Our National Leadership Conference was a Success!

National Leadership Conference 2016 Thank you for your prayers for our Leadership Conference. Praise the Lord, we had 16 people that surrendered their lives to serve our Lord and Savior full time! We also had an attendance of 550 people and among them, we had 44 Pastors, assistant Pastors and Missionaries attending our Conference. We […]

May 19th by Arturo Munoz

Trip to Cuajinicuilapa and God Opening a Door to Buy a New Property

We Found a New Property For The Church We have been praying now for about two years for God to give us a bigger place for our church. Two weeks ago we found one property that is about 15 blocks from our church and in the same main street where we are. The place is […]

Apr 20th by Arturo Munoz

Merry Christmas From Puebla

Drugs and More… Last week, as my wife and I were out soulwinning with the church, we had the opportunity to talk to Angel. He told us that he had been trying to stop using drugs, but he always fails. He also said that the JW’s had visited him, and that he sometimes had prayed […]

Dec 22nd by Arturo Munoz

Bible Institute, People Saved, Baptized and Joel Molina

Bible Institute This last Tuesday we started our 7th year of our Bible Institute, and we are very excited about it. We have 7 different classes, all thought by different people, most of them Pastor of the area. We have 12 students, and we are praying that God will use them all for His honor […]

Sep 13th by Arturo Munoz

He Said: I Am Disappointed of my Church. I Need to Know the Truth!

This morning, as I was outside our church, dismissing people, a man came up to me, and told me: “I am disappointed of my church. I need to know the truth. I need help. My mother died few years ago, and I have tried to commit suicide. I have tried so many times to kill […]

Apr 26th by Arturo Munoz

Driving Through the Thick Fog in La Huasteca Moutains

We’ve been driving through the thick fog for more than an hour through the high mountains of Hidalgo. I have been invited to preach in a small church, and Bro. Javier Gonzalez is with me, along with his young son, Pablo. My iPhone has long-time-ago lost cellphone signal, but the GPS part of it still […]

Jan 20th by Arturo Munoz

Happy New Year From Puebla, México

First of all, let me say that we have been so blessed to be serving our Lord here in Mexico. We are very thankful for all of His blessings and all the things that he allowed us to do in His service. We pray that God will help us do more this 2015, and we […]

Jan 11th by Arturo Munoz

200 in attendance, 10 saved!!! and 7 baptisms!!!

Vacation Bible Schools We had a great week holding 3 Vacation Bible Schools at the same time. Our highest day was on Friday with 95, 70 and 60 on each of of them, making a total of 225 kids and adults attending. Our goal for the following year is to have 5 different Bible Schools […]

Aug 06th by Arturo Munoz

3 Surrendered, 10 Subscribed, 23 Visited...

Youth Camp (3 Surrendered) This week we had an amazing time at our youth camp that our church organized. We had 70 young men and women at our camp. Three of them surrendered to serve God for full time. This years theme was taken from Daniel 6:3 “…an excellent spirit was in him.” Here are […]

Jul 27th by Arturo Munoz

12th Anniversary of our Church!

Praise the Lord, we had an amazing 12th anniversary of our church here in Puebla! We had 149 people attending, 4 of them were first time visitors. Pastor David Cortés from Open Door Baptist Church in Tijuana, Baja California was our guest speaker. He preached for our anniversary, and also for our Family Conference that […]

Jul 21st by Arturo Munoz

3 Baptisms and Kid's Soulwinning Rally

We had a good day yesterday. People showed up early for Sunday School. We had six first time visitors and three people got baptized! One of the first time visitors is the daughter of a faithful family that have been coming to our church for the last two years — Juventino and his wife. Her […]

Jun 02nd by Arturo Munoz

Commencement Ceremony for Our Bible Institute

Last night was an exciting night! We had another graduation in our Bible Institute. This time we only had one graduate. Juan. He finished the four years required and with excellent grades. He is a great help in our church directing and organizing our different Sunday School classes. Next semester he will be teaching the […]

May 26th by Arturo Munoz

Our Leadership Conference in Puebla

Our 2014 Leadership Conference in Puebla What a blessing it was to host again our Annual Leadership Conference here in Puebla. We had a great number of people coming from different Churches and States, as well as Pastors. This year we had nine people surrendering for full-time-service! What a privilege to see more laborers willing […]

May 16th by Arturo Munoz

Our Trip To The Mountains of Puebla

Visiting villages in the Mountains This last Monday and Tuesday, we were invited by a missionary named Javier Gonzalez, to his church in the mountains of Puebla. It is amazing what the Lord is doing there. Two years ago, while brother Javier was soulwinning in a village near by, the people in the village tried […]

Mar 27th by Arturo Munoz

Visitors and People saved!

First Time Visitors Last week we had a good number of people visiting our church for the first time. On Sunday morning we had 9 people that came to our church for the first time and on Sunday night we had 7 people that visited our church. Most of the people that visit our church […]

Feb 27th by Arturo Munoz

5,000 Christmas Tracts in Downtown Puebla

Yesterday we went with our church to downtown Puebla to give 5,000 tracts. We made this tracts specifically to give out just before Christmas. On one section of the tract we explain the plan of salvation. On another section we explain how to get to our church and our church info. Many people come to […]

Dec 21st by Arturo Munoz

40,000 Gospel Tracts Given Out In One Day In Puebla

40,000 Gospel Tracts First of all, I would like to thank every one of you for praying for our ministry here in Puebla. This year, during the “Day of the Dead” we were able to give out 40,000 tracts, in just few hours, in many of the cemeteries of the city of Puebla. Last year […]

Nov 20th by Arturo Munoz

24 Oct 2013

We are looking for someone to come to Mexico and help us as a “teacher” for our kids. We home school our seven kids, and the young girl that was helping us is about to get married. If you know someone that will be willing to come and help for six months or a year, […]

Oct 24th by Arturo Munoz

How To Teach Sunday School by Nicole Muñoz

My wife Nicole, recently taught a Sunday School workshop in our church in Mexico. She prepared a very good class for our Sunday School teachers and I am delighted to share it with you all! Sunday school workshop 2013 english from Nicole Munoz You can click on the bottom-right corner of the slides to make […]

Sep 26th by Arturo Munoz

First Steps Dinner, Bible Institute, Sunday School Workshop and More

This last week was a very busy week to say the least. We started with our First Steps Dinner, where we invite all the visitors that have attended our church for the last 3 months, and had great results. One parent, of one of our teenagers of the church, came for the first time to […]

Sep 09th by Arturo Munoz

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