March 2013 Update

Missions Conference in Gainesville, TX

This month we were very blessed to be in different churches and to meet different people, all of them very kind and sweet. At the beginning of the month my wife and I flew to Dallas, TX to be at the annual Missions Conference of Crossroads Baptist Church in Gainesville, TX. We sure had a good time there.  I also got the opportunity to play golf and eat some excellent Texan barbecue.

While we were in Gainesville, my wife and I were able to talk to Carlos Cruz and his wife Mercedes that Saturday night. Carlos said that he is already saved, but he stills goes to the Catholic Church. He said that he made a promise to the Virgin Mary that he was going to go the Catholic Church every Sunday for the whole year 2013 because she healed her newborn daughter. He also mentioned that six of siblings live in town as well. Please pray for him and his wife, that they will accept our invitation to the Spanish Church. They have a big family that could be rescued from a life without Christ, to serve in a good local Baptist Church in Texas.

Missions Conference in Vista, CA

When we got back to California, we attended the West Coast Baptist Church Missions Conference in Vista, CA. This is my wife’s home church. Most of the missionaries that attended this conference had lots of kids, including us! So, when it was time to eat, there were over 36 kids and only five families. Two families have 10 kids each. We have seven kids, another family with five and another two with four and two. I will have to add a video of the kids having fun during the picnic at the Missions Conference.

Youth Conference in Mexico

Our church is Mexico is doing well. Today I spoke to my Assistant Pastor, Cristian. They just got back from a Youth Conference in Cuernavaca, Morelos. 14 young people went from our church and many of them surrendered their lives to serve God!

Expanding our Auditorium

And this coming week we are expanding our small auditorium in our church in Mexico. Right now we can seat about 100 adults. And with the new expansion, we will have room for 125 adults. We have a big conference coming up in May and we really need the extra room! Help us to pray for the land next to our church. It will help tremendously if we are able to buy it. We don’t have the money but we believe that God can do anything.

Our Support Level

Thank you for your prayers regarding our support level. When we first went to Puebla, about 14 years ago, we had over 40 churches supporting us. Over the years our support level has gone down – to 17 churches only supporting us. We were “forced” to come back to the States, but God is supplying all of our needs. This month another church took us on: Calvary Baptist from Temecula, CA! And there are some more that have promised the same. We are up to 21 churches. We are praying about going back to Mexico in June or July. Again, thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,
Arturo Munoz

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