Mexico City Trip – Visiting Missionary Clint Rardin

Preaching in Mexico City
Preaching in Mexico City

Few months ago, Missionary in Mexico City, Brother Clint Rardin invited me to preach for his Missions Conference. Yesterday my wife, our two little girls, and I got on our fifteen passenger van and drove a little over two hours from Puebla to Mexico City. Driving in Mexico City is not that easy, but with the help of maps, and an Iphone that has GPS, it was easier than ever. My wife did most of the looking (at the GPS) while I did the driving. šŸ™‚

As some of you know, I was born in Mexico City, but I really don’t like driving there, much less living there. I praise God for those that have given their lives to reach the city where I was born… few years ago! Also, I rejoice to know that there are more and more that are reaching this — some called the biggest city in the world — city! During the conference yesterday I met some pastors that are already doing a good job starting churches here. They graduated from Bro. Kevin Wynnes’ Bible institute. One of them is in ApizapĆ”n, and the other one is in DelegaciĆ³n Madero I believe. I am sorry, as I don’t have the names of these faithful servants.

Today I had the privilege to preach again. (I preached last night after their missions banquet too). We had a good number of people. The auditorium was filled and I believe there were 4 or 5 visitors. I think two people got saved! There was even one baptism. Their church building is beautiful and is right behind Walmart and Sam’s Club Toreo. Their location is perfect and they have room to grow. They could probably fit 300 one day! Today they maybe had over 150.

Bro. Clint Rardin and his wife are from the same Bible Institute my wife went to, Fairhaven Baptist College, so it was good for Nicole to be able to spend some time with them.

After church, Bro. Clint took us out to eat next to Sam’s, to a restaurant that is well known here in Mexico called VIPS Restaurant Toreo.

After lunch we said bye to them and started to head back to Puebla. Nicole keyed the directions to go back to Puebla, but something really funny happened. The GPS enabled phone now said that it will take us 1 day and 4 hours to get back!!! I though… either the phone is wrong, or there is a LOT of traffic to get back to Puebla. We started driving and obviously the GPS was giving us the wrong directions. I told Nicole that something was wrong. To make sure to check the settings. That is when she realized that it was giving us “walking directions” to Puebla, and not “driving directions”.Ā  After she changed the settings, voila, Puebla all of a sudden was 2 hours away!!! They should make an app that says: Hey… you are either running very fast or are on a car, but this is not walking!! Or that says: I am sorry, but it appears that you are cheating and you for SURE are not Walking! — you get the idea.

Anyway. We made it 10 minutes before church in Puebla. I had the blessing to blessing to preach to my dear people and I sure enjoyed it! Bro. Abraham preached while I was gone Sunday morning and Bro. Juan Caserez thought Sunday School. My brother-in-law Alejandro right now is in Chicago visiting his brother Cristian who just graduated from Bro. Elmer Fernandez Bible Institute in Elgin, IL. Pray for us as we are taking a quick trip this Wed. to Dallas, TX. Also, pray for our church as tomorrow we are going to the State Fair here in Puebla and will try to give 20,000 gospel tracks over a period of five days. Thank you!


  1. donde esta la iglesia bautista libertad de Toreo por favor explĆ­came

  2. La Iglesia se encuentra en la Calzada Ingenieros Militares atrƔs del Walmart de Toreo. Aquƭ estƔ un mapa de Google para que sepa como llegar. Espero le sirva.
    En Cristo,
    Pastor Arturo MuƱoz

    Mapa de la Iglesia Bautista Libertad de Toreo

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