3 Surrendered, 10 Subscribed, 23 Visited…

Youth Camp (3 Surrendered)

This week we had an amazing time at our youth camp that our church organized. We had 70 young men and women at our camp. Three of them surrendered to serve God for full time. This years theme was taken from Daniel 6:3 “…an excellent spirit was in him.” Here are some pictures:

Youth Camp in Puebla, MEX
Youth Camp in Puebla, MEX

Visitors Dinner (10 Subscribed)

Last Monday we had a special dinner for our visitors that we usually have every three months. This time we had 25 people that in the past had visited our church, that showed up for this special dinner. At the end we encourage them to take a discipleship class on Wednesdays and 10 subscribed for the discipleship class!

Visitors Dinner (First Steps)
Visitors Dinner (First Steps)

Today we had an amazing Sunday! (23 visitors+7 second time visitors)

Today was an uncommon Sunday. Normally, we have people visiting our church every Sunday. But today was incredible! We had 23 people visiting our church! Besides this, we had 7 people that visited our church last Sunday and returned this Sunday for the second time! The church auditorium was packed! We need to expand as soon as possible. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Special Prayer Requests:

  1. For our safety next month. We are traveling to Texas to renew our van’s permit. We will be visiting some churches while we are there. (August 10th to August 30th)
  2. For our vacation Bible school that we are having next week. This time we are planning to have 4 VBS at the same time in different areas of the city.
  3. For a bigger place for our church. We would like to sell the building that we have and find a property that is at least twice as big.

Thank you and God bless you!

… More pictures of our youth camp:


  1. I love the people of Mexico and puebla. Please contact me and my wife we want want to support with work this church, I am a medical Doctor and I want to help the people of Mexico. We are fluent in Spanish. Please talk to me my email is ——-@yahoo.com

  2. Thank you for contacting us!
    I already sent you an email.
    Looking forward to hear from both of you.
    In Christ,
    Arturo Munoz

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