Santiago and Eli Serving the Lord! and Our children: David and Hannah ready to go to Bible College!

Santiago Florencio y Elizabet Mosso
Santiago Florencio y Elizabet Mosso

Santiago and Eli Serving the Lord!

Santiago came to our church to study Bible College three years ago. It was here at our church where he met Eli Mosso, an excellent young lady who has been at our church for thirteen years. Eli was a teacher at our Christian school and she also helped us in the decoration area of ​​our church; always serving with a big smile.

Last year Santiago and Eli got married; Three months ago they had a baby girl and last month Santiago finally graduated from our Bible Institute! It is of great satisfaction to see how God guides our young people to marry well and continue serving the Lord! Now Santiago and Eli are serving in the mountains of Guerrero, in a town called Olinalá. Please pray for them, so that God continues to use them wonderfully in His work!

Our children: David and Hannah are ready to go to Bible College!

Four years ago, in 2020, we made plans for our two oldest children, Japheth and Rachel, to attend the graduation that takes place each year in Pensacola, Florida. And then Covid hit! And like many of us, we are left wanting to go and make this dream come true. But God had other plans.

Praise God, this year was different! We were blessed to take another two of our children, David and Hannah, to Abeka’s high school graduation in Pensacola. It was a very long and tiring trip, but it was well worth it.

At the end of August, and with God’s favor, they will be enrolling at Golden State Baptist College, in Santa Clara, California. Please pray for them, that God will use them, and that once there, they can find a good job and continue serving the Lord.

Installing the Ceiling of Our Auditorium

We thank God for a special offering received this year, which someone gave us to be able to purchase and install the ceiling of our church! This false ceiling will be a great blessing to us, as it will help reduce noise when it rains and reduce the heat during the summer months. Thank you for your prayers on this very important matter!

Small Furlough in the States

Please pray for us, as we will be visiting some churches in the United States and presenting our work in Puebla for approximately two months. Our financial support has been decreasing over the years, and at the moment we are at 45% of our support. Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,
Arturo Muñoz

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