12th Anniversary of our Church!

Praise the Lord, we had an amazing 12th anniversary of our church here in Puebla! We had 149 people attending, 4 of them were first time visitors. Pastor David Cortés from Open Door Baptist Church in Tijuana, Baja California was our guest speaker. He preached for our anniversary, and also for our Family Conference that… Continue reading 12th Anniversary of our Church!

3 Baptisms and Kid’s Soulwinning Rally

We had a good day yesterday. People showed up early for Sunday School. We had six first time visitors and three people got baptized! One of the first time visitors is the daughter of a faithful family that have been coming to our church for the last two years — Juventino and his wife. Her… Continue reading 3 Baptisms and Kid’s Soulwinning Rally

Help Needed

We are looking for someone to come to Mexico and help us as a “teacher” for our kids. We home school our seven kids, and the young girl that was helping us is about to get married. If you know someone that will be willing to come and help for six months or a year,… Continue reading Help Needed

Spare Tire Stolen

Yesterday, as we were parked right in front of the church our spare tire was stolen! Can you believe that? I guess being in Mexico all things are possible. Well, the Bible says that we should give thanks for everything, so we are thankful that are tire was stolen and not one of our kids.… Continue reading Spare Tire Stolen