We Are Back in Puebla

Baptist Church in Puebla, Mexico

Praise the Lord we are back in Puebla. We arrived on July 27th and the following day, on Sunday, we celebrated our 11th anniversary. We would like to thank everyone of you that prayed for us. We traveled for four days and we are very thankful that we did not encounter any problem on our way here. Our 15 passenger van was packed to the “roof”, we even had seven brand new bikes that were given to us while we were in California. We did not have to pay any taxes while crossing the border. But, since we left, the laws in Mexico have changed. Now we have to take our van out of the country every six months. If we don’t do that, we loose our $400 dollars deposit, and we do get another opportunity to bring any other car from the States to Mexico. That means that on January the 27th we have to be back in the States and get another six month permit for our van.

Christian Church in Puebla, Soulwinning Group

The following Saturday, we went soulwinning with our church. We have a good solid group of faithful people that meet every Saturday to win Puebla for Christ! That Saturday Nicole and I led two people to the Lord. One of them was Nallely, a mom of two, that was willing to come to church the following Sunday. Even though she did not come, she said that she was very interested in bringing her kids to learn during Sunday School in our church. Please pray for her that she one day will come to church.

We are just very excited to be back, with lots of ideas and plans for the church. This will be an exciting year for our church and I pray that God will give us wisdom to lead the church in the way that He wants us to go. Pray for us as we put all of our plans and ideas into action. Thank you again for your prayers. May God richly bless you.

In Christ,

Arturo Munoz and Family

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