We are now supporting 50 missionaries around the world!

Missions Conference

One of the most anticipated events of our church is our Missions Conference. I always remember Pastor Jim Vineyard saying: “Never have a missions conference without missionaries.”
This year we had three missionary families. They were with us: The Mora family, missionaries to Egypt, The Miguel family, missionaries to Haiti, and the Díaz family, missionaries in Equatorial Guinea. These three families were a great encouragement to our church and a great blessing, and at the end of the conference, we took them on as our missionaries! What an honor!
Our faith promise for this year was: $360,000 pesos. (About $21,000 dollars a year) This will help us support 50 missionaries in 2024. Praise the Lord!

International dinner

Another of the important events of our church is the International dinner. We use this event as an opportunity to invite as many people as possible to our church, to present the gospel to them. This year we had 40 first-time visitors and seven accepted Christ as their Savior!

16,000 Tracts During the Day of the Dead

Here in Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a big thing. And this time, on November 2nd, we printed 16,000 tracts and gave them away in five different cemeteries around the city of Puebla. Here are some pictures of that day!

Construction of youth hall

Thank God some churches have partnered with us with some construction projects. One of them is the youth hall. This room is very helpful to us. Every Sunday morning, our youth pastor, Brother Juan Cáserez, preaches to as many as 50 young people. It is a blessing to see each of these young people grow in the Lord and be faithful to Him. Thank you to each of the churches that have done their bit to help us build this room and for helping us with this project.

Saturation Saturday

Once a month, we have a special Saturday, which we call Saturation Saturday. And we take the opportunity to go to downtown Puebla and distribute Gospel tracts. This time, I had the opportunity to speak to Mrs. Teresa. She, her son, and her grandson were saved! Thank God they have been attending our church. We ask you to pray for them and for us so that we keep preaching the precious Gospel of our Savior! In 2023, God allowed me to lead 40 people to the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers!
In Christ,
Bro. Arturo Muñoz

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