We Found a New Property For The Church

We have been praying now for about two years for God to give us a bigger place for our church. Two weeks ago we found one property that is about 15 blocks from our church and in the same main street where we are. The place is three times as big as our current place. We have 250 sq. meters and the new property is 800 sq. meters (about 8,500 sq. ft.) It sells for a good price and we think we can come up with the money. I would like to ask you to consider us helping us to pay for this new property. We have most of the money, but we are still short 20 thousand dollars. Our church has been saving money for the last five years, and we also want to sell our current property for a good price. Please, help us to pray for this needs. And if you, in any way, are able to be a blessing to us, please call me or send me an email. We could easily fit over 500 people in the new property. Here is a video below…

Trip To Cuajinicuilapa (Say that five times!)

From April 1st to the 5th, we took a group of 16 people from our church in Puebla (including our family) to visit my sister Aglaee and her husband in Cuajinicuilapa. My brother-in-law and my sister are doing an excellent job in this town. Cuajinicuilapa is about 9 hours south from Puebla, and only three hours from Acapulco. It’s very hot and humid; about thirty minutes from the Pacific Ocean. During our time there, we went out soulwinning and our group was able to lead 30 people to the Lord, and 15 came to church on Sunday! Praise the Lord they were encouraged in their third anniversary with the church.

Trip to Cuajinicuilapa

Trip to Cuajinicuilapa

Evangelizing Puebla

We continue with our vision to reach Puebla with the Gospel. This is our soulwinning group that went out two weeks ago to knock on doors and tell people about salvation. My wife and I were able to lead four people to the Lord. Just so you can understand why is a little more difficult to lead people to the Lord here in Puebla, I would like to give you an example. On our trip to Cuajinicuilapa, ten of us went soulwinning and 30 people got saved. Here in Puebla, over 30 people went out soulwinning, and only seven people got saved. And it was a good day! Normally we see three or four people saved, during our soulwinning time on Saturdays. Please pray for Puebla, we love the people, and we want to reach them before it is too late. That is why we are constantly praying for God to let us start 20 churches within 20 years here in the city.

Our Soulwinning Group here in Puebla!

Our Soulwinning Group here in Puebla!


Apr 20th by Arturo Munoz

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