Rachel Playing The Piano During Church Offering

Our Church At 11:00 AM
Our Church At 11:00 AM

Ok. I will start by saying how proud I am of our daughter Rachel. She has been taking piano lessons since September last year. Yesterday she played the piano during the church offering and she did pretty good. I actually did not know that she was going to play the piano. I guess it was a surprise. Big surprise! She did a good job. I was able to record her and here it is.

Our Sunday Morning Crowd

Last January we had to take a big step of faith. We started our 8.30 am church service (we had to split our church services since there was no room for all of us at the 11 am church service.)  Some Sunday mornings at 8.30 am I wondered if we made the right decision. Some times I felt like canceling our 8.30 am church service. But praise the Lord we didn’t. We kept on going and now we are seeing God blessing that big sacrifice. Here is a picture of our 8.30 am Sunday morning service and another picture of our 11 am Sunday morning service. Both services were full and we give the glory to our wonderful God. Please continue to pray for our church so that we can raise $20k dollars to expand our current auditorium.

Our Church At 8:30 AM Sunday Morning
Our Church At 8:30 AM Sunday Morning
Our Church At 11:00 AM
Our Church At 11:00 AM Sunday Morning


We continue having visitors every Sunday. Before we only had people visiting our church Sunday morning, but now, a lot of times, we have people visiting our church Sunday nights. Yesterday we had 3 visitors in the morning and 5 visitors at night. One of them was a young man I personally led to the Lord 2 weeks ago. He came to church with his girlfriend. His name is Andres Ramirez and her name is Sarah. Please pray for them!


Also, yesterday I had the privilege to baptize 6 people. Here are their pictures.

Saturday Soulwinning

And here is another picture of our Saturday soulwinners! They are all in fire for God. We had 8 people saved Saturday! Actually that number is kind of low for this many soulwinners, but the area that we are visiting right now is very strong catholic. There is a catholic church right in the middle of the apartment buildings (as you can see in the picture below.) This area is known as Loma Bella (Pretty Hill) which really is not very pretty when no one want to hear the Gospel. Praise the Lord eight people got saved!

Baptist Church In Puebla, Mexico | Soulwinners Group
Soulwinners Group

Update on Nicole

She is doing fine. No contractions. A little tired of being on bed rest for two weeks now. This coming Friday we have a doctors appointment. Please pray that baby Caitlin (I think I spelled it right this time) will wait two more weeks. We are very excited to say the least for another baby girl coming to our family.

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