We had a good day yesterday. People showed up early for Sunday School. We had six first time visitors and three people got baptized!

Sunday School Class in Puebla, Mexico

Sunday School Class

One of the first time visitors is the daughter of a faithful family that have been coming to our church for the last two years — Juventino and his wife. Her name is Rosio del Carmen. She brought her two children, ages 10 and 7. Brother Juventino and his wife were thrilled to see their daughter in church because they have been praying for her to come since they arrived to our church and got saved. Their daughter came back again to our church for the Sunday night service. Please pray for her, that she will continue to come and grow in Christ.

We also had a Kid’s Soulwinning Rally. This activity consists in taking the kids of our church to the local market and each one of them gives out 50 to 100 tracts. After this we take them to a park and have an hour of games and a time to eat something delicious like hotdogs. šŸ™‚

Please help us to pray for a bigger place for us to meet. The building that we have right now is small for our church and we need a bigger place. I just placed two phone calls to ask about two building near our church. One of them has 8,000 sq. ft of land with 5,300 sq. ft of what used to be a warehouse for 12 million pesos — about 1 million dollars!!! This building is three blocks from our church on the same street. I forgot how expensive Puebla is! Specially the area were we are. This only tells me that if we are to get a bigger place for our church, then it will be God who will provide, and only God can do a miracle for us.

Priscila Baptized

Priscila Baptized

Nicolas Baptized

Nicolas Baptized

Catalina Baptized

Catalina Baptized

David giving gospel tracts

David giving gospel tracts

Kids Soulwinning Rally

Kids Soulwinning Rally

Thank you for your prayers and God bless you!

Jun 02nd by Arturo Munoz

This last week was a very busy week to say the least. We started with our First Steps Dinner, where we invite all the visitors that have attended our church for the last 3 months, and had great results. One parent, of one of our teenagers of the church, came for the first time to our church and I was able to lead him to the Lord after the dinner. I was thrilled to hear that this man was a worshiper of the “santa muerte” (holy dead), but now he has become a worshiper of the true God and Savior.

This Is Our 6th Year Of Our Bible Institute

On Tuesday we started our Bible Institute. This is our 6th year! We started teaching 8 different classes from Tuesday to Thursday from 8 am to noon. We also have preaching during chapel and go out soulwinning on Wednesdays with the students. Last week on Wednesday we had 8 people saved during the soulwinning time! The class before we go out soulwinning, we have the personal evangelism class with Bro. Moises Garrido, who is a graduate from Pastor’s Kevin Wynne Bible Institute and just arrived to Puebla to start a new church.

Bro. Moises Garrido led this young men to the Lord

Bro. Moises Garrido led this young men to the Lord

On Thursday, while on chapel, one dear lady of our church named Agar, started to feel sick. I ended taking her to the hospital with her son. She almost had a stroke! Now she is on medication. She and her 25-year-old son attend our Bible Institute. Agar is a retired professional nurse. Many years ago, when she received the lump sum of her retirement money, she gave it all to help to buy the church property. About $30,000 dollars. Please pray for this dear lady, she is a dedicated soulwinner and she loves the Lord.

Lady’s Meeting

On Friday night, my wife thought a great lesson during her monthly lady’s meeting. We had 32 ladies in attendance, all of them from our church. They had games and a good time of fellowship. My 9-year-old daughter Sarah made the curtains to decorate the event. She and Rachel (now 11) learned to saw while we were on furlough in a church in San Marcos, CA.

Sunday School Workshop

Last Saturday we had a two-hour workshop to teach our teachers how to teach a Sunday School Class. We had a good group from our church and from the mission church. They were amazed by all the information Nicole gave them. We also video-taped it, and we are going to put it on our Spanish website so that other churches and Sunday School teachers can downloaded. Right now we have more teachers than space to teach. We desperately are praying for the land next to us so that the owner will be willing to sell it.

Nicole teaching the Sunday School workshop

Nicole teaching a Sunday School workshop


The street in front of our church is being totally repaired right now. It’s one of the main arteries of Puebla and we had the privilege to buy our property in this very busy street called 11 Sur. One security man, that watches over the heavy equipment, was walking in front of our church on Sunday night and I invited him to come inside and listen to God’s Word. He happily agreed, and after the service he got saved! We also had 10 visitors on Sunday!

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for Nicole, she has tendonitis and her wrists hurt very much. She is doing better.
  • Pray for the expansion of our building as we need more space to put more chairs.
  • Pray for the land next to us. (We need a bigger building.)
  • Pray for our Bible Institute.
  • For our 20.20 vision. (to plant 20 churches in Puebla in the next 20 years.)

By His Grace,

Arturo MuƱoz

Sep 09th by Arturo Munoz

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