Double Services For Sunday Morning

Yesterday we took one step forward towards the growth of our church here in Mexico. It was not an easy decision, and required of much prayer and counsel. Yesterday we divided our church in half… well, not really, but we started two services for Sunday morning (one at 8:30 AM and the second one at 11:00 AM – Sunday School we “merge the church” at 10:00 AM) since we no longer fit in our small auditorium. The most we can put in is about 100 people. We have been having attendances of 130-140 and we needed more room. We have been praying for a while to be able to build and expand our auditorium, but we think God wants us to wait a little longer in Him. We are happy for what happened yesterday. We had a good crowd Sunday at 8:30 AM. About half of the auditorium was full. We even had our choir arrive early so they could sing to the congregation.

Families Added To The Church

This month we have the joy to see some families added to the church. We have the Aguiars, missionaries to Puebla, Mexico, that are learning Spanish in our church and are going to start churches in Puebla city, and also in the State of Puebla.

We also, have the Castillos. Brother Raul Castillo works for the Spanish Magazine El Fundamentalista. He travels through Mexico and United States promoting the magazine month after month. He lives more in buses than in his own house. He and his wife are moving to Puebla in about one more week. They sure will be a blessing to our church.

Then we have Cesar. A young man that started to come to our church about six months ago. He came for counsoling many times since he was getting married in December 09. His fiance lived in Colima State and he went to visit her every two weeks before getting married. He traveled 10 hours one way and 10 hours back. -What love does!- They are married now and are moving to Puebla and are joining our church.

Saturday Soulwinning

Last Saturday Brother Aguiar went with me soulwinning. We were able to lead a young girl to the Lord. We were very happy about this, but also, it was saddening that we were able to talk to a young man. Maybe 18 years of age. He said that he went to a Catholic School were nuns thought. He listened for quite a while until his mother came out the door and told us to leave. She said they were Catholics and they did not need our religion. Then she sent him away to the store. As we continued knocking on doors, he saw us, and he gave me his cell phone number. He told us to visit him in the afternoon, during the week, when his mother was not there. He wanted to know more on how to get saved. Then he hurried to go back to his house as his mother was waiting for him. Please pray that we can find him and tell him about a Saviour –and not a religion– who saves!

Please continue to pray for our church and specially our need for a bigger auditorium.

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