Six family members saved in the same month!

Short Furlough

After taking a short furlough in the United States over the summer, we are back in Mexico, eager to further the Lord’s work in our church here in Puebla.

Staff Retirement

Upon our return, we held a three-day “Staff Retreat” in a beautiful hotel in the city of Atlixco, Puebla. A group of sixteen workers, each serving in various ministries of the church, came together. This retreat was a big encouragement to each one of us. We set several goals for the following year and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in the months to come.

Second Floor Construction

During our brief furlough, two churches graciously gave money towards our building, enabling us to continue the construction of our church’s second floor. This space now serves as a gathering hall for our growing youth group that meets every Sunday. Praise the Lord, we are nearing 50 young people each week! We cherish your prayers as we work towards completing this project.

Faith Baptist Academy

In our Christian school, “Faith Baptist Academy”, we started the year with a strong enrollment. This year, we welcomed 36 students, most of whom are from our congregation. This year, we were blessed to welcome two new teachers: Yari Mata, the daughter of a Pastor from Aguascalientes, and Jusseth Palma, the daughter of a Pastor from Ciudad Juárez. Praise the Lord, our teachers are making a remarkable difference in our Christian school.

Faith Baptist Institute

This year has been our best year ever in our Bible Institute! We have 20 in-person students and another eight virtual students. Excitingly, we’ve introduced music lessons and even a sign language course! My wife and I are enrolled in this course, earnestly looking forward to communicating with the deaf community. We humbly ask for your prayers for our institute and our personal learning journey. It’s not easy to learn a new language!


By God’s grace, we’ve seen souls saved and baptized in our congregation. Recently, Gaspar Pérez and María Camacho, a devout couple, were baptized. All glory to God for their commitment and transformation!

Souls Saved!

Last week, my wife and I made two significant visits. First, we began a weekly discipleship with Konstantin and his wife, Cristina. They have been faithfully attending our church since last October. While Konstantin was already saved, Cristina had not. Praise the Lord, during our visit, Cristina received Jesus as her personal Saviour!

Two days later, we visited a family of five who had been attending our church for three weeks. All five accepted Christ after a Sunday evening service – a testament to God’s incredible grace! But God’s work didn’t stop there. During our visit, we spoke with the grandmother, and she too found Jesus! She got saved! What a tremendous blessing! Six family members saved in a single month! It’s truly exhilarating to serve the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement and financial support!

In Christ,
-Arturo Munoz
Puebla, Mexico

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