Bon Fire At Our Church – Burning Our Sins!

Bon-Fire In Our Church And Destroying CDs
Bon-Fire In Our Church And Destroying CDs

Today we had an exciting evening. We had a bon fire at our church after our evening church service. It all started with my wife Nicole teaching our Sunday School teenage girls two weeks ago. She mentioned that we needed to get rid of our worldly possessions and let God use them more effectively. I also preached for the last two weeks about leaving the worldly things and follow Jesus completely. It all started to build up and today we decided to to a bon fire at the church. Since we don’t have a lot of space for an actual bon fire, we also brought small wooden sticks and burn them at the outside patio that we have in our church grounds. Everyone wrote the sin that wanted to leave on the piece of wood and we made a small fire. A lot of our young people brought their music CDs, movies, cassette tapes, and some clothes that were immodest. (I did not see what kind of clothes were inside some of the bags, but I am pretty sure they were immodest.) Instead of burning the CDs, we destroyed them with our own hands and threw them in the trash. We had two big trash bags full of all of the the things that our church people brought. It was a fun evening and I think we are going to do this once a year.

In the morning we had a good church service with lots of people in attendance. We had close to 140 people in church. Bro. Alejandro Ruiz who is my assistant and brother-in-law preached a good sermon during Sunday School. He said that he prayed for a teaching and God gave him a sermon instead. He preached about Living The Best You Can For God Today – in Spanish. It was a good message.  If any of you would like a copy in Spanish let me know and I will send you one via email.

In the evening, besides having our bon-fire, we also had Bro. Fidel Silva Pablo missionary to Bolivia present his ministry and preach to us. If any of you are looking to support a missionary in Bolivia, he would be a good choice. He went to Bolivia 10 years ago with $400 dollars-a-month-support. He is doing a good job there. He is a soulwinner and is doing a tremendous work in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Bro. Silvio After Thowing The Bowl
Bro. Silvio After Thowing The Bowl

Saturday we had a married-couples bowling here in Puebla. We had two couples that had never bowled before. It was fun to see them play and have fun. One of them, Bro. Silvio and his wife, had been coming to our church for a little over a month now. His wife found us online and started to listen to the preaching of our church online. She came to church and brought her husband a two weeks after. Her husband had never been in a Christian church and got saved! Now they are coming very faithful to our church services. Please pray for them as they grow in the Lord. And Bro. Silvio, ended up winning in bowling with a score of 107.

Please pray for the nice of one of our church members. Her name is Aranza and she is having open-heart-surgery this Wednesday. She is a year and a half.

This morning we had two first-time-visitors and one of them got saved!

Our son Japheth turned 10 last Monday! and this coming  May we are going to be here in Puebla for 10 years now! Wow, time just goes very fast. This reminds me that we need to double our effort to reach our city and country for Christ.

Thank you and God bless you.

Arturo Muñoz

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