Preaching in Mexico City

Preaching in Mexico City

Few months ago, Missionary in Mexico City, Brother Clint Rardin invited me to preach for his Missions Conference. Yesterday my wife, our two little girls, and I got on our fifteen passenger van and drove a little over two hours from Puebla to Mexico City. Driving in Mexico City is not that easy, but with the help of maps, and an Iphone that has GPS, it was easier than ever. My wife did most of the looking (at the GPS) while I did the driving. 🙂

As some of you know, I was born in Mexico City, but I really don’t like driving there, much less living there. I praise God for those that have given their lives to reach the city where I was born… few years ago! Also, I rejoice to know that there are more and more that are reaching this — some called the biggest city in the world — city! During the conference yesterday I met some pastors that are already doing a good job starting churches here. They graduated from Bro. Kevin Wynnes’ Bible institute. One of them is in Apizapán, and the other one is in DelegaciĂłn Madero I believe. I am sorry, as I don’t have the names of these faithful servants.

Today I had the privilege to preach again. (I preached last night after their missions banquet too). We had a good number of people. The auditorium was filled and I believe there were 4 or 5 visitors. I think two people got saved! There was even one baptism. Their church building is beautiful and is right behind Walmart and Sam’s Club Toreo. Their location is perfect and they have room to grow. They could probably fit 300 one day! Today they maybe had over 150.

Bro. Clint Rardin and his wife are from the same Bible Institute my wife went to, Fairhaven Baptist College, so it was good for Nicole to be able to spend some time with them.

After church, Bro. Clint took us out to eat next to Sam’s, to a restaurant that is well known here in Mexico called VIPS Restaurant Toreo.

After lunch we said bye to them and started to head back to Puebla. Nicole keyed the directions to go back to Puebla, but something really funny happened. The GPS enabled phone now said that it will take us 1 day and 4 hours to get back!!! I though… either the phone is wrong, or there is a LOT of traffic to get back to Puebla. We started driving and obviously the GPS was giving us the wrong directions. I told Nicole that something was wrong. To make sure to check the settings. That is when she realized that it was giving us “walking directions” to Puebla, and not “driving directions”.  After she changed the settings, voila, Puebla all of a sudden was 2 hours away!!! They should make an app that says: Hey… you are either running very fast or are on a car, but this is not walking!! Or that says: I am sorry, but it appears that you are cheating and you for SURE are not Walking! — you get the idea.

Anyway. We made it 10 minutes before church in Puebla. I had the blessing to blessing to preach to my dear people and I sure enjoyed it! Bro. Abraham preached while I was gone Sunday morning and Bro. Juan Caserez thought Sunday School. My brother-in-law Alejandro right now is in Chicago visiting his brother Cristian who just graduated from Bro. Elmer Fernandez Bible Institute in Elgin, IL. Pray for us as we are taking a quick trip this Wed. to Dallas, TX. Also, pray for our church as tomorrow we are going to the State Fair here in Puebla and will try to give 20,000 gospel tracks over a period of five days. Thank you!

May 15th by Arturo Munoz

First Time Visitors

Last week we had a good number of people visiting our church for the first time. On Sunday morning we had 9 people that came to our church for the first time and on Sunday night we had 7 people that visited our church. Most of the people that visit our church come from our church website. I would encourage every church to have a nice looking website. If you need help with this let me know. I know someone that can make you a nice looking website for about $400 usd.

People Saved

We have seen also a good number of people getting saved in church and out in the streets. Last Sunday night we had 4 people getting saved and a Sunday before we also had visitors getting saved.

Yesterday, during our time of soulwinning with our Bible Institute here in Puebla, we had a husband and wife get saved. That is just way too exciting!!! And… they even let us come into their house. First the wife got saved by the door of her house, and then she invited us inside her house to speak with her husband. Her husband Victor got saved kneeling down right in the middle of their living room. He said that he had never felt anything like it before, (and we are not pentecostal.) He assured me that he asked Jesus to come into his heart with…. all his heart. Please pray that Victor and Dolores will come to church soon. I am planning to visit them next week to follow up on their decision. Once I heard a Pastor say: Steward every lead!

Victor and Dolores. A new matrimony for Christ

Victor and Dolores. A new matrimony for Christ

Our trip to Texas

Last month we had to drive up to Texas in order to renew our car permit for another 6 months. The laws here in Mexico change all the time, and now we have to drive to the States every six months to make sure our car is legally in Mexico. We also visited some churches in Texas to take advantage of our trip. Here is a list of the churches that we visited:

We would like to thank each one of the churches that accommodated us, fed us, and even gave us a love offering. Praise the Lord, He provided for all of our needs during our trip, even for our van’s fuel pump that was $600 dollars, installed.

Before our trip to Texas, our kids kept asking if they were going to see any snow. We told them: “No. It doesn’t snow in Texas.” To our surprise, we saw snow four times! That made them very happy. Many of our kids had never seen snow.

Also, I would like to mention, that we were very excited to be with one of my favorite teacher from Bible college: Bro. Bob Ross, now Pastor of Open Door Baptist Church in Mesquite, TX. They had a Missions Conference called: “South of the Border.” Where they invited only missionaries that are in Mexico. I was glad to see many of my old friends and families from Bible College:

  • Bro. Nick Sutmaier, missionary in Cuajimalpa, Estado de Mexico, just outside Mexico City
  • Bro. Matt Johnson, missionary in Tula, Hidalgo
  • Bro. Mark Lockhart, missionary in Mexico City
  • Bro. Bill Norton, missionary in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo.

If your church is looking to support good missionaries, I would recommend any of these missionaries. All of them have been in the mission field for more than 12 years.

Thank you for your prayers,
Arturo Munoz

Visiting Crossroads Baptist Church in Gainesville, TX

Visiting Crossroads Baptist Church in Gainesville, TX

Feb 27th by Arturo Munoz

In the month of February my wife and I had the opportunity to visit our church in Puebla for few days. The main reason was that my assistant Pastor, Cristian, got married. The wedding was in Mexico City, and Pastor Arandai married Cristian and Cynthia. They are now happily married back in our church in Puebla, serving the Lord!

Cristian y Cynthia's wedding

On Sunday the 17th, I preached all three services in our church. What a blessing it was to see the Christians we love the most — our own church. We miss them very much and can’t wait to be back in June or July. During our time there we had five visitors in the morning and three more Sunday night. I also had the privilege to baptist seven believers. One of them, Leonardo, was studying to be a Catholic priest. About eight months ago, while soulwinning with Brother Manuel Garcia, we gave Leonardo’s mom a track and invited her to church. She got saved and came with her thirty year old son. Leonardo got saved in our church, tuned from Catholicism to God and from wanting to be a Catholic priest to serve the Lord faithfully winning souls for Him. What a blessing it was to baptize him, his mom, his sister and his nephew!

Leonardo's nephew Wife Husband Cristian (not my assistant Pastor) Loonardo's sister Leonardo - Was studying to be a Priest but got saved Leonardo's Mom

That same Sunday we sent my brother-in-law Alejandro, my sister and their three kids to start a church in Cuajinicuilapa – try to say that 5 times! Cuaji, for short, is on the south part of the country, on the coast, near Acapulco. As you might know, Acapulco was just considered the second most dangerous city in the country of Mexico. Please remember them in your prayers and if you are looking for more missionaries to take, they are worth taking. They went under-supported, and any additional giving will be big blessing to them. They have about 7 churches supporting them right now. My sister, Aglaee Munoz, graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College and my brother-in-law graduated from our Bible Institute of Puebla last year.

The following Sunday we were in a Missions Conference in Santa Ana, CA at Bethel Baptist Church. This church has been a tremendous blessing to our ministry. Their support and prayers through the years has always been there. I had the opportunity to present what God is doing with their faith promise in Puebla. We had a good time. Pastor Dan Davidson still the Pastor after all these years, serving the Lord, and always with a smile.

And Yesterday we were in two churches. In the morning service we had the blessing to be at North Hills Baptist Church of San Marcos, CA. Sunday was their Charter Sunday, were they finally became their own church with Pastor David Hetzer as the Pastor. Congratulations! We took the following picture just before the church service:

The Munoz Family

And Sunday night we were at Temple Baptist Church of Perris, CA. The Pastor of the church graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College and is doing an excellent job in this church. I believe he took over the church about three years ago with 100 people, and now they are running over 300 people. Next Sunday they are having two Sunday Morning Services to accommodate more people. Their welcome video is one of the best church videos I have ever seen. If you are planning to make one for your church, take this one for consideration, as it has an excellent outline and powerful message.

After their evening service, we stayed to present our ministry to the Spanish church. Pastor Emilio Llausás has been the Spanish Pastor of the church in Perris, CA for the last 40 years. I believe God used the message to encourage the people to continue serving the Lord. The Pastor said that they might take us on for support!

When we left our church few months ago, we only had 17 churches supporting us. Right now we have 21 and we are praying for 30, so that we can go back to Mexico and continue with the ministry that God has given us. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.


Arturo Munoz and Family

Mar 04th by Arturo Munoz

20 Feb 2013
Missionaries in Mexico

The Munoz Family

Arturo Munoz Bio

Bro. Arturo Munoz and his family have been missionaries in Mexico since 1999.

Bro. Munoz was born in Mexico City in 1974. God saved him at the age of eight in a Baptist church in Mexico and had the privilege to grow up in a Christian home. God called him to preach in 1992. God opened the doors for him to attend Oklahoma Baptist College under the direction of Dr. Jim Vineyard. In the summer of 1997, while in a youth camp, God put in his heart to go back to Mexico, specifically the city of Puebla, and reach his own people for Christ.

Bro. Munoz graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College in 1998. He and his wife Nicole left the US right after their wedding in 1999 and headed to Iguala, Guerrero, a town where the Mexican Flag was born, to help a church there while Nicole learned Spanish. While there, hey both helped teach in the Christian school. Bro. Munoz taught 10th grade, and his wife Nicole taught 3rd.  They also started a bus route which had an average of 30 kids in attendance.

In 2001 they moved to the city of Puebla. Puebla is the 3rd largest city in the country of Mexico with over 2 million people.

Nicole Munoz Bio

Nicole was saved at the age of 15 in a liberal Bible church in Southern California.  At age 17 by reading the Bible and praying, she felt that her church was not the church closest to the Bible and prayed and asked God to show her what church to attend.  Two weeks later someone invited her to the only IFB church in her area.  Nicole served in her home church West Coast Baptist Church in Oceanside, California with Pastor Phil Clark for one year before heading to Bible college at Fairhaven Baptist College in Chesterton, Indiana.

During her freshman year in Bible College Nicole surrendered to be a missionary to Mexico.

After graduating, Nicole headed back to her home church in California to teach in the Christian School.  After a few years she met and married Brother Arturo and joyfully followed him to the mission field.


The Munoz Kids

We have 7 beautiful children that God has entrusted us to train and raise up to serve Him.

Arturo Japheth was born in 2001.  He likes to read and play “sword fights” with his brother David.  Japheth also helps with the sound system in the church and teaches the object lessons during Junior Church.

Rachel Nicole was born in 2002.  Rachel often has the role of our church pianist!  She has a love for music and is a natural leader.  Rachel has run Sunday School classes when the teacher did not show up and has helped lead songs to groups of up to 80 kids in conferences and Vacation Bible Schools.

Sarah Joy was born in 2004.  Sarah loves to sing songs to the Lord and use her voice to praise God in the church.  She also is a great help in the nursery.  Although she is never in “charge” of watching the little babies, if there is a crying baby or the nursery workers need an extra set of hands, she is always willing to jump in and play with the little ones!

David and Hannah are Twins!  They joined our family in 2006 and it has never been the same since!  David is full of life and loves anything to do with sports.  Hannah is our creative and “distracted” one.  She is always in her own world and doing her own thing her own way! (In a good way!)

Ashley Elizabeth was born in 2008.  Ashley is our quiet but joyful one.  It is always a blessing to see her first thing in the morning with wide eyes and a huge smile!

Caitlyn Grace was born in 2010. Caitlyn is only three but enjoys being in the “Big Kids Class” more than with the babies!  She is our inquisitive one and already shows traits of being a “problem solver”.  She is also a reminder to us to always have faith in God.  Whenever Caitlyn might ask for some money and we tell her that we don’t have any money she will tell us: Just pray to God and He will give you some money!  Then a few hours later she will ask us: Did God give you money yet?


The ministry in Puebla has rapidly grown. The church in Puebla currently has 150 in attendance.  You can watch our video presentation that shows how the work has grown since 2001 here:


The different ministries in the church include:


  • Organized soul winning every Saturday
  • Hospital soul winning and visitation every Thursday
  • Street preaching, Bus preaching, and downtown preaching with students of the Bible Institute every Wednesday
  • Bible Institute (We have 5 graduates)
  • First Steps Bible Discipleship for new believers on Wednesday nights. (This is a different class besides the regular service.)
  • Sunday School classes for Primaries, Juniors, Teen Girls, and Adults
  • Church Services on Sunday Mornings, Sunday Nights, and Wednesday Nights
  • Music Ministry to teach children an adults how to play the piano, guitar, and flute.
  • Choir Ministry
  • Teen Ministry that meets on Saturdays at 3:00
  • In-Home Discipleship Ministry
  • Annual Missions Conference (We currently support 19 missionaries)
  • Annual Leadership Conference for Area Churches
  • Monthly Pastors Fellowship for Area Pastors (Co-organizer with another pastor)
  • Bi-monthly Ladies Meetings
  • Bi-monthly Men’s Meetings
  • Youth Camp
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Public School Outreaches
  • 20,000 Tracts Distributed During 5th of May Parade
  • 30,000 Tracts Distributed at the Cemeteries for Day of the Dead on November 2nd.
  • And many, many more!

The Munoz family has also started a mission church in the south part of the city that God has blessed. This mission church now has 70 faithful people growing in the Lord every Sunday.

Bro. Munoz believes in reaching the lost with the Gospel. The church has an organized soul-winning program every Saturday morning where 40-50 church members consistently go out knocking on doors. The church also has a hospital outreach where ladies of the church visit patients and family members of patients in the hospital. Dozens get saved every Thursday. The Bible institute goes out to reach the souls of “Pueblans” every Wednesday. They preach inside buses, downtown, the jail and street corners.

Bro. Munoz strongly believes that the city can be reached with the Gospel.  From the beginning of the church, members have traveled almost two hours to come to church every Sunday morning.  Due to the time it takes to travel in public transportation, and the cost for some families, God has put in his heart the “20/20 outreach”. His vision is to start 20 churches in the next 20 years in the City of Puebla.  His plan consists of:

  1. Training Nationals in the Bible college.
  2. Provide financial and other material support for the first 3 years for the salary of the pastor and the rent of the building.
  3. Send out soul-winning teams once a month from the main church in Puebla to help establish the new work.
  4. Send church members who live closer to the new work to join the new work so it has a solid base of believers to start with.
  5. Weekly accountability with the pastors of the new work through pastor’s meetings and fellowships.

It is Bro. Munoz’ vision that by dividing and multiplying, more Pueblans can be reached with the Gospel.  The more local churches that are started all in a 45 minute to 60 minute public transportation driving radius of the main church, the more souls can be reached!

Feb 20th by Arturo Munoz

Family Conference in Cuautla

Pastor Luis Ramos preaching in Cuatla Morelos at a Family Conference

Pastor Luis Ramos preaching in Cuatla Morelos at a Family Conference

This week was a busy week. Monday and Tuesday we went to a Family Conference in Cuautla, Morelos. Brother Peter Duke is the Pastor of “Iglesia Bautista del Señor JesĂşs” in Cuautla, Morelos, which is a little over an hour south-west from Puebla. The first day we took 25 people from our church and the mission church, and the second day we took 30. The guest speakers were Brother Tommy Ashcraft from Monterrey, NL; Brother Luis Ramos from San Luis Potosi, and Brother Kevyn Wynne from Mexico City. It was a blessing and an encouragement to see this church that is about three years old holding a conference like this one.

Homeschooling Conference in Querétaro

Homeschooling Conference in Mexico

Homeschooling Conference in Queretaro with Missionary Steve Miller

Friday and Saturday we were in another conference in Querétaro. Brother Steve Miller invited me to preach in his first Homeschooling Conference at his church. Many families from different states came to the meeting. Some as far as Saltillo, Coahuila, which is 8-9 hours north of Querétaro. Brother Miller (who also graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College) is doing a tremendous work in the east part of the city of Querétaro. His vision is to help Mexican families understand the very need to homeschool their kids. We do homeschooling and that is one of the reasons he asked me to preach during the conference. Another two men from his church thought with more detail about homeschooling. I left the conference with two words in mind: Protect and persevere. We need to protect our kids from public schools and persevere in teaching them the Word of God.

Dia del Niño in Mexico

Today we celebrated ¨DĂ­a del Niño” in our church (Kid’s day.) We had a big cake, toys, a puppets show, clowns, pizza, a piñata and much candy! Our daughter Rachel invited our neighbors and they came! Dad, mom and their two kids. (It is very difficult in Puebla have neighbors come to our church because people in Puebla are very private.) So… we were very excited to see our neighbors come to church. We had 153 people in attendance, 11 first time visitors and 2 people saved!Thank you for your prayer for our ministry here in Puebla.

Our Mission Church

Our mission church in the south part of the city has been praying to have 50 people in attendance for their 6th month anniversary. Today the mission church turned 6 months and they had exactly 50 people! Yesterday they had surprisingly 24 people going our for soulwinning time! We need more churches in Puebla. Our church is full in capacity. It just makes sense to built mission churches all over the city. When we first came we did not have any kind of help from churches in the area (there were not any). But now we can start a mission church with some of our existing members that are too far to come to our church. Please pray to come to Puebla and start a church with us. We will do everything we can possibly do to help you! Please pray for our financial support. Sincerely, Arturo Muñoz & Family in Puebla, MEX

Apr 29th by Arturo Munoz

24 Oct 2011

Hi, and thank you for reading this update!

Bible Institute

Our Bible Institute is continue to grow strong. Right now we have 22 students! that come 3 times a week. We have 5 pastors teaching and we have a great spirit in each one of the classes. Next year we are graduating two more. So far we have graduated two. One will start a church here in Mexico and the other is married to a Pastor.

Next year we are planning to have a very special class on how to start a church. We are having 12 pastors that will teach a class on this on we are going to get all the material together and make it available to those that will be interested on it. It will only be available in Spanish.

Please pray for our Bible Institute. We would like to have dormitories next year and provide classes in the morning. I know this will be a great task, but as Bro. William C. said, “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.”

A New Mission Church in Puebla

This happened quite fast an unexpected. First of all, to God be the Glory! At the beginning of the year, around April, a lady in our Church brought a group of kids to church with some moms and dads. Next, they wanted to have a Bible study (the parents) in a house in their neighborhood. Next, they wanted to rent a store front. And now we have a mission church here in Puebla with 30 people attending. Today was their second Sunday! and they are very excited and thrilled to have their own place to meet. (Maybe they were a little tired of the small house). Bro. Erik, who graduated from San Luis Potosi, married one of our young girls here in our church two months ago (I married them) and now the are in charge of this mission church. They are about 45 minutes south of our church on bus. (It take about two hours to cross the whole city of Puebla from side to side on a bus).

Please pray for this work that it will bring more souls to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We need more missionaries in Puebla

A month ago we had our monthly married-couples-gathering in the house of Bro. Jose Luis. He lives about 40 minutes west from our church. As we were driving closer to his house, my heart grew “heavy” as I saw the need to start a church in this side of our city. Puebla is the 3rd largest city in the country of Mexico and we only have three Independent Baptist Churches here. Please pray for more missionaries for our city. We will continue to do our work and ask God to help us meet this need.

Our Building Fun

At the beginning of the year we only had about 5,000 dollars to build and expand our auditorium. Now we have 5 times that amount. God provided through our people that amount. We are ready to start our expansion and I would like you to help us pray for God’s direction in this. Every Sunday we have our auditorium filled to capacity and chairs in the aisles.

People saved

Last Saturday we had 26 people going out soulwinning. My wife was able to lead a lady to the Lord as she was waiting (with four of our kids on the bottom floor of an apartment building) and I had the privilege to lead Alfredo to the Lord. Two others promised that they were going to pray that night and ask God to save them. We had a total of 6 people getting saved Saturday. Today we had three first-time-visitors and one of them got saved. Her name is Adriana. She was invited by our song director about six months ago. Today she finally came and got saved!

We need your help

As you know, we have a big family and many responsibilities in the mission field. The church is growing and we need more help in the ministry too. Our piano player has left (my sister Aglaee, who used to play in church, and her husband are now on deputation to star a church in Southern Mexico) and we need one too. So, if you know someone that knows how to play the piano, interested to learn Spanish, willing to help teaching kids, and have a great opportunity in the mission field, let us know. (We are willing to pay for airplane tickets.) Many will have a concern about safety. Puebla is a safe place in Mexico, contrary to the rest of the country. And the area where we minister is nice and fun. So… let us know if you know someone that will be willing to come to Puebla and help us in the ministry!


Oct 24th by Arturo Munoz

Crowd at the gym in Rincon de Romos

Crowd at the gym in Rincon de Romos

This last Saturday we went to Aguascalientes. Pastor Juan Padilla invited me to preach at his Family Conference. Pastor Danny Ortiz from Texas was also there Thursday and Friday. By the way, if you can pray for his wife… when he arrived from Mexico on Saturday, he had to take his wife to the ER and she had to have surgery. Pray that she will get better. (I don´t have the details of what happened).

Anyway, it took us 6 hours to get there. To go to QuerĂ©taro is now very easy using the Arco Norte. (A new toll road from Puebla, to QuerĂ©taro – skipping Mexico City, and costs $255 pesos, about $22 dollars) From Puebla to QuerĂ©taro is about 3 hours. And from QuerĂ©taro to Aguascalientes another 3 hours. The church is located in RincĂłn de Romos, AGS, about 30 minutes north of the city of Aguascalientes.

Pastor Padilla asked the city if they could use the municipal gym, and the city major gave them permission to use it! It is very nice and big. Almost like a US basquetball gym. We arrived 10 minutes before the service started! We had a good service at the gym. Two or three other churches came to the conference. While I was preaching a saw a men holding his face and crying for what I was saying. Later that day, the Pastor said that he is the husband of a dear lady that is just starting to come to church. They have been praying for him to come to church and they were very excited that he came for the conference. Many decisions where made that night.

The following day I thought and preaching during the morning service. We ate at the church, and had some time to rest before the service for Sunday night. At 6 pm we were back and preached again about the family. I preached from 2 Kings 20.15 where the Bible says: “What have they seen in thine house?” Mainly I said that our children need to see less worldliness and more holiness – and love.

After church we went to eat some good, very good tacos. This tacos are recommended by Bro. Clark Paquette. (We were staying at their house during this time, since they are away for furlough and they have a very nice extra-rooms outside the house. I believe they are coming back to Mexico in June.)

On our way back, I decided to go a different route. We went to San Luis PotosĂ­ first, and then QuerĂ©taro. This added an extra hour to hour driving, but we were not in a hurry. 45 minutes after QuerĂ©taro, before taking the Arco Norte, we stopped at McDonald’s for one whole hour. Our 6 kids were very happy. Interestingly, it is the only McDonald’s from the border that you see in the freeway. (There are many McDonald’s in the cities, but not many on the freeways). We have another McDonald’s right when you get to Puebla. And maybe 6 or 7 more McDonald’s in the city of Puebla.

Overall, we saw people saved, make decisions for the Lord and we had a good time on our trip to Aguascalientes. Nicole is doing good and she had no complications during the trip. While we were gone, Bro. Abraham preached at 8:30 AM, Bro. Ivan thought Sunday School (about the curse of credit cards) at 10 AM and Bro. Alejandro preached at 11 AM. In the afternoon Bro. Alejandro preached again at 6 PM. You can see our live feed video on Sundays at this hours (only if there is a time difference for you – we don’t want you to miss church for us!)

Last Thursday night Bro. Tim Aguiar and I visited Cesar and Soco. They just got married in December and are now attending our church Sunday nights. Bro. Tim called me on Sunday while we were in Aguscalientes to let me know that they came for the first time on Sunday morning. They even signed up to the bowling activity that we are having for married couples in few more days.

And last Friday night Bro. Tim and I visited a family that I had visited 8 years ago when we first arrived in Puebla! The first time I visited them, they told me that they wanted to come to our church because there was a lot of gossip in their church! It turn out that the other church was a good church. I told them that the only reason to leave a good church is that if the Pastor was having an affair or was teaching heresy. At that time, we only had 5 people in our church and we really needed more people to come to our church, but we did what was right. We meed again after 8 years! They told me that they decided to stay in the other baptist church. Then after 3 years, the Pastor left and they also left the church (the new Pastor is not baptist). Then they visited many other churches and got really frustrated because they were use to a good independent Fundamental Baptist church. Finally, they found our church and started to come. When I saw them, them seemed familiar, but it wasn’t until we visited them that I knew I knew them! And they live literally 5 blocks from our church! They never say they never saw our church before because the bus that they take to work doesn’t go by our church. Anyway, they are very happy with us now. They will start a disciple ship program in about 3 more weeks. Please also pray for them. They are the Velazco family. We only had to wait 8 years for this good family to come to our church.

Mar 09th by Arturo Munoz

05 Mar 2010

We surely covet your prayers. Here are some things you and your church could pray for us:

  1. For souls to be saved in Puebla, Mexico
  2. For our 20/20 vision: 20 churches in the next 20 years in Puebla. (So far we have started 6 churches: 3 in the City of Puebla, 1 in our State, and 2 more in the State of Guerrero!)
  3. For our family: Protection and good health in the mission field
  4. For our support level: We currently have 17 churches that support our ministry. (We need at least 30. When we first came to Puebla we had 44 churches supporting us!)
  5. Our goal to give out 80,000 tracts this year (2017)
  6. For the expansion of our auditorium (We need $10,000 dollars)
  7. For the Bible Institute. (We have a Bible Institute in our church and we also have an Online Bible Institute in Spanish!)
  8. For our Christian School. (Faith Baptist Academy here in Puebla. We currently have 23 students!)
  9. For our students studying in different Bible Institutes: (We have 11 Students!)
    1. Brenda
    2. Armando
    3. Daniela
    4. Karina
    5. Victoria
    6. Benjamin
    7. David Mosso
    8. Gabriel
    9. Anibal
    10. Oscar
    11. Rey

Mar 05th by Arturo Munoz

11 Jan 2010

We are back from our quick trip to the United States. We needed to go to renew the permit of our van for another 6 months. This time, is under Nicole’s name; this way, after we get her FM3, we don’t have to go back to the border. Instead, we can extend the permit for the van in Puebla, as long as Nicole has a valid FM3 visa.

Also, during this trip, I was able to preach the last Sunday of the year 2009 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Which is a border town… with lots of crime and violence.  And the first Sunday of the year 2010 the Lord gave me the opportunity to preach at Beautiful Gate Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas, where Pastor Joe Carrizales is the Pastor. During the week we were able to see Nicole’s mom and dad and sister who flew from San Diego, CA to see are family. It was a lot of fun! Walking in the River Walk and spending some time together.

Nicole was not able to walk much or do lots of shopping because she… is, ready? Expecting baby #7. She had been in bed rest, and her doctor recommended that she needed to travel laying down and not to do a lot of walking. Praise the Lord she was fine for the trip and she was able to see her family.  Please pray for her health. She is due July 15th. Right now she is still in bed rest, but not a rigorous bed rest. We are very excited for this new baby coming to our family. The kids are also excited and we already have some names for he or she. Now the question here is… What name do you like for a baby? Maybe you can leave us some comments and tell us what names you like for a baby.

And lastly, on January 4th, during our stay in Donna, TX with Bro. Shue, we met Bro. Tim Aguiar, missionary to Puebla, Mexico. And, praise the Lord, after a long wait to see missionaries in Puebla, we were able to “help” Bro. Aguiar to cross the border and travel with him and his family all the way to Puebla. Puebla, believe it or not, is the 3rd largest city in the country of Mexico with only 1 missionary family (us) and 2 Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches. The largest city in Mexico is Mexico City with maybe 10 or 12 IFB churches. Then we have Guadalajara with maybe 8 or 10 IFB churches. The 4th largest city in Mexico is Monterrey with over 100 IFB churches (no body really nows the exact number, if you do, please let me know).  So pray for us and for our city. We need more missionaries in Puebla, Mexico. Pray for the Aguiar family as they learn Spanish in Puebla. And pray for our church, so the we can keep reaching this forgotten city with the Gospel.  This year alone, we would like to pass out 70,000 tracks in our own city.

Ah… I almost forgot. We had a good Sunday yesterday. It was a cold day (Not as cold as in the States) maybe 60 F. And we had 3 young people getting baptized. Tomorrow we are driving to San Luis Potosi, were Bro. Luis Ramos is the Pastor, to take 5 of our young people to Bible College. Plus 2 more are leaving in one more week to go to another Bible College in Tijuana, Baja California where Bro. David Cortes is the Pastor. And we also have 1 young lady in Elgin, IL in Bible College where Bro. Elmer Fernandez is the Pastor. Please pray for this 8 young people so that they can finish the race on Bible Institute and that they can serve the Lord in an exceptional way.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers.

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Jan 11th by Arturo Munoz

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