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February 2004 -- Click here to print in PDF format!

Our First Wedding.
David had never attended a Christian church. The first time that he came to our church was a Wednesday night in the beginning of 2003. That night David trusted Christ as his personal Savior. Little by little he matured and grew spiritually. Later on he began to date a young lady in our church with my permission. Finally, the 26th of December of 2003, David and Ariadna were married. It was our first wedding in the church and God blessed greatly.

Our Third Baby.
It was a long nine months of waiting. After this long wait, God gave us something wonderful – our third baby. Her name is Sarah Joy and she was born January 26th at 12:30am of 2004. She weighed 7 pounds, and measured 19.5 inches. We want to thank each one of you for your valuable prayers. Thank you!

15 Souls Saved.
During the month of February we celebrated “Friend Day”. We invited Brother Rafael Fiesco to come preach for us. A lady named Christine from the United States gave us 140 Bibles to give away and we were able to distribute more than half of them that day. Many people visited our church for the first time. The auditorium was full with 90 in attendance and 15 precious souls were saved. One of them was a psychologist that a man in our church had been witnessing to for more than 15 years. She came that day and God saved her soul.

Guillermo and Claudia.
A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit a family that came from San Luis Potosi to the city of Puebla to do a bone marrow transplant on their five year old daughter who has leukemia. The husband, Guillermo, told us that he had never attended a Christian church before. His wife Claudia asked what the difference was between the Catholic and the Christian church. I explained to them that the Catholic church teaches salvation by works and that the Bible teaches salvation by faith. I spent some time explaining that Christ paid for everything on the cross. A few minutes later, they were on their knees asking Christ for salvation. Please pray for them so that they can join a good church in San Luis Potosi.

The Work of God.
The beginning of this year has been a great blessing. Two families have been added to our church. A group of ladies began to go soul-winning and visiting every Tuesday and Thursday. We began to support our first missionary for $50 per month. The church, all by itself, now pays the rent of the church building. We also now don’t fit in the place that we are renting. Please pray for us that this summer the Lord can give us a bigger place to rent and also that God will provide 1,000 mt2 of land to build a church. Thank you.

By His Grace,
Arturo Muñoz Jr.

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