One-year Furlough Starting Summer of 2021

Furlough 2021

A few months ago, on one of our trips to the United States, I was detained at the Dallas airport by an immigration officer for a few minutes, because I still do not have my American citizenship. (I am currently a resident.) They told me that I had to fix my resident status as soon as possible. For that reason, we are planning a one-year-furlough in order to obtain my American citizenship and at the same time we are planning to visit churches in the States to increase our support. We currently have 26 loving and supporting churches at the moment.

God willing, we will be starting our furlough in June of 2021. We would love to visit your church and share what God has done here in Puebla during these 20 years that we have been serving in Mexico. Please text or phone me so we can visit you!


Last December, during the winter vacation, our children Japheth and Rachel visited us from Texas to spend some vacation time with our family. What we did not know was that Japheth had been infected with covid before coming to Mexico. So, our entire family got sick with the coronavirus – except me! Six of us became ill with a mild case of the virus, and two of us were asymptomatic. Thank God it was a very mild case of coronavirus and we came out of this disease quickly! Thank you very much to everyone who prayed for us. Please pray for our daughter Rachel, who has some after-effects of this virus, and sometimes she has to stay at her dorm, and not go to school.

People Saved!

A week ago, while we went out soulwinning, I had the opportunity to speak with an elderly lady, who was selling garlic in a wheelchair. She had approximately 15 bags of garlic, which she sold for about $1 dollar each. What impressed me the most about this lady is that she had one leg amputated, but still, she goes out to sell every morning and with a good attitude. Thank God she listened to the Gospel and accepted Christ as her Savior!

Our soulwinning group here in Puebla, Mexico!

At the beginning of February, we had a soul winning marathon with the youth from our church. They were not “allowed” to go home, until they all won a soul for Christ. Thank God we had 36 souls that were saved that day! In addition to this, the young people who participated returned very excited and happy to have had a good harvest.

We covet your prayers in these unprecedented times!

For His Glory
~Bro. Arturo Munoz

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