My little nephew Arturito lost his life

This is what is left of the house of Pastor Iván Sotelo and my sister Eunice, where my nine-year-old little nephew Arturito lost his life. The fire started at 2:00 AM on Friday, April 12th. My brother-in-law tried again and again to find him to get him out of the fire, but Arturito never answered his call. The house caught fire quickly and in less than five minutes the three-story house was completely engulfed in flames. Thank God, my sister, her husband, and her five children were able to leave just in time.

This is news you never want to receive. But the good news is that Arturito was saved and now he is in Heaven with Jesus, his Savior. Please continue to pray for the Sotelo Muñoz family. Thank you very much for all the love, messages, and support you have given to the family. We are very grateful! I was blessed to preach at his funeral and thank God, about 25 people were saved during his funeral, and more during the different services!

Bible Clubs in April

In preparation for our big day of “Children’s Day” which is a big celebration in Mexico, this April we began to have Bible clubs in three different suburbs in the city. We have organized three teams of 15 people each. Each of the teams is excited to see what God will do! Last Saturday was our first meeting and we had a great response! The goal is to see boys and girls saved, along with their parents! Please pray for these Bible clubs and for our big day, which will be Sunday, April 28th.

Stewardship Banquet

In March we celebrated our Stewardship Banquet for the 2nd time. We have this banquet to raise funds for our construction and to pay the church debt. This year we have three projects: Finish the youth room, expand our bathrooms, and install the auditorium’s false ceiling. Thank God we raised $100,000 pesos (about $6,000 dollars) for these projects!

Resurrection Sunday and Baptisms

In March, we celebrated Resurrection Sunday in our church at 6:00 AM. This is the second time we’ve done it. The main reason is to invite new people to come to our church so that they can hear a clear presentation of the Gospel! Thank God we had several visitors. And we also had the opportunity to have two baptisms that day! Thank God, at almost every service in our church, including Thursdays, we have had visitors and people saved! Thank you for having a part with us in winning Puebla for Christ!

In Christ,

Arturo Munoz

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