Missions Conference in Tepecuacuilco, Mexico

This last week I was invited to preach in a Missions Conference in Tepecuacuilco, near Iguala Guerrero, the town I grew up in Mexico. Brother Rene Arteaga is the Pastor there and he is doing a tremendous work. He is pastoring the main church in Tepecuacuilco, and at the same time he is preaching in two other towns during the week. Our church here in Puebla supports this dear family as a missionary. If you know someone from “Tepecua” maybe they can too be a blessing to this family.

Bible Institute in Puebla

Our Bible Institute classes are over. This coming Sunday we are graduating three! This is our fourth year and we continue to be excited about it. Next year we are switching our Bible Institute here in Puebla to have it in the morning. Our plan is to have the classes from Tuesday to Thursday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. That way, those that come from out of town, can stay in Puebla for three days and then go back during the weekend to help their churches.

Popocatepetl Volcano Update

Taken from near Atlixco As you know the volcano here in Puebla has been a little active. Here is a picture I took (with my iPhone) on my way to Tepecuacuilco.

We appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,

The Munoz Family in Mexico

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