Our Trip To Aguascalientes

This last Saturday we went to Aguascalientes. Pastor Juan Padilla invited me to preach at his Family Conference. Pastor Danny Ortiz from Texas was also there Thursday and Friday. By the way, if you can pray for his wife… when he arrived from Mexico on Saturday, he had to take his wife to the ER… Continue reading Our Trip To Aguascalientes

Our Soulwinning Group

Last Saturday, during soulwinning, my wife and I had the opportunity to go out together. Going with my wife is one of my highlights of the week. I miss her when she has to stay at the house due to her pregnancy problems. But praise the Lord she is doing much better and Saturday we… Continue reading Our Soulwinning Group

Back From America!

We are back from our quick trip to the United States. We needed to go to renew the permit of our van for another 6 months. This time, is under Nicole’s name; this way, after we get her FM3, we don’t have to go back to the border. Instead, we can extend the permit for… Continue reading Back From America!

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We gave 16 Certificates for those that finished

During the last 10 Wednesday nights we have had a class called: First Steps, in which new believers take a Discipleship lessons. We only allow them to miss one class and Praise the Lord, all of them were faithful during all 10 weeks! We will post some pictures later.

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