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  • 40% Increase for our Faith Promise Giving!

    Sharing the Gospel! Two weeks ago we had a one-week challenge to give out tracks. This challenge consists of encouraging the people in the church to give three tracks a day, every day of the week, for the whole week. Thanks to that challenge, a new brother in our church named Pedro invited his co-worker […]

  • We Are Back on the Mission Field!

    After fifteen long months of furlough – where we visited new churches and gave our report to churches that already support us – we have finally returned to Mexico.During the time that we were away, our church grew by about 20%. Our attendance is now closer to 200 people. What a joy and a blessing […]

  • June 2022 Update!

    Furlough progress For several months we lived in the city of Longview, TX, where our children had the blessing of attending the Christian school of our sending church and our oldest children took classes at the Bible Institute (TIBSS). Now that school is over, we have moved to Oceanside, CA. We will be living here […]

  • Our 3 Oldest Kids are now in Bible College!

    We are on furlough! In the month of July, we were in California at my father-in-law’s house in Oceanside, CA. During our time there, we visited many churches in the state of California. God opened the door for us to visit new churches and also to be with friends from Bible College, such as During […]

  • We are finally in the States on furlough!

    On June 1st, we left our beloved church in Puebla and took an Aeromexico flight from Mexico City to Reynosa, Tamaulipas. (Reynosa is a Mexican city that is right on the border.) Then Pastor Tim Aguiar picked us up in a Suburban at the airport. We had a lot of luggage, but all of our […]

  • One-year Furlough Starting Summer of 2021

    Furlough 2021 A few months ago, on one of our trips to the United States, I was detained at the Dallas airport by an immigration officer for a few minutes, because I still do not have my American citizenship. (I am currently a resident.) They told me that I had to fix my resident status […]

  • New Sending Church

    New Sending Church Three years ago during a Conference in Houston, TX, we had the opportunity to meet Pastor Bob Gray Jr. It was a great blessing to hear him, so we invited him to preach at our church in Puebla. A few months later he came to preach at our church and it was […]

  • We cannot drive our cars two times per week – June 2020 update

    Praise the Lord we are all doing fine as a family during this pandemic. Although I have two uncles that contracted the virus, but praise the Lord, they recovered quick and are doing fine! They live three hours away. Here in Puebla, the city was never shut down completely, but some restrictions were put into […]

  • April 2020 Update

    God has allowed us to stay strong during this time of coronavirus. Our church was able to keep its doors opened but we had to divide our church services in two, in order to accommodate fewer people in our facilities. One service starts at 10:00 AM and the second service starts at 11:30 AM. Our […]

  • August 2019

    Vacation Bible Schools July and August are always sooo busy in our church. This time around we had the opportunity to have our Vacation Bible Schools in seven different areas of our city. Some of our students of our Bible Institute helped as leaders in each one of our VBS. At the end of VBS […]

  • New Mission Church in Puebla…

    About three months ago, Mrs Garcia, a widow, contacted a member of church asking us to please send someone to start a church. It happens that, about five years ago, when her husband died, the church that they had at their house for 25 years also died. It used to be a baptist church, but […]

  • 9th Annual Leadership Conference, Puebla, Mexico

    Last month we celebrated our 9th Annual Leadership Conference here in our church. It was exciting and we for sure saw the hand of God move within our midst. Pastor Bob Gray, from Longview, TX, came to preach for the first time. We also had with us Pastor Oscar Galván, from Sahuarita, AZ; Pastor Ezequiel […]

  • 15 Years in Mexico!

    15th anniversary here in Puebla

    Wow! I cannot believe we have been here in Mexico over 15 years! When we first arrived, it was only my wife, and our three-month old baby, Japheth. Now, we are nine in our family (including my wife and I), and our church in doing amazing! Ministries are growing, souls are being saved, and families are […]

  • Thirteen Surrendered For Full Time Service!

    Last week we hosted our National Leadership Conference here in our church! It was a tremendous blessing to see pastors come from different States near Puebla. We had over 30 Pastors from the southern part of our country. We also had the blessing to hear the following Pastors: Pastor Oscar Galván from Sahuartita, AZ; Pastor […]

  • Sending Out Our First Missionary!

    We have been here in Mexico for 16 years now. We have started three mission churches here in our city. (Our goal is to start twenty.) We have two other national pastors that have started two other works outside our state. We have a Bible Institute with 19 students right now. Our church is growing. […]

  • Church Under Construction, Youth Camp and Bible Institute!

    Construction We moved to our new building the first week in July. Since then, our membership has grown about 20%! Our people is very excited about the new place and we believe soon we will fill this place up! The new building that we bought is like a big warehouse and needs lots of construction […]

  • Our 14th Church Anniversary In Our New Building!

    To all who have been praying for us for a new place for our church, thank you! We finally bought a property for our church that is a little more than three times the size of our former church! We moved last Friday and on Sunday we celebrated our 14th church anniversary in our new […]

  • Our National Leadership Conference was a Success!

    National Leadership Conference 2016 Thank you for your prayers for our Leadership Conference. Praise the Lord, we had 16 people that surrendered their lives to serve our Lord and Savior full time! We also had an attendance of 550 people and among them, we had 44 Pastors, assistant Pastors and Missionaries attending our Conference. We […]

  • Trip to Cuajinicuilapa and God Opening a Door to Buy a New Property

    We Found a New Property For The Church We have been praying now for about two years for God to give us a bigger place for our church. Two weeks ago we found one property that is about 15 blocks from our church and in the same main street where we are. The place is […]

  • Merry Christmas From Puebla

    Drugs and More… Last week, as my wife and I were out soulwinning with the church, we had the opportunity to talk to Angel. He told us that he had been trying to stop using drugs, but he always fails. He also said that the JW’s had visited him, and that he sometimes had prayed […]

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