April 2020 Update

God has allowed us to stay strong during this time of coronavirus. Our church was able to keep its doors opened but we had to divide our church services in two, in order to accommodate fewer people in our facilities. One service starts at 10:00 AM and the second service starts at 11:30 AM. Our other church services stayed the same.

Even though we are not “promoting” church and inviting people as before, we have been able to see many visitors still come to our Sunday morning services. During our Resurrection Sunday we had four first-time visitors and this last Sunday we had another three first-time visitors. We praise the Lord for that!


Samuel visited our church for the first time three weeks ago. That Sunday, one of our church soul-winners led him to the Lord and invited him to come back Sunday night. He came back! Then, we invited him to take our discipleship class that we impart on Thursday nights. And he came for the class! Last Sunday Samuel said: I feel as if a big burden was lifted of my shoulders.” Samuel was a drug addict, but now he is a sinner saved by grace on his way to Heaven!


Two weeks ago, I went out soulwinning with my seventeen-year-old daughter Rachel. I always have fun when I get to go soulwinning with my own family! We came across Yareth. She is a single-young-mom that suffers from depression. We invited her to a special meeting that we were going to hold at our church that night. That night she came to church! She brought her three children and a friend. She told us that when she was a child she got saved while attending a Baptist church and a bus would come every Sunday morning to pick her up and take her to church. The name of the church: Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL. Praise the Lord for bus routes! Now she is excited that another Baptist church cares for her soul. Pray for her, as she deals with depression. We trust that God will heal her!


Many of our church members have been laid-off or have lost their jobs. In the last two weeks we have been able to help four of the men of our church through our construction program. They come Monday through Friday to help with the construction and we pay them week by week. Is not much but they are thankful that they can bring food to their table with this help. We thank God that He is providing for our construction and we are able to help these dear families that are in need! Our much-needed bathrooms are almost finished! Praise

Progress of our church construction!


We had planned a short furlough to the States during the summer. But now, due to the outbreak, our trip is uncertain. We still would like to visit some of you that are praying for us and holding the rope. Please pray for us as we make the changes that we need to make in order to still visit some churches in the States and drop off our two oldest kids at Bible college. Thank you and God bless you!

For His Glory,
– Arturo Munoz

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