Praise the Lord we are all doing fine as a family during this pandemic. Although I have two uncles that contracted the virus, but praise the Lord, they recovered quick and are doing fine! They live three hours away.

Here in Puebla, the city was never shut down completely, but some restrictions were put into place. For example, as a measure from stopping people going out, there is a new law where we cannot drive our car two times per week, depending on our license plate number. Thankfully we have two cars, and we are able to drive all the time.  

Also, we no longer go to the supermarket, because of the many restrictions,  but we do order online from Walmart – it almost seems that we do this every day! We have a household of nine and things tend to quickly run out or they just… disappear!

Church update

As far as the church goes, we had to split our churches’ Sunday morning services. Those that were sitting on one side of the aisle, were asked to come at 10 am, and those that sat on the other side of the aisle, were asked to come at 11:30 am. This makes more room in our auditorium, but we can’t wait for it to be full again!

We also had to cancel our Sunday evening and Thursday night services. I still go to church to preach and to stream our church service. We have had few visitors and few people from our church still come. Every now and then I get a text from our church members saying: “Pastor, it’s just not the same. I miss church. I am ready to come back to church when all this is over!”

People Saved!

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My wife Nicole leading a young girl to the Lord here in Puebla

Our soulwinners numbers have decreased, but we are still seeing people saved! Recently, on May the 23rd, my wife and I were able to lead Mayté and Karla to the Lord. Karla, who is fourteen years old, suffers from depression and she was glad to accept Christ as her personal Savior! We told her that Jesus is the only one that can take her burdens away. Please pray for her.

Also, a week later, I was able to lead Ernesto right on the street, as he was walking by. He stopped to receive the tract that I was giving him, and very attentively listened to the Gospel. Fifteen minutes later he received Jesus as his personal Savior! He promised to come to church once the pandemic is over. Please pray that he will.

Short visit to the States

It seems that our plans to visit the States change every month. Both of our kids, Japheth and Rachel, will be graduating from Abeka Academy in Pensacola, FL., on July 31st. Then, we are planning one more trip at the beginning of September to take them to Bible college. The Lord has directed us to enroll them at Texas Independent Baptist Seminary at Longview, TX with Pastor Bob Gray. Please pray as we make preparations for all of this. Thank you!!

For His Glory
Arturo Muñoz

Jun 12th by Arturo Munoz

First Time Visitors

Last week we had a good number of people visiting our church for the first time. On Sunday morning we had 9 people that came to our church for the first time and on Sunday night we had 7 people that visited our church. Most of the people that visit our church come from our church website. I would encourage every church to have a nice looking website. If you need help with this let me know. I know someone that can make you a nice looking website for about $400 usd.

People Saved

We have seen also a good number of people getting saved in church and out in the streets. Last Sunday night we had 4 people getting saved and a Sunday before we also had visitors getting saved.

Yesterday, during our time of soulwinning with our Bible Institute here in Puebla, we had a husband and wife get saved. That is just way too exciting!!! And… they even let us come into their house. First the wife got saved by the door of her house, and then she invited us inside her house to speak with her husband. Her husband Victor got saved kneeling down right in the middle of their living room. He said that he had never felt anything like it before, (and we are not pentecostal.) He assured me that he asked Jesus to come into his heart with…. all his heart. Please pray that Victor and Dolores will come to church soon. I am planning to visit them next week to follow up on their decision. Once I heard a Pastor say: Steward every lead!

Victor and Dolores. A new matrimony for Christ

Victor and Dolores. A new matrimony for Christ

Our trip to Texas

Last month we had to drive up to Texas in order to renew our car permit for another 6 months. The laws here in Mexico change all the time, and now we have to drive to the States every six months to make sure our car is legally in Mexico. We also visited some churches in Texas to take advantage of our trip. Here is a list of the churches that we visited:

We would like to thank each one of the churches that accommodated us, fed us, and even gave us a love offering. Praise the Lord, He provided for all of our needs during our trip, even for our van’s fuel pump that was $600 dollars, installed.

Before our trip to Texas, our kids kept asking if they were going to see any snow. We told them: “No. It doesn’t snow in Texas.” To our surprise, we saw snow four times! That made them very happy. Many of our kids had never seen snow.

Also, I would like to mention, that we were very excited to be with one of my favorite teacher from Bible college: Bro. Bob Ross, now Pastor of Open Door Baptist Church in Mesquite, TX. They had a Missions Conference called: “South of the Border.” Where they invited only missionaries that are in Mexico. I was glad to see many of my old friends and families from Bible College:

  • Bro. Nick Sutmaier, missionary in Cuajimalpa, Estado de Mexico, just outside Mexico City
  • Bro. Matt Johnson, missionary in Tula, Hidalgo
  • Bro. Mark Lockhart, missionary in Mexico City
  • Bro. Bill Norton, missionary in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo.

If your church is looking to support good missionaries, I would recommend any of these missionaries. All of them have been in the mission field for more than 12 years.

Thank you for your prayers,
Arturo Munoz

Visiting Crossroads Baptist Church in Gainesville, TX

Visiting Crossroads Baptist Church in Gainesville, TX

Feb 27th by Arturo Munoz

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