185 Present, 32 Adults and Many Kids Saved!

Special Day - Bible Club in Puebla, Mexico
Special Day - Bible Club in Puebla, Mexico

First, I would like to thank those that were praying for our Special Day this last Saturday. As you might now, at the beginning of the year, Mrs Medel — one of our Sunday School teacher of our church — was about to quit teaching a small group of kids (about 4 or 5) but decided to be faithful and keep teaching them every Saturday evening. Yesterday we were able to see again the fruits of her labor and faithfulness, as we had 185 attending our Special Day and brought many moms and dads and kids to our meeting. We had 53 adults and 132 kids.

Erick, a young man in our church that just graduated from a Bible Institute, asked me about having this Special Day. He is already going every Wednesday to this community and teaching the Bible Basics to these dear people.  This community is right at the south-end of Puebla. Anyway, Erick is going a good job about going and teaching and bringing people to church. So, it was his idea, and he was very excited about me preaching to the adults and him preaching to the kids (almost like a vacation Bible School) and having games and prizes for them as well.

We rented a “Barney custom.” Jorge, one of our young man in our church, wore the thing for over two hours and had a lot of fun going it. We announced to the community that we were having a Special Day with Bible Stories and games. We drove up and down the dirt streets and had lots of kids saying hi to Barney… I wish we had a Jonah-and-the-whale-custom, but this was the less dangerous one. Anyway, it was fun and Erick was able to preach and teach salvation to lots of kids and I had the opportunity to teach about how to be saved to the adults. I had 32 Adults that asked Jesus to saved them! and Erick said that many, many kids also got saved! Please pray for all of them that got saved that might continue with the Bible teachings that we have on Wednesday and that many of them will grow in the Lord.

Last Day of Classes in our Bible Institute

This last Friday we had our last day in our Bible Institute. We had over 20 registering at the beginning of the year and most of them made it to the end. I thought Bible Homiletics and my wife Nicole thought Virtuous Women to the ladies on Fridays. This year we did not have anyone graduate as this is only our third year, and our program to graduate is four years.

Next school year for our Bible Institute we would like to have six different classes with six different teachers. Lord willing in one year, we would like to have a regular-morning Bible Institute. Right now our classes are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7 PM.

Family Bible Devotions

Today was a very special day because today we finished reading the Bible as a family during our family devotions! We read all of the Bible with our kids and we were all very excited about it. Tomorrow we are starting again. What a blessing is to have family devotions every night and see how God uses that to nurture our family and help us grow spiritually. We even took a video about our last chapter reading and singing with our kids. I encourage you to have family devotions with your family as well. You can start tomorrow and maybe we can even finish up at the same time in about 1,189 days! (as this is the number of chapters that the Bible has).

Today in Church

Today we had a full house, with three first time visitors and one lady saved.


  • Please pray for my son David as he apparently has allergies to we-don’t-know-yet what. It looks that is probably is a different detergent that we are using, and combined with his sweat, it causes the allergic reaction in his skin.
  • For Nicole and her health
  • For Rachel our daughter, as our neighbor kids smashed her finger with a rock – she is doing much better.
  • For me as I have a “pink” eye. That is what Nicole calls it. It looks that is going to my other eye now. 🙁

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