40,000 Gospel Tracts

Bro. Salvador Derreza, missionary to India, giving out tracts

Bro. Salvador Derreza, missionary to India, giving out tracts

First of all, I would like to thank every one of you for praying for our ministry here in Puebla. This year, during the “Day of the Dead” we were able to give out 40,000 tracts, in just few hours, in many of the cemeteries of the city of Puebla. Last year we gave out 20,000 tracts and next year our goal is to give out 80,000 tracts. Many of our church members did this for the first time and were really thankful to be part of this endeavor. They praised the Lord for participating on this and many of them shared with us amazing testimonies on how people got saved.

Our Missions Conference

Missions Conference in Puebla, MEX

Missions Conference in Puebla, MEX

We also had our Annual Missions Conference at the beginning of this month. We had the following missionaries visiting our church and presenting their work:

  1. Salvador Derreza, missionaries to India.
  2. Javier Gonzalez, planting churches in the mountains of Puebla.
  3. Luis Colorado, missionaries to Switzerland.
  4. Jesús Alanis, missionaries in Ecuador.
  5. Pablo Yam, missionaries to Venezuela.
  6. Mike Guzmán, missionaries to Venezuela.
  7. Gerardo Castro, missionaries to Venezuela.
  8. Moises Garrido, planting churches in Puebla.
  9. Felipe Sloan, in Xalapa, Veracruz, our guest speaker.

Our mission church also had 5 other missionaries, and their conference was right after ours. This was the first missions conference for our mission church.

Praise the Lord, our faith promise giving for the year was about $17,000 dollars. Our mission church faith promise for the year was close to $6,000 dollars. This means that between both of our churches we promised $23,000 dollars to reach the world with the Gospel! We are very excited about this, and we thank you for your prayers.

People Saved

The ministries of our church include Wednesday soulwinning, Thursday hospital soulwinning and Saturday soulwinning. We soon are going to add Tuesday visitation in the morning time and Thursday visitation during the evening.

On Wednesdays, we have Bible Institute from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. And then at 10 am we go out soulwinning with the students of the Institute for two hours. Today we had 6 people saved! I had the opportunity to lead the Lord Sra. Lucia Arroyo. She said she is interested for ladies of our church to come to her house and give her a Bible study in her house. Also, I was able to speak with Sr. Lauro González. He did not get saved, but he said he would come to church Sunday morning. So, I am planning to pick him up this coming Sunday. Pray that he will come. He said that he lived in the Los Angeles area, in California, for two years and that no one spoke to him about getting saved. I thought that that was kid of sad. But, praise the Lord he is willing to come to our church.

Land Next To Our Church

Many of you know that we would like to buy the land next to our church. Just recently it went for sale. Right now we only have $30k dollars. And the owners now want $160,000 dollars. This land is a magnificent opportunity to grow our church and have more space. (Right now we only have two Sunday School classrooms.) We covet your prayers so that the Lord can provide the money to buy the property. Another option that we have, is to sell our building and buy a bigger lot near the area were we are. We know that God is in control and we need Him to guide us to know what to do.

Thank you for your prayers and God bless you!

In Christ,

Arturo Muñoz and Family in Puebla, MEX

Nov 20th by Arturo Munoz

Missions Conference

One of the highlights of our church is our Missions Conference. This time we had Missionary Ron Goodman and Nick Sutmaier. They did a very good job, and at the end of the conference, God allowed us to double our Faith Promise for the year from $6,000 dollars to $12,000 dollars. Lord willing we will be able to take on more missionaries.
Also, next semester we are having 5 of our young people going off to Bible College. We already support 3 of them with $50 dollars a month, and this will allow us to help the other two.

Faith Baptist Institute

We are now in the second year of our Bible Institute of our church. This semester we have 12 students that are studying hard in the institute. Three of them come from one hour away three times a week from a little town. They are a very poor family but are excited to learn in our institute. The cost for each student is about $100 dollars a month per semester. If God puts in your heart to help any of these students, it will be a real blessing for them.

50K Tracks For The Next Day Of The Dead

Every year, during The Day of the Dead, we give out 20,000 to 30,000 tracks at the main city cemetery. This coming year we would like to invite churches from the States to help us give 50,000 tracks during that same day, but in different cemeteries. It will be an exciting time to see all those souls going to the cemetery to place food in the tombs of their loved ones, and be able to give them a gospel track and try to win them for the Lord. Also, if your church could help us buy the tracks, which cost about $100 dollars per 10,000 tracks we will appreciate it!

Two Services For Sunday Morning

Starting January 17, 2010, we are planning to have two services for our church, since we do not have enough space during our Sunday morning meetings. The first service will be at 8:30 am, then we will have Sunday school, and then our 2nd service will be at 11:00 am. We ask you to pray for this as we need space and money to be able to build and expand our current auditorium.

Expanding Our Current Auditorium

Our small auditorium can seat about 100 people right now. We have about 150 people that come Sunday mornings and we don’t have any room available now. We are running out of space. We would like to build an auditorium that can seat 250 people plus a second floor with 7 classrooms to teach Sunday school. We have saved $5,000 dollars and we need an extra $15,000 to expand the auditorium and build a second floor for our church. Please help us to pray for this.

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We would like to invite you to subscribe to our blog: www.reachingpuebla.com. We will be adding our prayer letters, pictures of our ministry and more current updates of the work here in Puebla. You can even drop us a note and maybe let us know that you are praying for us. We certainly appreciate your prayers and support!

In Christ,

Arturo Munoz

Oct 24th by Arturo Munoz

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