunity to lead the Lord Sra. Lucia Arroyo. She said she is interested for ladies of our church to come to her house and give her a Bible study in her house. Also, I was able to speak with Sr. Lauro González. He did not get saved, but he said he would come to church Sunday morning. So, I am planning to pick him up this coming Sunday. Pray that he will come. He said that he lived in the Los Angeles area, in California, for two years and that no one spoke to him about getting saved. I thought that that was kid of sad. But, praise the Lord he is willing to come to our church.

Land Next To Our Church

Many of you know that we would like to buy the land next to our church. Just recently it went for sale. Right now we only have $30k dollars. And the owners now want $160,000 dollars. This land is a magnificent opportunity to grow our church and have more space. (Right now we only have two Sunday School classrooms.) We covet your prayers so that the Lord can provide the money to buy the property. Another option that we have, is to sell our building and buy a bigger lot near the area were we are. We know that God is in control and we need Him to guide us to know what to do.

Thank you for your prayers and God bless you!

In Christ,

Arturo Muñoz and Family in Puebla, MEX

Nov 20th by Arturo Munoz

This last week was a very busy week to say the least. We started with our First Steps Dinner, where we invite all the visitors that have attended our church for the last 3 months, and had great results. One parent, of one of our teenagers of the church, came for the first time to our church and I was able to lead him to the Lord after the dinner. I was thrilled to hear that this man was a worshiper of the “santa muerte” (holy dead), but now he has become a worshiper of the true God and Savior.

This Is Our 6th Year Of Our Bible Institute

On Tuesday we started our Bible Institute. This is our 6th year! We started teaching 8 different classes from Tuesday to Thursday from 8 am to noon. We also have preaching during chapel and go out soulwinning on Wednesdays with the students. Last week on Wednesday we had 8 people saved during the soulwinning time! The class before we go out soulwinning, we have the personal evangelism class with Bro. Moises Garrido, who is a graduate from Pastor’s Kevin Wynne Bible Institute and just arrived to Puebla to start a new church.

Bro. Moises Garrido led this young men to the Lord

Bro. Moises Garrido led this young men to the Lord

On Thursday, while on chapel, one dear lady of our church named Agar, started to feel sick. I ended taking her to the hospital with her son. She almost had a stroke! Now she is on medication. She and her 25-year-old son attend our Bible Institute. Agar is a retired professional nurse. Many years ago, when she received the lump sum of her retirement money, she gave it all to help to buy the church property. About $30,000 dollars. Please pray for this dear lady, she is a dedicated soulwinner and she loves the Lord.

Lady’s Meeting

On Friday night, my wife thought a great lesson during her monthly lady’s meeting. We had 32 ladies in attendance, all of them from our church. They had games and a good time of fellowship. My 9-year-old daughter Sarah made the curtains to decorate the event. She and Rachel (now 11) learned to saw while we were on furlough in a church in San Marcos, CA.

Sunday School Workshop

Last Saturday we had a two-hour workshop to teach our teachers how to teach a Sunday School Class. We had a good group from our church and from the mission church. They were amazed by all the information Nicole gave them. We also video-taped it, and we are going to put it on our Spanish website so that other churches and Sunday School teachers can downloaded. Right now we have more teachers than space to teach. We desperately are praying for the land next to us so that the owner will be willing to sell it.

Nicole teaching the Sunday School workshop

Nicole teaching a Sunday School workshop


The street in front of our church is being totally repaired right now. It’s one of the main arteries of Puebla and we had the privilege to buy our property in this very busy street called 11 Sur. One security man, that watches over the heavy equipment, was walking in front of our church on Sunday night and I invited him to come inside and listen to God’s Word. He happily agreed, and after the service he got saved! We also had 10 visitors on Sunday!

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for Nicole, she has tendonitis and her wrists hurt very much. She is doing better.
  • Pray for the expansion of our building as we need more space to put more chairs.
  • Pray for the land next to us. (We need a bigger building.)
  • Pray for our Bible Institute.
  • For our 20.20 vision. (to plant 20 churches in Puebla in the next 20 years.)

By His Grace,

Arturo Muñoz

Sep 09th by Arturo Munoz

We praise the Lord for His goodness toward us! Since we came back to our church in Mexico from furlough, we have seen many blessings. One of them is the increase in people going out soulwinning every Saturday. This last Saturday we had 38 our our members going out and reaching the people of Puebla with the Gospel. What a blessing it is to see, not only 10% but over 25% of the church go out soulwinning. I had the blessing to lead to the Lord a young girl named Brenda. It seemed that she was going through some difficult times and we came at the right time to share with her the good news that only Jesus saves!

Soulwinning in Mexico

Soulwinning Group

That night, we had our monthly reunion for married couples. We had a really good time. We had a new couple that had been separated for a while. After the devotional, the husband thanked me for speaking to his heart (it was God who did). But he was very happy he and his wife attended.


Married Couples Reunion - Baptist Church

Married Couples Reunion

Please pray for us this week. Today (Monday) we have a special dinner for those that have visited our church in the last 3 months. We call it “primeros pasos” (first steps). Our goal is to enroll them in our Discipleship program that we have on Wednesday nights for 10 weeks.

On Tuesday (tomorrow) we start our Bible Institute. We will be teaching 8 different classes from Tuesday to Thursday from 8:00 am to noon. We have about 10 that have confirmed that will attend, plus two more that said that are coming from the State of Morelos and one more from the State of Guerrero. We are excited about this! This is our sixth year.

This coming Friday my wife will teach the ladies. She is encouraged and ready to teach the ladies of our church. They will have this once a month. Nicole is planning to decorate the church and have a fun time with them. Please pray that God will use her class to encourage others to serve God. I praise the Lord for a Godly wife. She is truly a blessing to my life and the ministry.

Thank you for your prayers!

~ Arturo Muñoz
Puebla, MEX


Sep 02nd by Arturo Munoz

2013 Leadership Conference in Puebla, MEX.

2013 Leadership Conference in Puebla, MEX.

This last week we had our annual revival conference in our church in Mexico. We had an amazing time with 470 people attending the conference, and 27 surrendered their life for full time service! We also had 30 different pastors and missionaries that came from seven different states to attend the conference.

2013 Leadership Conference in Puebla, MEX

We had 470 people in attendance during our Conference. We had to rent a building to have our Conference there.

Our guest speakers were: Pastor Luis Ramos from San Luis PotosĂ­, Pastor Luis Parada from Long Beach, CA, Pastor Alejandro CĂłrdova from Celaya, Mexico and Pastor Kevin Wynne from Mexico City.

27 People Surrendered for Full Time Service!

27 People Surrendered for Full Time Service!

Sunday was Cinco de Mayo (fifth of May) and we went to give out 20,000 tracts to the people that went to see the city’s parade celebrating the Battle of Puebla. We started at 8:00 am and by 8:45 am we were done! Many people come to see the parade every year and we hope that many got saved while waiting and reading one of the tracts.

We gave out 20,000 Tracts during the 5 de Mayo Parade in Puebla!

This is the tract that we gave out during the parade. I can send you the format if you want to print some.

We gave out 20,000 Tracts during the 5 de Mayo Parade in Puebla!

We gave out 20,000 Tracts during the 5 de Mayo Parade in Puebla!

We gave out 20,000 Tracts during the 5 de Mayo Parade in Puebla!

We gave out 20,000 Tracts during the 5 de Mayo Parade in Puebla!

That same Sunday, we had three people saved in our church on Sunday morning and one young girl named Karina got baptized. Praise the Lord!

Karina was baptized last Sunday

Karina was baptized last Sunday

Thank you for all of your prayers!

For the souls of Puebla,

Missionary Arturo Munoz

May 14th by Arturo Munoz

29 Mar 2013

If you would like to buy Nicole a cup of coffee (I don’t drink coffee that much) or you would like to send us a love offering, you can do it right here using your debit or credit card… or PayPal account.

Thank you for being an encouragement and a blessing!

Mar 29th by Arturo Munoz

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