Pastor Carlos Ramos from Venezuela in our Church

Pastor Carlos Ramos Visits our Church

This morning we had the privilege to listen to Pastor Ramos preach a really good message in our church about witnessing with boldness. Pastor Ramos has started two churches in Venezuela in the last ten years, and now he is starting a project with the goal to start 70 new churches in Venezuela in the next 15 years. He presented his burden about how this can be done with God’s power and grace. It was a blessing to hear and see what God is doing in Venezuela.

If you would like to find out more about Bro. Ramos, or if God puts in your heart to support his ministry, here is his cellphone number where you can reach him: +58 416-656-1943

I had planned a trip to Venezuela for this last January, but due to finances and some complications that trip was postponed. I hope to visit Venezuela before the year is over. We have two missionaries that we support in that country: Bro. José Luis Fuentes and Bro. Artemio Cid. Both of them graduated from San Luis Potosí Bible College and are doing a tremendous work there.


Yesterday, during soulwinning, God allowed me to see a young lady saved. Her name is Jeana. Both of my sons, Japheth and David, were with me. This time David said to me: Dad, I liked going out soulwinning with you. It was fun! What a blessing to go out and reach people here in Puebla, specially when the family is with me.


We had a good packed church service this morning. We had one first time visitor and two people saved. One of the people that was saved, was a lady, whose son had visited our church for the last four Sundays. His name is Leo. He has invited his mom to come, and she finally accepted! She was very happy to come and to know that Christ can save her soul. She said she is planning to come every Sunday.

New Nephew

Some of you know my sister Aglaeé and my brother-in-law Alejandro. Both of them are right now on deputation in the States. Right now in the state of NC. My sister called me this last Saturday to let us know that they just had their third child. She actually called 20 minutes after delivering my new nephew! They named him Samuel. I said that they should name him Arturo, but somehow Alejandro didn’t like “that” name. Please pray for my sister’s recovery and for Samuel. Again, if you would like to contact them, here is their cellphone number.  (336) 624-0628 U.S.

If your church has a Spanish church were they can present their ministry, that will be a big blessing for them. God has called them to the State of Guerrero to start a church. Please pray for them as they try to raise their support.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!


Arturo Muñoz
Puebla, MEX


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