August 2019

Vacation Bible Schools

July and August are always sooo busy in our church. This time around we had the opportunity to have our Vacation Bible Schools in seven different areas of our city. Some of our students of our Bible Institute helped as leaders in each one of our VBS. At the end of VBS we asked each leader to bring all the kids possible to our church, so each kid could receive a diploma that they finished. We also offered a good meal for them.

On Sunday we had about 80 kids and 40 adults that visited our church for the first time! I was able to teach during Sunday School a clear message of salvation, and most of those parents got saved! We thank the Lord for that!

Our 17th Church’s anniversary

At the beginning of July we celebrated our church’s anniversary. We had Bro. Bob Ross as our guest speaker. We really had a good time. He preached for three days prior to our anniversary on the family. On Saturday we went out soulwinning and a good number of our church members showed up to give out tracts and take the Gospel to our community. We had over fifteen people saved that Saturday! Here is a picture just before going out soulwinning:


Bible Institute and Christian School

We started this year with ten young people enrolled in our Bible Institute. We also sent four more young people to other Bible Institutes. We believe that training young people is crucial for the advancement of the Gospel here in Mexico. Please help us to pray for more young people to be willing to serve God and to surrender to His will.

Also, in our Christian school, we enrolled 33 students! This year we are teaching them sign language one hour a week! The reason: we have a student that is deaf, and it is such a blessing to have all of our students willing to learn sign language so they can communicate with Joel — that is his name.

Here is a picture our our students of our Christian School for this year:

This is a picture of our Bible Institute:

People saved

While Bro. Ross was here in Puebla, we had some time to visit some interesting places here in Puebla. One place that we visited was the Pyramid of Cholula, which is considered the largest pyramid in the world in base. While we were there, I was able to talk to a man named Antonio. After about one hour (I really thought that I spent like 10 or 15 minutes) he accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Now, brother Antonio has come to our church faithfully every Thursday night. What a blessing to see someone new to the Word, grow in the Word. Please pray for him, as he still has some moments of discouragement.

Prayers for a special need

In our ministry, we not only focus in trying to reach our community for Christ, but we also want to reach the Spanish speaking world with the Gospel. We have a large base of followers in our many media outlets. Our church website receives 200 thousand hits a month with over 50 thousand visitors. For that reason, we need to upgrade our main computer. If you could help us pray for a brand new computer for this ministry, that would be a blessing. We are praying for $1,250 dollars for that need. Also, help us pray so that we can keep reaching our community. Last night we had three first time visitors, and all three got saved! 🙂

Short furlough 2020

Next year, of the months of May, June, July and August of 2020, we will be taking a short furlough in the States. If you or your church would like us to visit you, that would be awesome! You can reach me here at this number: 956-320-9255, or you can try my MEX phone number: 011-52-222-449-6155. Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and support,

In Christ,

Bro. Munoz and family

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