Prayer Requests

We surely covet your prayers. Here are some things you and your church could pray for us:

  1. For souls to be saved in Puebla, Mexico
  2. For our 20/20 vision: 20 churches in the next 20 years in Puebla. (So far we have started 6 churches: 3 in the City of Puebla, 1 in our State, and 2 more in the State of Guerrero!)
  3. For our family: Protection and good health in the mission field
  4. For our support level: We currently have 17 churches that support our ministry. (We need at least 30. When we first came to Puebla we had 44 churches supporting us!)
  5. Our goal to give out 80,000 tracts this year (2017)
  6. For the expansion of our auditorium (We need $10,000 dollars)
  7. For the Bible Institute. (We have a Bible Institute in our church and we also have an Online Bible Institute in Spanish!)
  8. For our Christian School. (Faith Baptist Academy here in Puebla. We currently have 23 students!)
  9. For our students studying in different Bible Institutes: (We have 11 Students!)
    1. Brenda
    2. Armando
    3. Daniela
    4. Karina
    5. Victoria
    6. Benjamin
    7. David Mosso
    8. Gabriel
    9. Anibal
    10. Oscar
    11. Rey

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