First of all, let me say that we have been so blessed to be serving our Lord here in Mexico. We are very thankful for all of His blessings and all the things that he allowed us to do in His service. We pray that God will help us do more this 2015, and we pray that God will do more in each one of you as well. Happy New Year!

Baptisms of Eduardo and Cristian

We started the year right, with people saved in our church and two baptisms! One of them, Eduardo, has been coming to our church for quite a while. A week before getting baptized, he told me that he did not remember if he had been baptized or not, so he asked his family, if they new by chance if they new if he got baptized as a little boy. They said no. So Eduardo made things right and got baptized.

Eduardo's Baptism

Eduardo’s Baptism


Cristian Mosso Puebla - Bautismo Cristiano

Cristian’s Baptism

We need to move

Recently, the City of Puebla, added a new public transportation service called “metrobus”. This bus is good for the people, since it will help them get around the city faster and easier. The problem with this metrobus is that it has already affected our parking area in front of our church. There is no place for cars to park as they used to in front of our church. This problem, and the fact that we don’t fit in our church and our vision to grow, leaves us with the need to move to a different place. Please help us to pray so that this year we can find a piece of land at least twice as big as our current property. Thank you!

Bible Institute

We start our spring semester of our Bible Institute this coming Tuesday. We have eight teachers ready to teach! Among them four Pastors! including me. We are expecting between 7 to 10 students for this semester. Our classes are in the morning from Tuesday to Thursday. This is our sixth year and God continues to bless!

Tracts and Visitors

Last month, during the Christmas vacation, we printed 10,000 tracts and we went to downtown Puebla to give them out. It was so exciting to see our church people, with a heart for souls, give this tracts and share the Gospel with people.

Today we had a total of 10 first time visitors in our church. One of them is a lady named Angeles. She came to church as a result of a Bible class that I give every Thursday in a house of one of our church members. She seem to enjoy Sunday School and Church and she said that she made the decision to keep on coming every Sunday! Praise the Lord!

Please pray for Pilar Ortiz. She is a lady that I led to the Lord few days ago. She lost all mobility of arms and legs back in September. She contracted a disease that affects her nervous system. She is very sad that she can not move, but now, very happy that she is going to Heaven!

In Christ,

Arturo Munoz and Family.

Prayer Requests:

  • For our Bible Institute
  • For a piece of land for our church twice as big
  • For us to start a new mission church this year
  • For our upcoming trip to Texas in September to renew our van’s permit.

Jan 11th by Arturo Munoz

Vacation Bible Schools

We had a great week holding 3 Vacation Bible Schools at the same time. Our highest day was on Friday with 95, 70 and 60 on each of of them, making a total of 225 kids and adults attending. Our goal for the following year is to have 5 different Bible Schools in 5 different locations of our city. We praise the Lord for the many, many kids that heard the Gospel over and over throughout the week and that God saved!! Two days before Sunday, I asked our neighbor if we could use the empty lot that is next to our church, so that we could accommodate the 80-100 kids that we were going to have for Sunday, and he, not only sad YES, but he said that if we wanted to use the lot to park the cars on Sunday, we could DO so!! Praise the Lord for this. We do not have enough room for 100 kids in our church and God surely answered our prayer!

225 attended our 3 different Vacation Bible Schools!

225 attended our 3 different Vacation Bible Schools!

200 in attendance

On Sunday we broke our previous record for attendance! We had 200 people in church; 100 kids and 100 adults. The most exciting thing about this is that we not only had the kids that attended the VBSs, but we also had their parents attending. They came to see their kids receive their diplomas for completing the VBS. We had 32 Adult VISITORS!! and 12 of them received Christ as their personal Savior!! This is so exciting as well. You could see the whole church so happy, and helping and motivated to see what God is doing in our midst!

Lot next to our church

Lot next to our church

7 Baptisms + 4

We also had 11 BAPTISMS. 7 of them got baptized in our church and 4 got baptized in our mission church. Our mission church is also doing very well. Last Sunday we had close to 100 in our mission church. That means that we actually had close to 300 last Sunday! Please pray that we can start a second mission church here in Puebla ans see more people saved.

7 got baptized last Sunday!

7 got baptized last Sunday!

Prayer Request

  1. For our safety this Friday and Saturday. We are traveling to Texas to renew our van’s permit. We will be visiting some churches while we are there. (August 10th to August 30th) Pray that more churches will take us on.
  2. For a bigger place for our church. We would like to sell the building that we have and find a property that is at least twice as big.
  3. For our Bible Institute. We start the second week of September and we are praying for 10 students or more.
  4. For our young people that are going away to a Bible Institute. We have 5 young people and 1 matrimony going to San Luis Potosi to study there in the Bible Institute. 4 of them are from our church and 2 are from our mission church. Our mission church is in a very poor area, and subsequently, one man, who is very poor, is leaving this Friday to go to the Bible institute. He is taking his wive and three children by faith to the Institute that is about 5 hours away. If you would like to make a one time offering for this precious family, we will be very thankful. Or if you would like to support them with $50 or $100 dollars a month while he is in the Institute, that, I am sure, will be a big investment in the work of the Lord. His name is Abel. I will try to post a picture of their family so you get to know them. Thank you!

Pictures of our VBS in Puebla and Baptism:

Thank you and may God continue bless you!

~Arturo Munoz

Aug 06th by Arturo Munoz

We had a good day yesterday. People showed up early for Sunday School. We had six first time visitors and three people got baptized!

Sunday School Class in Puebla, Mexico

Sunday School Class

One of the first time visitors is the daughter of a faithful family that have been coming to our church for the last two years — Juventino and his wife. Her name is Rosio del Carmen. She brought her two children, ages 10 and 7. Brother Juventino and his wife were thrilled to see their daughter in church because they have been praying for her to come since they arrived to our church and got saved. Their daughter came back again to our church for the Sunday night service. Please pray for her, that she will continue to come and grow in Christ.

We also had a Kid’s Soulwinning Rally. This activity consists in taking the kids of our church to the local market and each one of them gives out 50 to 100 tracts. After this we take them to a park and have an hour of games and a time to eat something delicious like hotdogs. 🙂

Please help us to pray for a bigger place for us to meet. The building that we have right now is small for our church and we need a bigger place. I just placed two phone calls to ask about two building near our church. One of them has 8,000 sq. ft of land with 5,300 sq. ft of what used to be a warehouse for 12 million pesos — about 1 million dollars!!! This building is three blocks from our church on the same street. I forgot how expensive Puebla is! Specially the area were we are. This only tells me that if we are to get a bigger place for our church, then it will be God who will provide, and only God can do a miracle for us.

Priscila Baptized

Priscila Baptized

Nicolas Baptized

Nicolas Baptized

Catalina Baptized

Catalina Baptized

David giving gospel tracts

David giving gospel tracts

Kids Soulwinning Rally

Kids Soulwinning Rally

Thank you for your prayers and God bless you!

Jun 02nd by Arturo Munoz

In the month of February my wife and I had the opportunity to visit our church in Puebla for few days. The main reason was that my assistant Pastor, Cristian, got married. The wedding was in Mexico City, and Pastor Arandai married Cristian and Cynthia. They are now happily married back in our church in Puebla, serving the Lord!

Cristian y Cynthia's wedding

On Sunday the 17th, I preached all three services in our church. What a blessing it was to see the Christians we love the most — our own church. We miss them very much and can’t wait to be back in June or July. During our time there we had five visitors in the morning and three more Sunday night. I also had the privilege to baptist seven believers. One of them, Leonardo, was studying to be a Catholic priest. About eight months ago, while soulwinning with Brother Manuel Garcia, we gave Leonardo’s mom a track and invited her to church. She got saved and came with her thirty year old son. Leonardo got saved in our church, tuned from Catholicism to God and from wanting to be a Catholic priest to serve the Lord faithfully winning souls for Him. What a blessing it was to baptize him, his mom, his sister and his nephew!

Leonardo's nephew Wife Husband Cristian (not my assistant Pastor) Loonardo's sister Leonardo - Was studying to be a Priest but got saved Leonardo's Mom

That same Sunday we sent my brother-in-law Alejandro, my sister and their three kids to start a church in Cuajinicuilapa – try to say that 5 times! Cuaji, for short, is on the south part of the country, on the coast, near Acapulco. As you might know, Acapulco was just considered the second most dangerous city in the country of Mexico. Please remember them in your prayers and if you are looking for more missionaries to take, they are worth taking. They went under-supported, and any additional giving will be big blessing to them. They have about 7 churches supporting them right now. My sister, Aglaee Munoz, graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College and my brother-in-law graduated from our Bible Institute of Puebla last year.

The following Sunday we were in a Missions Conference in Santa Ana, CA at Bethel Baptist Church. This church has been a tremendous blessing to our ministry. Their support and prayers through the years has always been there. I had the opportunity to present what God is doing with their faith promise in Puebla. We had a good time. Pastor Dan Davidson still the Pastor after all these years, serving the Lord, and always with a smile.

And Yesterday we were in two churches. In the morning service we had the blessing to be at North Hills Baptist Church of San Marcos, CA. Sunday was their Charter Sunday, were they finally became their own church with Pastor David Hetzer as the Pastor. Congratulations! We took the following picture just before the church service:

The Munoz Family

And Sunday night we were at Temple Baptist Church of Perris, CA. The Pastor of the church graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College and is doing an excellent job in this church. I believe he took over the church about three years ago with 100 people, and now they are running over 300 people. Next Sunday they are having two Sunday Morning Services to accommodate more people. Their welcome video is one of the best church videos I have ever seen. If you are planning to make one for your church, take this one for consideration, as it has an excellent outline and powerful message.

After their evening service, we stayed to present our ministry to the Spanish church. Pastor Emilio Llausás has been the Spanish Pastor of the church in Perris, CA for the last 40 years. I believe God used the message to encourage the people to continue serving the Lord. The Pastor said that they might take us on for support!

When we left our church few months ago, we only had 17 churches supporting us. Right now we have 21 and we are praying for 30, so that we can go back to Mexico and continue with the ministry that God has given us. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.


Arturo Munoz and Family

Mar 04th by Arturo Munoz

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