Nicole’s Update

Well, last week baby #7 wanted to be born. Only wanted. I had to take Nicole to the hospital Monday morning and Doctor Berta Gil with some IVs stopped her contractions. At that time Nicole was 32 weeks pregnant. She also got some shots (I guess that is how they are called) to help the baby’s lungs to develop faster. Our one night hospital stay was not inexpensive, but it was worth it.

Please continue to pray for Nicole as she is back to complete bed-rest. We are praying that God will allow us to go two more weeks and then have our beautiful baby girl. We even have a name for her: Catlin! We are still searching for a second name. If you have any suggestions let us know!


Our church in doing very good praise the Lord! Last week we had 22 people visiting our church for the first time. I even had the opportunity to talk to a young couple that arrived late Sunday night. They said that they wanted to see how a Christian church was like. She was already a Christian, but he wasn’t. So, I took him to my office and witnessed to them. After 20 or 25 minutes, we kneeled down and pray for God to save him! It was a very exciting week. So many visitors and finishing up the day telling a young man how to get saved! It cannot get better than that. Of course, the following day we had to go to the hospital… the story is above.

Bible Insitute

On May 30th we had our graduation for our Bible Institute. My brother-in-law Alejandro graduated that day. We had a good time during the service Sunday night. My sister Aglaee said some words to him in front of the church. Very encouraging to say the least, with some tears and proud of her husband.

Alejandro has helped us in the church full time since last summer. He is an electrician, and before he started to serve in the church full time, it was difficult for him to even attend the Bible institute. Praise the Lord everything worked out for him to work in the ministry and now he graduated with a good spirit and good grades!

Our Other Students

This week we had our seven students back from different Bible Institutes. It is a joy to see so many of our youth serving the Lord. Bro. Alejandro is our Youth Pastor and he is doing a tremendous job! Last Sunday they started a competition between them to see who brings more people and wins more souls. Of course, the main objective is to keep them busy this summer while they have fun serving the Lord. We have about 35 young people in our church and most of them are involved in the ministry. Please pray for them so that this summer the stay focus serving God.

School Of The Prophets

While in Bible College, (Oklahoma Baptist College), I had the opportunity to participate in something called School of the Prophets. This is a special even in Bible College were we gathered one Saturday a month to preach the word. Two groups of 10 young preacher boys were selected randomly to preach for 5 minutes. This was always lots of fun! So, in our church here in Puebla, we did the same thing. We selected 7 preachers and some not, to preach for 7 minutes on Sunday night. It was great to hear some of them preach for the first time. And others preach salvation and actually see some people saved. We hope to have this maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for:

  1. Nicole’s Pregnancy
  2. Protection for our family in Mexico
  3. $20k to expand our church auditorium
  4. Land next door to be available (about 350 square meters)
  5. Money for El Fundamentalista magazine (read by about 10,000 people)

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  1. Did you mean “Caitlin”? Here are some suggestions for you: (I love this kind of thing!)

    Caitlin McKenzie Munoz
    Caitlin Alexis Munoz
    Caitlin Olivia Munoz

    Can’t wait to hear of baby’s safe arrival! We too just found out we are expecting our fourth, so I will be thinking of baby names soon as well!

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