Our Biggest Conference of the Year and Mother’s Day Sunday

Arturo Muñoz, Pastor Luis Parada and Pastor Luis Ramos
Arturo Muñoz, Pastor Luis Parada and Pastor Luis Ramos

This last Monday we started our Biggest Conference of the Year which is our “Conferencia de los Fundamentos.” This year we invited Pastor Luis Ramos from San Luis Potosí, Pastor Luis Parada from Long Beach, CA, and Pastor Alejandro Córdova from Celaya, Guanajusto. It was a great Bible conference to say the least. God blessed in a tremendous way and we had many testimonies from people that came from afar and also people from our own church that the conference was a big blessing for their lifes. We started our conference Monday afternoon with two preachings and continued with five sessions on Tuesday morning and two more preachings on Tuesday night. We had the same schedule for Wednesday. We spent over $25,000 pesos but it was well worth it. At the beginning of the conference we only had like $500 pesos and God provided exactly what we needed for the whole conference. I don’t know the exact number that we had every night, but it was probably close to 250 people. We were hoping to have over 350, but still God moved in a marvelous way. I would like to thank all of you that knew about our conference and that were praying for us.

Now that the conference is over, we are getting ready to start our building plan. We have over $13,000 dollars to do this and we are excited about expanding our auditorium. We know that it is going to be a challenge and we ask you to pray for this as well. If you would like in any way to help with this, please let me know. Every dollar counts! As well as every prayer! We will be updating you with our progress and we hope to finish this as soon as possible. Today we had over 160 people in church and there was no room to seat everybody in our small auditorium.

Mother’s Day

Baptist Church Mother's Day

In Mexico, Mother’s day is celebrated on May 10th. Every year we invite all the mothers to come and spend a special day in our church. Today we had 46 mothers! Many of them were brought to church by Mrs. Medel, the lady that I spoke of on our last update. And every year we have two or three special gifts that we randomly give away to them. Two year ago we had a huge big nice microwave! This year we had over $100 dollars worth of gifts. Some small gifts include a nice 6×8 picture with a beautiful background and a Bible verse. We also give them one rose to each one of them. And then the three special gifts: A nice mirror with a light, a set of pans, and a set of pirex glass bowls, which we bought at Costco here in Puebla. Well… One of the special gifts went to Mrs. Medel — the lady I told you about last week — I believe God rewarded her efforts and faithfulness. Another special gift went to Mrs. Tere, which help Mrs. Medel with the Bible club that they teach every Saturday. (God also rewarded her sacrifice and love for the kids.) And the last gist went to a lady that has been faithful to our church for over a year now. She told me, Pastor, can I take the mirror home. I just like it! I said, if your ticket gets picked, you can take it! … and guess what happened? She won the mirror that she wanted, and she was very excited and happy!

Today we had two first time visitors and one man saved!

Please pray for me, as this Saturday and Sunday I am going to Mexico City to preach a missions conference with Bro. Clint Rardin.

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