Getting The Gospel Out In Mexico

We praise the Lord for His goodness toward us! Since we came back to our church in Mexico from furlough, we have seen many blessings. One of them is the increase in people going out soulwinning every Saturday. This last Saturday we had 38 our our members going out and reaching the people of Puebla with the Gospel. What a blessing it is to see, not only 10% but over 25% of the church go out soulwinning. I had the blessing to lead to the Lord a young girl named Brenda. It seemed that she was going through some difficult times and we came at the right time to share with her the good news that only Jesus saves!

Soulwinning in Mexico
Soulwinning Group

That night, we had our monthly reunion for married couples. We had a really good time. We had a new couple that had been separated for a while. After the devotional, the husband thanked me for speaking to his heart (it was God who did). But he was very happy he and his wife attended.


Married Couples Reunion - Baptist Church
Married Couples Reunion

Please pray for us this week. Today (Monday) we have a special dinner for those that have visited our church in the last 3 months. We call it “primeros pasos” (first steps). Our goal is to enroll them in our Discipleship program that we have on Wednesday nights for 10 weeks.

On Tuesday (tomorrow) we start our Bible Institute. We will be teaching 8 different classes from Tuesday to Thursday from 8:00 am to noon. We have about 10 that have confirmed that will attend, plus two more that said that are coming from the State of Morelos and one more from the State of Guerrero. We are excited about this! This is our sixth year.

This coming Friday my wife will teach the ladies. She is encouraged and ready to teach the ladies of our church. They will have this once a month. Nicole is planning to decorate the church and have a fun time with them. Please pray that God will use her class to encourage others to serve God. I praise the Lord for a Godly wife. She is truly a blessing to my life and the ministry.

Thank you for your prayers!

~ Arturo Muñoz
Puebla, MEX


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