Nicole Teaching at a Ladies Conference in Texcoco

Ladies Conference

This last Friday and Saturday we went to Texcoco, to visit Primera Iglesia Bautista de Texcoco. We took 18 ladies from our church and Bro. Tim Aguiar took 8 ladies from his church. Bro. Aguiar helped us to take the ladies with his mini-bus.

Nicole thought two times and I had the opportunity to preach once. At the beggining I kept saying “hermanos” which means, brethren. Instead of “hermanas”, which means, sisters. If any of you are interested of the videos in Spanish, I can post them later on when I have them ready in this post. Just let me know. It might help someone you know, but remember, they are in Spanish.

In Church

We had a good church service. We had two first time visitors and also two saved! One of them came because we gave him a track a week ago when Bro. Manuel Garcia and I were soulwinning in the area of Cruz del Sur in Puebla. (This is the area we are praying about to start a new mission church this year). Praise the Lord Leo came and at the end of the preaching my heart rejoiced seeing his arm up wanting to get saved! We are already seeing God’s hand opening doors and getting people saved in this part of town. Please pray for Leo that he will continue to come. Also pray for Pablo Hernandez, a member of our church. His wife just texted me to let me know that he had been drinking again. I love this family and I pray that he will get convicted by the Holy Spirit to stop drinking.

Thank you for your prayers!

Arturo Muñoz and Family

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