40% Increase for our Faith Promise Giving!

Sharing the Gospel!

Two weeks ago we had a one-week challenge to give out tracks. This challenge consists of encouraging the people in the church to give three tracks a day, every day of the week, for the whole week.

Thanks to that challenge, a new brother in our church named Pedro invited his co-worker to come with his wife to church. Thank God, they accepted the invitation. They came to church last Sunday and both got saved! Praise the Lord! All this for a “simple challenge” of encouraging the church to share the Gospel!


A few weeks ago, a sister from our church asked my wife to pray for her husband to be saved. Her husband had already been coming to church, but he did not want to get saved, until he knew for sure what he was doing. Thank God, brother Omar recently got saved, and he gladly got baptized. His wife and daughters were very happy to see Omar getting baptized!

Brother Omar

A few months ago a young man named Cruz arrived at our church. He came through the addiction ministry that the church has on Fridays. Cruz accepted Jesus right away. After making that decision, he was a changed person! You could see it in his eyes. Last week Cruz decided to get baptized!

Brother Cruz

Please pray for him, as he comes to church with his two young children, ages eight and ten. His wife is not living with him. He told me not to long ago: “Pastor, pray for my wife, so that she can find her way back home.” His wife’s name is Rosa. Please pray for her.

Soul Winners!

This year we have seen a growth in our soul-winning program. Our church is excited taking the Gospel every week to our communities! We ask you to continue praying for us, so that more and more souls continue to come to Jesus.

More Missionaries!

At the beginning of January, we had the opportunity as a church to take on four more missionaries. The missionaries that we took on for support are: The Gomez family, missionaries in Australia; the Lara family, missionaries to Colombia, the Farfán family, missionaries in Peru and the Palomo family, missionaries in South Korea. What a blessing to be able to be part of the missionary work in each of these countries!

Thank God, our faith promise increased from $340,000 pesos last year to $480,000 pesos this year. A 40% increase for our faith promise giving! At the moment we support 48 missionaries around the world. What a privilege!

Thanks for your prayers!

Thank you for laboring with us on this missionary journey! By the grace of God we continue in this amazing work, with the power of God and co-laborers like you that hold the rope. May God richly bless you and your ministry!

In Christ,
~Arturo Muñoz

Prayer request:
– For $5k for concrete for the parkig lot.
– Praise: We bought our new digital piano and a new 75 inch TV for the church! Thank you for praying!

Below is our prayer letter in PDF format:

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