Back From America!

We are back from our quick trip to the United States. We needed to go to renew the permit of our van for another 6 months. This time, is under Nicole’s name; this way, after we get her FM3, we don’t have to go back to the border. Instead, we can extend the permit for the van in Puebla, as long as Nicole has a valid FM3 visa.

Also, during this trip, I was able to preach the last Sunday of the year 2009 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Which is a border town… with lots of crime and violence.  And the first Sunday of the year 2010 the Lord gave me the opportunity to preach at Beautiful Gate Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas, where Pastor Joe Carrizales is the Pastor. During the week we were able to see Nicole’s mom and dad and sister who flew from San Diego, CA to see are family. It was a lot of fun! Walking in the River Walk and spending some time together.

Nicole was not able to walk much or do lots of shopping because she… is, ready? Expecting baby #7. She had been in bed rest, and her doctor recommended that she needed to travel laying down and not to do a lot of walking. Praise the Lord she was fine for the trip and she was able to see her family.  Please pray for her health. She is due July 15th. Right now she is still in bed rest, but not a rigorous bed rest. We are very excited for this new baby coming to our family. The kids are also excited and we already have some names for he or she. Now the question here is… What name do you like for a baby? Maybe you can leave us some comments and tell us what names you like for a baby.

And lastly, on January 4th, during our stay in Donna, TX with Bro. Shue, we met Bro. Tim Aguiar, missionary to Puebla, Mexico. And, praise the Lord, after a long wait to see missionaries in Puebla, we were able to “help” Bro. Aguiar to cross the border and travel with him and his family all the way to Puebla. Puebla, believe it or not, is the 3rd largest city in the country of Mexico with only 1 missionary family (us) and 2 Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches. The largest city in Mexico is Mexico City with maybe 10 or 12 IFB churches. Then we have Guadalajara with maybe 8 or 10 IFB churches. The 4th largest city in Mexico is Monterrey with over 100 IFB churches (no body really nows the exact number, if you do, please let me know).  So pray for us and for our city. We need more missionaries in Puebla, Mexico. Pray for the Aguiar family as they learn Spanish in Puebla. And pray for our church, so the we can keep reaching this forgotten city with the Gospel.  This year alone, we would like to pass out 70,000 tracks in our own city.

Ah… I almost forgot. We had a good Sunday yesterday. It was a cold day (Not as cold as in the States) maybe 60 F. And we had 3 young people getting baptized. Tomorrow we are driving to San Luis Potosi, were Bro. Luis Ramos is the Pastor, to take 5 of our young people to Bible College. Plus 2 more are leaving in one more week to go to another Bible College in Tijuana, Baja California where Bro. David Cortes is the Pastor. And we also have 1 young lady in Elgin, IL in Bible College where Bro. Elmer Fernandez is the Pastor. Please pray for this 8 young people so that they can finish the race on Bible Institute and that they can serve the Lord in an exceptional way.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers.

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