New Mission Church in Puebla…

About three months ago, Mrs Garcia, a widow, contacted a member of church asking us to please send someone to start a church. It happens that, about five years ago, when her husband died, the church that they had at their house for 25 years also died. It used to be a baptist church, but now they didn’t have a pastor, nor people, but she still had the burden to have a church. So we started to send someone from our church to preach in this little room every Saturday.

New Mission Church
New Mission Church

This last Saturday, we knocked on doors around the place, and we saw about 5 people saved. And even though we didn’t have new people come, we had the blessing to pack up this little church auditorium, sing a couple of hymns, and preach the Word. Please pray about this new place – new place for us, so that we can have wisdom and be able to see this place grow, and see people saved.

So far we have started three mission churches here in Puebla. The first one on the south part of Puebla, about 20 minutes from our church. The second church that we have started is on the west side of our city, about 40 minutes form our church. The third church that we have started in about 25 minutes north from our church. And now we are starting this fourth mission church, that is about 25 minutes north east from our church. The total number of people of the four missions is about 200 people, not counting our church. Praise the Lord for this. We want to start 20 churches just in the city of Puebla!

While we were inviting people to this new church, I was able to talk to Erik and Ricardo. When I approached them, they were watching in their phones some sort of music videos and I didn’t think that they were going to be interested in me talking about the Bible. But I was wrong. They both listened attentively and at the end, they both received Jesus as their personal Saviour!

Erik and Ricardo got saved!
Erik and Ricardo got saved!

Today in our own church we had eight first time visitors! One of them drove over three hours to be in our church. He also ended up talking with one of our soulwinners and I believe he got saved.

Please pray for us, as we continue here in Puebla. In about two more months we are having our National Leadership Conference and we really need to build more bathrooms for our church. Help us to pray that everything will go well and be able to be a blessing to the pastors that will come for this conference. We are expecting over 60 pastors!

Thank you for your prayers,

In Christ,
Bro. Munoz


  1. I found your website in 2017 and have been praying for your ministry and outreach in Puebla.
    Do you have any church near this address:

    2526 Raphael Serrano
    Col. Bella Vista
    Pueble, Pue. MX

  2. Hi!
    Thank you so much for praying for us!

    I checked and I think that we are the closest Baptist church to that address.

    This is the address of our church:
    José Ma. Morelos 1103,
    Col. Mayorazgo
    Puebla, PUE. 72453.

    We are about 15 minutes away.

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