173 in Church, 7 Saved and 4 Baptisms

Mrs. Lupita Castañeda with her husband
Mrs. Lupita Castañeda with her husband

Today was a good day! Not that past Sundays haven’t. But today was our last day (out of seven weeks) of our Spring campaign. Praise the Lord we had 173 people in church. I believe that we had over  46 first time visitors and 7 of them got saved! Not including many kids that also came to church for the “Day of the Children” which Mexico celebrates to all the kids on exactly April 30. We also had 4 baptisms and a day full of blessings everywhere.

At the beginning of the year, I went to visit Mrs Medel. She is a lady in our church that holds every Saturday, a Bible school for kids near her house. The kids in this area are very poor. She was getting discouraged because she was not seeing any results. She started with 10 kids, but after few weeks, the devil was already working to destroy what she was trying to build for God and the attendance went down to 3 kids once a week. She said to me: “Pastor, I will not quit. If God wants me to keep teaching this three kids, I will continue doing so.” I was very surprised for her strong stand for God.

She kept being faithful. She kept praying for her little group of three kids. She kept teaching them. Little by little God started to bless her faithfulness. When we started our campaign she got encouraged again and she told me: “Pastor, I will bring many kids to church so they can hear the Word of God in church.” Well, her faithfulness paid of. Today she brought 27 kids to church and 11 adults. Six of the seven adults that God saved today were her visitors. She brought them to church and they got saved. Glory be to God!

This teaches me a lesson. No matter how difficult things sometimes are. We need to keep being faithful to God. We might only have few that we teach at some times. We might think that there is nothing else to do or nobody else to win for Christ. But that is exactly what the old devil wants us to think. That there is no one else to reach. But if we keep being faithful to God, God sooner or later will bring victory to our lives.

I wish you could meet Mrs. Medel. I guess I forgot to tell you how old she is. And my guess also is that she is probably 65! She makes the best Verdolagas En Chile Rojo that have ever eaten! Please pray for her so that she keeps being faithful. And pray for us that we can take this lessons and aply them in our lifes.

God bless you,

Arturo Muñoz

Puebla, MEX

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