We moved to our new building the first week in July. Since then, our membership has grown about 20%! Our people is very excited about the new place and we believe soon we will fill this place up!

The new building that we bought is like a big warehouse and needs lots of construction to close it up and make it more secure. Please pray for this need and if you can help in any way, we would really appreciate it! 1,000 blocks or bricks cost 3,500 pesos or about $190 dollars. And one ton of concrete is 2,700 pesos or about $150 dollars. Any of these would be a big blessing.

Wednesday night church service

Wednesday night church service

Youth Camp

Two weeks ago we had our annual youth camp. We had 90 in attendance including some workers. Different Pastors from the area preached to the youth and praise the Lord we had some young people saved and three that surrendered for full time service. One of them is a young woman named Paola that already finished college and has a medical doctor degree. She decided to leave her career and now is in Bible college ready to serve the Lord!

Youth Camp Oasis de Agua Viva Valsequillo Puebla

Youth Camp “Oasis de Agua Viva” Valsequillo Puebla

Bible Institute

This first week in September we started our 8th year in our Bible college. We started with fourteen students this semester. One of our teachers is a missionary that we have known since we arrived here in Puebla. He has been very involved in trying to reach Muslims to the Lord, and now he is teaching a class in our Bible Institute on how to do exactly that! Pray that our students will get a burden to reach those that are trapped in the Islam teachings.

Our final payment

Please help us pray –urgently- so that we can make the second and final payment of our new property. Right now we are selling our old church property for a little over 100 thousand dollars and that is the exact amount that we need to make our final payment for our new place. The owner agreed to give us four months and the time is running out. Our due date is the 20th of October. We have faith that God will help us find a buyer! It’s just a matter of time.

My wife’s new book

Not too long ago, Nicole – my wife, wrote a book about how to better serve and please the Lord.  If you know someone (a lady) that speaks Spanish and would like to buy a copy of the book, please let me know. You can text me of call my Mexican phone number: +521 (222) 449-6155. The book costs $10 dollars plus shipping. Proceedings will further help our ministry here in Mexico.

Nicole's new book! 6 Lessons to Women That Want to Please God - Spanish

Nicole’s new book! 6 Lessons to Women That Want to Please God – Spanish

Thank you for your prayers and God bless you all!


Arturo Munoz
Puebla, Mexico.

Sep 07th by Arturo Munoz

18 Oct 2010
Ex Hacienda De Chautla, Puebla

Youth Activity Camping 2010

God has blessed us with a wonderful youth group. We have about 35 young men and women that attend our Sunday School class every Sunday. Alejandro Ruiz, who is the youth pastor is doing a tremendous job.  Last Friday some of the men went camping to a place named “Ex Hacienda de Chautla”, which is about 45 minutes from Puebla. There is a nice lake, with lots of fish, and some cabins and a place for camping.  They had a great time there. They did some fishing, cooked some fish, and also barbecue some hamburgers. As good baptists they had to have some good meals, right? Saturday morning they got up early to have some personal devotions and some preaching. After that they play soccer almost all day. Also, I took the young girls to the campground early Saturday, and they had more activities together, while I went back to Puebla in time for our soulwinning activity with the church.

I went soulwinning with a young men of our church named Oscar. I asked Oscar how he was doing in school. How far till he finished high school and so on. He said that this is his last year. And he gave me some great news that he would like to be a Pastor and would like to start a church here in Mexico! He is planning to go to the States to attend Bible college. He doesn’t know where to go yet, but I was able to recommend some places he could go. Please pray for him as he finishes high school and get prepared to go to Bible college in the States.

Oscar’s family is an amazing family. His older brother came to Puebla about ten years ago, from a little town in the mountains of the state of Guerrero (about 5 hours from here). Oscar has six more brothers and one sister. They are a total of eight plus the mom and dad. After the older brother came to Puebla, the next in line also decided to come to Puebla to go to school here. Now the dad and the mom needed to make a decision. Either stay in Tlapa, where they lived all of their lives, or come to Puebla with the rest of the children, and give them a good education and make sure they also attended a good church. Well, they decided to move to Puebla, rented a little house, and now they are attending our church. This is very uncommon, to see a whole family move to a different town for their children’s sake.

Sunday we had a great day. We had four first time visitors. One of them got saved during the invitation. Also, Sunday night we had the Lord’s Supper and my daughter Rachel took it for the first time, and she was very excited about this. (She got baptized two months ago).

Our church is getting ready for our Missions Conference coming up in two more weeks. We are having Bro. Bob Ross from Windsor Hills Baptist Church come to preach during this time. We are also planning to give 50,000 tracks during the Day of the Dead here in Puebla. And next week we are having a 24 hr Prayer Chain for one whole week. We can see that God will do wonderful things during this time!

After the Missions Conference we are taking a little break in California. Once a year we visit our in-laws during Thanks Giving and we are also ready for this. If you are in California and would like us to present our ministry in your church, please let me know. We would love to visit your church and tell you what God is doing in our dear country of Mexico.

In Christ,

Arturo Muñoz and Family

Oct 18th by Arturo Munoz

Crowd at the gym in Rincon de Romos

Crowd at the gym in Rincon de Romos

This last Saturday we went to Aguascalientes. Pastor Juan Padilla invited me to preach at his Family Conference. Pastor Danny Ortiz from Texas was also there Thursday and Friday. By the way, if you can pray for his wife… when he arrived from Mexico on Saturday, he had to take his wife to the ER and she had to have surgery. Pray that she will get better. (I don´t have the details of what happened).

Anyway, it took us 6 hours to get there. To go to Querétaro is now very easy using the Arco Norte. (A new toll road from Puebla, to Querétaro – skipping Mexico City, and costs $255 pesos, about $22 dollars) From Puebla to Querétaro is about 3 hours. And from Querétaro to Aguascalientes another 3 hours. The church is located in Rincón de Romos, AGS, about 30 minutes north of the city of Aguascalientes.

Pastor Padilla asked the city if they could use the municipal gym, and the city major gave them permission to use it! It is very nice and big. Almost like a US basquetball gym. We arrived 10 minutes before the service started! We had a good service at the gym. Two or three other churches came to the conference. While I was preaching a saw a men holding his face and crying for what I was saying. Later that day, the Pastor said that he is the husband of a dear lady that is just starting to come to church. They have been praying for him to come to church and they were very excited that he came for the conference. Many decisions where made that night.

The following day I thought and preaching during the morning service. We ate at the church, and had some time to rest before the service for Sunday night. At 6 pm we were back and preached again about the family. I preached from 2 Kings 20.15 where the Bible says: “What have they seen in thine house?” Mainly I said that our children need to see less worldliness and more holiness – and love.

After church we went to eat some good, very good tacos. This tacos are recommended by Bro. Clark Paquette. (We were staying at their house during this time, since they are away for furlough and they have a very nice extra-rooms outside the house. I believe they are coming back to Mexico in June.)

On our way back, I decided to go a different route. We went to San Luis Potosí first, and then Querétaro. This added an extra hour to hour driving, but we were not in a hurry. 45 minutes after Querétaro, before taking the Arco Norte, we stopped at McDonald’s for one whole hour. Our 6 kids were very happy. Interestingly, it is the only McDonald’s from the border that you see in the freeway. (There are many McDonald’s in the cities, but not many on the freeways). We have another McDonald’s right when you get to Puebla. And maybe 6 or 7 more McDonald’s in the city of Puebla.

Overall, we saw people saved, make decisions for the Lord and we had a good time on our trip to Aguascalientes. Nicole is doing good and she had no complications during the trip. While we were gone, Bro. Abraham preached at 8:30 AM, Bro. Ivan thought Sunday School (about the curse of credit cards) at 10 AM and Bro. Alejandro preached at 11 AM. In the afternoon Bro. Alejandro preached again at 6 PM. You can see our live feed video on Sundays at this hours (only if there is a time difference for you – we don’t want you to miss church for us!)

Last Thursday night Bro. Tim Aguiar and I visited Cesar and Soco. They just got married in December and are now attending our church Sunday nights. Bro. Tim called me on Sunday while we were in Aguscalientes to let me know that they came for the first time on Sunday morning. They even signed up to the bowling activity that we are having for married couples in few more days.

And last Friday night Bro. Tim and I visited a family that I had visited 8 years ago when we first arrived in Puebla! The first time I visited them, they told me that they wanted to come to our church because there was a lot of gossip in their church! It turn out that the other church was a good church. I told them that the only reason to leave a good church is that if the Pastor was having an affair or was teaching heresy. At that time, we only had 5 people in our church and we really needed more people to come to our church, but we did what was right. We meed again after 8 years! They told me that they decided to stay in the other baptist church. Then after 3 years, the Pastor left and they also left the church (the new Pastor is not baptist). Then they visited many other churches and got really frustrated because they were use to a good independent Fundamental Baptist church. Finally, they found our church and started to come. When I saw them, them seemed familiar, but it wasn’t until we visited them that I knew I knew them! And they live literally 5 blocks from our church! They never say they never saw our church before because the bus that they take to work doesn’t go by our church. Anyway, they are very happy with us now. They will start a disciple ship program in about 3 more weeks. Please also pray for them. They are the Velazco family. We only had to wait 8 years for this good family to come to our church.

Mar 09th by Arturo Munoz

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to Tulancingo, Hidalgo and visit the church Iglesia Bautista La Zarza. Pastor Miguel Angel Gomez asked me to preach for a Special Sunday. Our drive from Puebla was very nice, considering that now we can travel on a new highway called Arco Norte. Before, to go to Tulancingo, it would take about 4 hours. (Tulancingo is North of Puebla) This time it took us 2 hours to get there.

Trip Puebla, PUE - Tulancingo, HGO

At 7:30 AM we stopped to pick up a dear family – the Andrade Family. Two years ago we celebrated at our church their 50th wedding anniversary. We arrived at 9:45 AM and had breakfast with the pastor and his family. Something very common in this State is that you find Barbacoa everywhere (slowly-cook lamb meat). So we had some of this. Our kids mostly had tamales, but my son Japheth really liked the barbacoa.

After eating a delicious breakfast we went to the church. Church services start at 11:00 AM. The reason is because many of the farmers don’t have time to make it at 10:00 AM or earlier since they work in the fields. So, what they do is have the main preaching service at 11:00 AM and then, they stop to eat between 1:00 – 2:00 PM. Then they have Sunday School at 2:00 PM. Church is over around 4:00 PM.

While preaching or teaching Sunday School, there was a very strong storm with a lot of wind. The roof is made of metal sheets, and for a moment I thought we were going to lose it. It was pouring, and very windy. It all lasted for about 20 minutes. But after church ended, we went outside and it was already sunny and peaceful.

Many decisions were made during the invitation. Many surrendered to start soulwinning again. And 3 gave their lives for full time service, either as missionaries or pastors. Overall, God blessed our trip to this town. My brother-in-law preached in the church in Puebla. He is Aglaee’s husband and did a good job. You can listed to him preach in Spanish here.

Nicole is doing fine with her pregnancy. Last week we went to have an ultrasound, and after see the doctor. Ultrasounds here in Mexico are 350 pesos… About $30 dollars. And our visit to the doctor is $500 pesos. About $45 dollars. We have an excellent doctor. Her name is Bertha Gil ans she has delivered all of our kids, except Japheth – who was born in San Diego, CA. When we first met her, we asked her if she could give us a discount, since we wanted to have 7 children. She agreed! and now, every time we have a baby, she charges us the same she did 8 years ago (about $1,000 dollars – not including the hospital which is about another $1,000 dollars) Anyway, the doctor visit went fine. Nicole is out of Bedrest! but still, she needs to take care of herself. This time Nicole was able to witness to her for about 30 minutes! Pray for her so she can get saved. She was impressed with Nicole’s testimony.

Last week we had two people added to our church! Actually, two of our church members had babies. Bro. Abraham and his wife Lili had a baby girl, and Bro. Ivan and his wife Selene had a baby boy. Bro. Ivan also helped preach last Sunday morning – and Sunday night they had their little girl.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Feb 01st by Arturo Munoz

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