Thirteen Surrendered For Full Time Service!

Last week we hosted our National Leadership Conference here in our church! It was a tremendous blessing to see pastors come from different States near Puebla. We had over 30 Pastors from the southern part of our country. We also had the blessing to hear the following Pastors: Pastor Oscar Galván from Sahuartita, AZ; Pastor Kevin Wynne from Mexico City; Pastor Luis Parada from San Luis Potosí; Pastor Alejandro Córdova from Celaya, GTO and Pastor Victor Castillo from Texcoco. All of them had the power of God in their preachings and we felt convicted by the Holy Spirit every time they preached. The preachings of the Conference are in MP3 in Spanish, and if any of you would like to have them, just let me know.


We had a lot of expenses before and during the Conference, but God provided! As you well know, we moved to our new building about 10 months ago and we are still in construction mode. We were able to build another two provisional classrooms. We also rented 400 chairs and two extra portable-toilets since we don’t have enough here in the church. There is a gas station across the street and they were willing to let us use their bathrooms too! 🙂

But one of the biggest blessing of the conference (in addition to the ones that got saved!) is that we had thirteen people that surrendered for full time service! So. Thank you for praying! Make plans for next next year for our Leadership Conference that will be held may 7th to the 9th, 2018!

If you would like to come down to Mexico and visit us, this is the perfect time. Puebla was selected among the five best places to vacation in 2016, among Cancun and San Miguel de Allende. But also, during the summer time, we are full of activities. The first week of July we have our family conference and anniversary of our church. Starting on the 17th of July we have youth camp. And the following week we have our VBS in five different locations at the same time. Also, towards the end of the year we have our Missions Conference! Which is November 9th-11th.

On another note, please pray for Mrs Beatriz Juarez. My wife and I led her to the Lord last Saturday. During the time that we were praying, she started to cry, but she didn’t want to tell us why. She was so happy that she got saved but also sad for the problems that she is going through. Many “Poblanos” (people from Puebla), don’t like to share their personal problems or circumstances. So, if you can pray for her, that she will end up coming to church. And pray for our city… We have started two other missions churches here in Puebla, and can’t wait to start more. We just need your prayers!

Thank you and God bless you!

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