We praise the Lord for His goodness toward us! Since we came back to our church in Mexico from furlough, we have seen many blessings. One of them is the increase in people going out soulwinning every Saturday. This last Saturday we had 38 our our members going out and reaching the people of Puebla with the Gospel. What a blessing it is to see, not only 10% but over 25% of the church go out soulwinning. I had the blessing to lead to the Lord a young girl named Brenda. It seemed that she was going through some difficult times and we came at the right time to share with her the good news that only Jesus saves!

Soulwinning in Mexico

Soulwinning Group

That night, we had our monthly reunion for married couples. We had a really good time. We had a new couple that had been separated for a while. After the devotional, the husband thanked me for speaking to his heart (it was God who did). But he was very happy he and his wife attended.


Married Couples Reunion - Baptist Church

Married Couples Reunion

Please pray for us this week. Today (Monday) we have a special dinner for those that have visited our church in the last 3 months. We call it “primeros pasos” (first steps). Our goal is to enroll them in our Discipleship program that we have on Wednesday nights for 10 weeks.

On Tuesday (tomorrow) we start our Bible Institute. We will be teaching 8 different classes from Tuesday to Thursday from 8:00 am to noon. We have about 10 that have confirmed that will attend, plus two more that said that are coming from the State of Morelos and one more from the State of Guerrero. We are excited about this! This is our sixth year.

This coming Friday my wife will teach the ladies. She is encouraged and ready to teach the ladies of our church. They will have this once a month. Nicole is planning to decorate the church and have a fun time with them. Please pray that God will use her class to encourage others to serve God. I praise the Lord for a Godly wife. She is truly a blessing to my life and the ministry.

Thank you for your prayers!

~ Arturo Muñoz
Puebla, MEX


Sep 02nd by Arturo Munoz

Lord willing we will be heading to Mexico the last week in July. We are very excited about it and praying that God will provide for our trip.

West Coast Baptist Church in Vista, CA., is preparing a going-away Munoz Sunday on July the 21st. Our kids attended the Christian school while we were here and they are sure going to miss their new friends, but they are also ready to see their old friends back in Puebla. We sure miss our dear church and friends in Mexico. We cannot wait to go back!

On the mean time we have seen many blessing come our way. Of the them is Damien. After preaching last month at a Spanish Church in Oceanside, CA, a lady came to me and asked me to witness to her first time visitor. He only spoke English. He listened very attentively, but decided to wait. He said that he was raised Catholic, and wanted to make sure that the decision about asking Jesus to save him was to the “correct” one. Two weeks later, while I was preaching at North Hills Baptist Church in San Marcos, CA, he showed up. God moved in his heart and after the message, someone took him through the plan of salvation again and he god saved. He also brought his sister Melissa, and she was saved too!! They were just so excited to have just received Jesus as their personal Savior. Please pray for them as they grow in the Lord.

Iglesia Bautista de Anaheim

Iglesia Bautista de Anaheim

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit Iglesia Bautista de Anaheim. Pastor Jorge Ayala is leading this amazing Spanish Church. They started just seven years from zero, but they already have a strong soulwinning church. They probably had close to 200 on Sunday morning. On Sunday night the Pastor gave me the opportunity to preach. It was a tremendous blessing. There are just some churches fun to preach at, and this one is one of them. We will be coming back to this church in one month during their Missions Conference. Pray that God will help this church take us on as their missionaries.

We will be going back to Mexico soon. But our plan is to continue visit churches here in the States, maybe five or six times a year, to present our ministry and burden to Mexico. We have now 6 new churches that have taken us on, but we really need 10 more. Our church in Puebla needs us, and we are going back full of excitement to see what else God will do in our midst. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Requests:

  • Travel money for our trip back to Mexico
  • For God to provide for the Abeka videos and books for our seven kids.
  • My mom’s visa. She would like to fly to the States and accompany us on our trip back to Mexico.

Jun 17th by Arturo Munoz

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