Our Trip To The Mountains of Puebla

Visiting villages in the Mountains This last Monday and Tuesday, we were invited by a missionary named Javier Gonzalez, to his church in the mountains of Puebla. It is amazing what the Lord is doing there. Two years ago, while brother Javier was soulwinning in a village near by, the people in the village tried […]

Mar 27th by Arturo Muñoz

Visitors and People saved!

First Time Visitors Last week we had a good number of people visiting our church for the first time. On Sunday morning we had 9 people that came to our church for the first time and on Sunday night we had 7 people that visited our church. Most of the people that visit our church […]

Feb 27th by Arturo Muñoz

5,000 Christmas Tracts in Downtown Puebla

Yesterday we went with our church to downtown Puebla to give 5,000 tracts. We made this tracts specifically to give out just before Christmas. On one section of the tract we explain the plan of salvation. On another section we explain how to get to our church and our church info. Many people come to […]

Dec 21st by Arturo Muñoz

40,000 Gospel Tracts Given Out In One Day In Puebla

40,000 Gospel Tracts First of all, I would like to thank every one of you for praying for our ministry here in Puebla. This year, during the “Day of the Dead” we were able to give out 40,000 tracts, in just few hours, in many of the cemeteries of the city of Puebla. Last year […]

Nov 20th by Arturo Muñoz

24 Oct 2013

We are looking for someone to come to Mexico and help us as a “teacher” for our kids. We home school our seven kids, and the young girl that was helping us is about to get married. If you know someone that will be willing to come and help for six months or a year, […]

Oct 24th by Arturo Muñoz

How To Teach Sunday School by Nicole Muñoz

My wife Nicole, recently taught a Sunday School workshop in our church in Mexico. She prepared a very good class for our Sunday School teachers and I am delighted to share it with you all! Sunday school workshop 2013 english from Nicole Munoz You can click on the bottom-right corner of the slides to make […]

Sep 26th by Arturo Muñoz

First Steps Dinner, Bible Institute, Sunday School Workshop and More

This last week was a very busy week to say the least. We started with our First Steps Dinner, where we invite all the visitors that have attended our church for the last 3 months, and had great results. One parent, of one of our teenagers of the church, came for the first time to […]

Sep 09th by Arturo Muñoz

Getting The Gospel Out In Mexico

We praise the Lord for His goodness toward us! Since we came back to our church in Mexico from furlough, we have seen many blessings. One of them is the increase in people going out soulwinning every Saturday. This last Saturday we had 38 our our members going out and reaching the people of Puebla […]

Sep 02nd by Arturo Muñoz

18 Aug 2013
We Are Back in Puebla

Praise the Lord we are back in Puebla. We arrived on July 27th and the following day, on Sunday, we celebrated our 11th anniversary. We would like to thank everyone of you that prayed for us. We traveled for four days and we are very thankful that we did not encounter any problem on our […]

Aug 18th by Arturo Muñoz

Our Final Weeks in the States

Lord willing we will be heading to Mexico the last week in July. We are very excited about it and praying that God will provide for our trip. West Coast Baptist Church in Vista, CA., is preparing a going-away Munoz Sunday on July the 21st. Our kids attended the Christian school while we were here […]

Jun 17th by Arturo Muñoz

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