Our Trip To Aguascalientes

Crowd at the gym in Rincon de Romos
Crowd at the gym in Rincon de Romos

This last Saturday we went to Aguascalientes. Pastor Juan Padilla invited me to preach at his Family Conference. Pastor Danny Ortiz from Texas was also there Thursday and Friday. By the way, if you can pray for his wife… when he arrived from Mexico on Saturday, he had to take his wife to the ER and she had to have surgery. Pray that she will get better. (I don´t have the details of what happened).

Anyway, it took us 6 hours to get there. To go to Querétaro is now very easy using the Arco Norte. (A new toll road from Puebla, to Querétaro – skipping Mexico City, and costs $255 pesos, about $22 dollars) From Puebla to Querétaro is about 3 hours. And from Querétaro to Aguascalientes another 3 hours. The church is located in Rincón de Romos, AGS, about 30 minutes north of the city of Aguascalientes.

Pastor Padilla asked the city if they could use the municipal gym, and the city major gave them permission to use it! It is very nice and big. Almost like a US basquetball gym. We arrived 10 minutes before the service started! We had a good service at the gym. Two or three other churches came to the conference. While I was preaching a saw a men holding his face and crying for what I was saying. Later that day, the Pastor said that he is the husband of a dear lady that is just starting to come to church. They have been praying for him to come to church and they were very excited that he came for the conference. Many decisions where made that night.

The following day I thought and preaching during the morning service. We ate at the church, and had some time to rest before the service for Sunday night. At 6 pm we were back and preached again about the family. I preached from 2 Kings 20.15 where the Bible says: “What have they seen in thine house?” Mainly I said that our children need to see less worldliness and more holiness – and love.

After church we went to eat some good, very good tacos. This tacos are recommended by Bro. Clark Paquette. (We were staying at their house during this time, since they are away for furlough and they have a very nice extra-rooms outside the house. I believe they are coming back to Mexico in June.)

On our way back, I decided to go a different route. We went to San Luis Potosí first, and then Querétaro. This added an extra hour to hour driving, but we were not in a hurry. 45 minutes after Querétaro, before taking the Arco Norte, we stopped at McDonald’s for one whole hour. Our 6 kids were very happy. Interestingly, it is the only McDonald’s from the border that you see in the freeway. (There are many McDonald’s in the cities, but not many on the freeways). We have another McDonald’s right when you get to Puebla. And maybe 6 or 7 more McDonald’s in the city of Puebla.

Overall, we saw people saved, make decisions for the Lord and we had a good time on our trip to Aguascalientes. Nicole is doing good and she had no complications during the trip. While we were gone, Bro. Abraham preached at 8:30 AM, Bro. Ivan thought Sunday School (about the curse of credit cards) at 10 AM and Bro. Alejandro preached at 11 AM. In the afternoon Bro. Alejandro preached again at 6 PM. You can see our live feed video on Sundays at this hours (only if there is a time difference for you – we don’t want you to miss church for us!)

Last Thursday night Bro. Tim Aguiar and I visited Cesar and Soco. They just got married in December and are now attending our church Sunday nights. Bro. Tim called me on Sunday while we were in Aguscalientes to let me know that they came for the first time on Sunday morning. They even signed up to the bowling activity that we are having for married couples in few more days.

And last Friday night Bro. Tim and I visited a family that I had visited 8 years ago when we first arrived in Puebla! The first time I visited them, they told me that they wanted to come to our church because there was a lot of gossip in their church! It turn out that the other church was a good church. I told them that the only reason to leave a good church is that if the Pastor was having an affair or was teaching heresy. At that time, we only had 5 people in our church and we really needed more people to come to our church, but we did what was right. We meed again after 8 years! They told me that they decided to stay in the other baptist church. Then after 3 years, the Pastor left and they also left the church (the new Pastor is not baptist). Then they visited many other churches and got really frustrated because they were use to a good independent Fundamental Baptist church. Finally, they found our church and started to come. When I saw them, them seemed familiar, but it wasn’t until we visited them that I knew I knew them! And they live literally 5 blocks from our church! They never say they never saw our church before because the bus that they take to work doesn’t go by our church. Anyway, they are very happy with us now. They will start a disciple ship program in about 3 more weeks. Please also pray for them. They are the Velazco family. We only had to wait 8 years for this good family to come to our church.

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