Visiting Temple Baptist Church in VA

Temple Baptist Church in Herdnon, VA
Temple Baptist Church in Herndon, VA

This last Sunday, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Temple Baptist Church in Herndon, Virginia. We were in the Washington, DC area for few days and we found this church close to the place were we were staying. The nice thing about this church (besides the great bible preaching and friendliness) is that they start at 9:00 AM! So, Nicole and I enjoyed this because the earlier the fresher our minds are, and also we get to do some sightseeing after church. The church was packed! They had over 25 visitors! I wonder if they included us? Anyway. Sunday School was great. And I learned a lot. On of the things I learned was that in the Air Force, one of the things they teach after you pass your Freshman year is this: Every Single Freshman Can Graduate! (This is a 5 point outline!)

  1. Expectations or teaching. (We should teach our kids to have initiative)
  2. Skills or training (Teaching is more than telling… is doing)
  3. Feedback or inspect (Follow up with what you tell your kids to do)
  4. Consequences or discipline (Consequences could be good or back)
  5. Growth (This eventually bring character to your kids and they learn to mature)

Unexpected Funeral

Last Tuesday while I was out of the house visiting some members of our church, my wife got a phone call. They were calling from the States, from the Spanish Church of Fellowship Baptist Church in NC. They wanted us to visit some relatives, specially the father-in-law that was very sick and dieing. Wednesday morning, at about 5 AM, they called us back to let us know that he had already died. The good thing was that he was already saved. In fact I met him about 3 years ago when we went to the States for a short furlough. So, Wednesday morning I went to visit the family to see what we could do for them and how we could help them. At night I had the opportunity to preach to a large crowd in the little village about 30 from Puebla. I preached a clear Bible message on how to get saved. I don’t know if any got saved. No one raised their hand, but I pray that at least someone listened and made a decision. Thursday morning Bro. Alejandro Ruiz, my assistant and brother-in-law went back and preached during the burial.It’s interesting they way they do this in Mexico. Bro. Garcia died Wednesday morning and he was buried the very next day on Thursday!

Our Hospital Ministry

Last week we had 12 people saved at the General Hospital and 1,000 tracts were given out! This ministry is mainly for the ladies in our church and they Really do a good job talking to people in a very caring way and then showing them the Gospel and telling them how they can get saved. Please pray for the dear people that get saved because many times we don’t see them again. We try to get as much information as possible from them, including email address to stay in touch and email them Bible Studies. But many times the only thing we can get in their names since they don’t have a way to receive regular mail in their little communities in the mountains. We pray for them all of the time that they will find a good Bible teaching church. We have seen hundreds saved since the beginning of the year and over 20,000 tracts given just at this hospital.

3 saved on Sunday!

Thursday we had to fly out to the States for a quick trip and we came back to Puebla today (Monday). It seems that every time we are gone our church gets packed! We had on Sunday a full house with 4 first time visitors and 3 people that got saved!

Thank you for praying for Rachel as she is doing much better with her finger. (Someone threw a rock at it last week)

Nicole and the kids are doing fine. Caitlyn, our baby girl, is almost a year old on June 28. And in few day Nicole and I will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary!

Pray for Bro. Raul Castillo, the man that help us with the Christian Magazine El Fundamentalista, he was traveling in Torreon last week with his brother and a group of men, on a black Suburban, stopped them with large machine guns and granades, and asked them (not very politely of course) to get in the suburban. As this was happening, the police was driving by and the armed man quickly got on their car and left them unharmed. What would have happened if they got in the car with them? I think they would have killed him and his brother that was traveling with him. Please pray for them and please pray for our safety, as this happens more and more in the northern States. Puebla still a nice place to live, and we don’t want to have to go back to the States because of the crime.

Thank you and God bless you.

Arturo Munoz and Family

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