17 Visitors and 9 People Saved

Picnic in Puebla - Parque Ecológico
Picnic in Puebla - Parque Ecológico

Today was a very exciting day. We had 200 people in church! 140 in our own church and 60 in our mission church which is 3 miles away. Bro. Erik is in charge of our mission work and he is doing a good job there!

We also had a missionary visiting our church this morning. Brother Guillermo Acuña, missionary to Tequisquiapan, Mexico, preached in our church. He did a good job preaching and we certainly would like to take him on as one of our missionaries. Currently we have 18 missionaries that we support on a monthly basis.

We also praise God for the 15 visitors that we had this morning and 2 more visitors on our evening service. We had 9 adults getting saved and it was certainly another blessed day and victory for our church.

After the church service in the morning we headed to the park for our first picnic of this year. The park’s name is “Parque Ecológico de Puebla”. When we first arrived in Puebla 10 years ago, this park was not very clean and had few services. Now is totally a different park. It has a man-made-lake, play grounds for the kids, areas to play basket-ball, football soccer. And different areas to have bar-b-q.

Our Bible Instituto keeps going strong. We have 9 in the Instituto and one of the highlights is that every Friday night we have a different Pastor that teaches on “How To Start a Church.”  So far we’ve had 7 pastors and we are expecting to have 8 more to come and teach. If you know someone that is a pastor or a missionary in Mexico or South America, let me know so that we can send them the material and videos that we are recording. We are also going to publish all the material and videos on our website: Instituto Bautista FE.

Please pray for our school teacher, Miss Gaby, that broke her arm last December in a car accident. Please also pray for Brother Raul Castillo, who is our sales rep with the El Fundamentalista Magazine, and has had high blood pressure.  (Our Christian magazine that we print here in Puebla every two months.)

If you would like to take a missions trip to Mexico, consider Puebla, as is one of the safest cities in the country of Mexico!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

In Christ,

Arturo Muñoz and Family


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