October 2011 Update

Hi, and thank you for reading this update!

Bible Institute

Our Bible Institute is continue to grow strong. Right now we have 22 students! that come 3 times a week. We have 5 pastors teaching and we have a great spirit in each one of the classes. Next year we are graduating two more. So far we have graduated two. One will start a church here in Mexico and the other is married to a Pastor.

Next year we are planning to have a very special class on how to start a church. We are having 12 pastors that will teach a class on this on we are going to get all the material together and make it available to those that will be interested on it. It will only be available in Spanish.

Please pray for our Bible Institute. We would like to have dormitories next year and provide classes in the morning. I know this will be a great task, but as Bro. William C. said, “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.”

A New Mission Church in Puebla

This happened quite fast an unexpected. First of all, to God be the Glory! At the beginning of the year, around April, a lady in our Church brought a group of kids to church with some moms and dads. Next, they wanted to have a Bible study (the parents) in a house in their neighborhood. Next, they wanted to rent a store front. And now we have a mission church here in Puebla with 30 people attending. Today was their second Sunday! and they are very excited and thrilled to have their own place to meet. (Maybe they were a little tired of the small house). Bro. Erik, who graduated from San Luis Potosi, married one of our young girls here in our church two months ago (I married them) and now the are in charge of this mission church. They are about 45 minutes south of our church on bus. (It take about two hours to cross the whole city of Puebla from side to side on a bus).

Please pray for this work that it will bring more souls to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We need more missionaries in Puebla

A month ago we had our monthly married-couples-gathering in the house of Bro. Jose Luis. He lives about 40 minutes west from our church. As we were driving closer to his house, my heart grew “heavy” as I saw the need to start a church in this side of our city. Puebla is the 3rd largest city in the country of Mexico and we only have three Independent Baptist Churches here. Please pray for more missionaries for our city. We will continue to do our work and ask God to help us meet this need.

Our Building Fun

At the beginning of the year we only had about 5,000 dollars to build and expand our auditorium. Now we have 5 times that amount. God provided through our people that amount. We are ready to start our expansion and I would like you to help us pray for God’s direction in this. Every Sunday we have our auditorium filled to capacity and chairs in the aisles.

People saved

Last Saturday we had 26 people going out soulwinning. My wife was able to lead a lady to the Lord as she was waiting (with four of our kids on the bottom floor of an apartment building) and I had the privilege to lead Alfredo to the Lord. Two others promised that they were going to pray that night and ask God to save them. We had a total of 6 people getting saved Saturday. Today we had three first-time-visitors and one of them got saved. Her name is Adriana. She was invited by our song director about six months ago. Today she finally came and got saved!

We need your help

As you know, we have a big family and many responsibilities in the mission field. The church is growing and we need more help in the ministry too. Our piano player has left (my sister Aglaee, who used to play in church, and her husband are now on deputation to star a church in Southern Mexico) and we need one too. So, if you know someone that knows how to play the piano, interested to learn Spanish, willing to help teaching kids, and have a great opportunity in the mission field, let us know. (We are willing to pay for airplane tickets.) Many will have a concern about safety. Puebla is a safe place in Mexico, contrary to the rest of the country. And the area where we minister is nice and fun. So… let us know if you know someone that will be willing to come to Puebla and help us in the ministry!


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