He Said: I Am Disappointed of my Church. I Need to Know the Truth!

This morning, as I was outside our church, dismissing people, a man came up to me, and told me: “I am disappointed of my church. I need to know the truth. I need help. My mother died few years ago, and I have tried to commit suicide. I have tried so many times to kill myself. And my church, the Catholic church has not been able to help me at all.”

Javier after he got saved!
Javier after he got saved in front of our church!


I just finished preaching about reaching the lost. And the other day I preached about the man at the gate of the church that was asking for alms, and Peter and John gave him, not money, but salvation — and now this man, is right outside our church asking for help. So, I preached unto him Jesus! and Javier got saved!

Today we had and incredible church service. We had a full house. We had 6 first time visitor in the morning and 3 first time visitors tonight. We also had two saved in the morning and one young man saved at night.

Last week we had Juan Jose getting baptized. He and his wife have been struggling financially and spiritually. His wife has even told me of things happening in their house — as in demonic things, but since the started to come to our church, everything is now peaceful once again.

Baptizing Juan Jose in our Church

Last week on Saturday, as we soulwinning with our church, God allowed me and my wife to lead two people to Jesus. One of them is Jose Ramon Perez, and the other man is Aniceto Leon Perez. Aniceto had a tract from our church and was reading it while he was sitting down in the street. I asked him if he understood the tract and if he needed help. He accepted my help. I explained the tract and with the Bible I showed him how he could have eternal life. Praise the Lord he got saved!

Please pray for our church this coming week. We are holding our Annual Leadership Conference here in Puebla. We have invited several pastors to come and preach during our conference. They are: Pastor Kevin Wynne, Pastor Luis Ramos, Pastor Luis Parada, Pastor Ezequiel Salazar and Pastor Oscar Galvan. They are all being used by God and I know they are going to be a tremendous blessing for our church and the more that 30 pastors that are coming to hear them preach. We are expecting to have more than 400 people during the conference. Thank you and God bless you!

If you want to know more about our conference, or would like to attend, you can click here: Leadership Conference Puebla

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