We Are Back on the Mission Field!

After fifteen long months of furlough – where we visited new churches and gave our report to churches that already support us – we have finally returned to Mexico.
During the time that we were away, our church grew by about 20%. Our attendance is now closer to 200 people. What a joy and a blessing it is to be able to have so many new people in our church!

We Have Planted a New Church!

This last summer we started a new mission work about 30 minutes from the city of Puebla, in a town called Huejotzingo. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to baptize four new believers! Two of them are a newly married couple who previously worshiped the Santa Muerte (Holy Death) and now they are faithful to church and excited for the Lord!
Please pray for Oscar González, who leads this new work. Oscar came to our church about ten years ago, then went to Bible college. Came back to Puebla to become my assistant pastor. Got married. And now he is starting this new work. If anyone would like to help or support Oscar financially, please send me an email!

Ladies Conference

Conferencia Anual Para Mujeres Puebla 2022

About nine months ago, my wife had the desire to have a women’s conference at our church in Puebla. After much preparation, organization, and prayers, God blessed us more than we expected. We had 750 women registered for the event! A total of 51 churches were present. We had 24 speakers and 30 different teachings in just one day! It was crazy, to say the least! We felt the presence of God and at the end of the conference there were many decisions made, but above all, three women received Jesus as their personal Savior! That is what’s all about!

Thank you for your prayers!

Praise the Lord more churches are taking us on as their missionaries! Yesterday, a church in Avenger, TX. called to let us know they are taking us on. A week ago, Pastor Tim Aguiar, from Weslaco, TX. called me to give us the news that they were going to start supporting us! And last Saturday, Pastor Steve Hobbins, from Lewis Avenue Baptist Church, also called us to tell us that they will start supporting our ministry! Thank you for your prayers!

By His Grace,
~Arturo Munoz

P.S. Help us pray for a digital piano!
PD2. We are at 59% of our support! If you would like for us to visit your church and present our ministry, we would be happy to do so! You can call me at: (903) 921-8600.

Below is our prayer letter in PDF format.

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