Our 9th Church’s Anniversary in Puebla, MEX

Our 9th Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our 9th Church’s Anniversary here in Puebla, Mexico. Bro. Matt Johnson, missionary in Tula, Hidalgo,  preached for us for that special day. He did an excellent job. Bro. Matt and I attended the same Bible Institute (Oklahoma Baptist College). He was a Senior when I arrived in Bible college in 1992. Hard to believe that is almost 20 years ago!!!

We had 185 people in attendance. The highest attendance for our anniversary. We try not to promote our anniversaries or conferences in our church since we don’t fit in our small auditorium anymore! In one of the pictures below, you can see that there are actually 30 people sitting outside the auditorium trying to listen to the preaching. We had at least one young man saved that morning! Praise the Lord.

Every year we have our famous and almost “World Wide Known Carne Asada.” Ok. At least known in our World Wide little community. For nine years in a row we have had a special barbecue — Arrachera Steak. We ask people in our church to bring rice, beans (mexican beans), guacamole, salsa (very hot), pico de gallo, tortillas, etc. This time, about six ladies in our church brought their special hot, hot salsas to my table for me to eat. They just want to give their pastor their best salsa, and also their most spicy hot! So, every time I had a steak taco I told the sister that made the salsa: “ok, I am having your salsa right now.” And, wow, their salsas were super hot. I was sweating. I wish my wife took a picture to show you how red my face was. Nicole had some special aprins made with the name of our church and gave them away to those that helped in the event. Thank you for all your prayers and support many of you have shown towards our ministry.

(If you don’t support our ministry yet as your missionaries, and would like to do so, you can call me at: 760-494-7883, and I gladly can let you know how you or your church can have that opportunity)

4th of July

Last week on Monday, we celebrated 4th of July inviting all of the people of our church. Every year seems that more people come! I guess they really enjoy the hamburgers. We had a good time. People here in Mexico appreciate what the United States have done, specially when refers to missionaries. They know that missionaries have sacrificed their lives to bring the Gospel to Mexico and now, there is a fire for Mexico to send too missionaries to other parts of the World.

Bro. Frank Caseres

This last Wednesday we also had the blessing to hear Bro. Frank Caseres, from Atlanta, Georgia, preach in our church. He was visiting Bro. Tim Aguiar here in Puebla for a conference that he had. Bro. Caseres was a tremendous blessing. He preached a great message regarding a growing church. There is a picture of him preaching below in the gallery… check it out!

Thank you so much for your prayers.


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